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Character Generation - Major Update!

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  • Character Generation - Major Update!

    Hey gang,

    Character Generation has been updated to include some exciting new features.
    • Starting character options based on account type.
      • Free Accounts (coming soon) - student starting option
      • Standard Account - student and uneducated townie starting options
      • Premium Account - student, uneducated townie, and educated townie starting options
    • Starting props based on extra curricular activity selection (students) and career selection (townies)
    • Townies will also start the game with extra skill points (based on career selection) and housing

    In addition to chargen changes:
    • Standard accounts get an extra character slot for a total of 2
    • Premium accounts get two extra character slots for a total of 3
    • Standard accounts can study up to 2 times per day per character
    • Premium accounts can study up to 3 times per day per character

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    So....Does this mean the awesome Roo is now ours on LC too?
    Madalina Blue and Saruno