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  • Hangout spots!

    Hey everyone!

    Let's be honest, it's hard to find people sometimes, and LC is KINDA big and de-centralized, so it's very possible for a dozen people to miss each other while wandering around town. With that in mind .. what are your IC hangout spots? Alternatively, where do you plop your character to idle and see if someone will log in and stroll by?

    For me, I tend to use the Garden Cafe. For those unfamiliar with where it is, from the area in between the starting dormitories, proceed south onto College Street, then across to the southwest door.

    Advertise your spot here (or chime in and support a listed one)...!

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    I use @people as usually on patrol so mobile


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      Perfect example! One of the best tools as far as this sort of thing goes. Although that does rely on your knowledge of the town a bit, so a new player who knows I'm in the Garden Cafe probably still has no idea how to hook up...

      So in that case, what sorts of spots show up fairly often when you use that command? And how might people get there?

      EDIT: With a fair amount of extrapolation from forum browsing, it is possible to find the @people commands and combine it with the map of town to try and find people who are in fairly obvious locations. Since the link for the game map from inside the client isn't cooperative and has instead been posted on the forums (where ideally players have browsed), it might not be intuitively located where most freshly joined players might expect to find it (given that it's a working feature in other Skotos game clients):

      With this in mind though, I still might not know how to access a particular location, from which direction or down which hallway once inside, etc. Keep feeling free to share! And to be honest, lots of us do idle in an attempt to be ready for some RP, so it's nice to know you're sitting in a frequented spot and that you don't need to be checking @people too often.