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Mid June update from Staff

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  • Mid June update from Staff

    Greetings from the Asylum,

    After a roughly 8 year absence, I've been dragooned and set loose on this game again. I'd like to post regular updates on what staff are working on. So without further ado:
    • Raccoons have been spotted in town. Animal control has been dispatched to take care of the problem, but the underlying cause still remains. The raccoons are attracted to the trash choking Arkham's alleys. All Arkham residents are encouraged to secure their trash cans.
    • The swim code in the reservoir apparently broke many chatters (including mine) and until it can be reviewed, the reservoir is closed.
    • The shadows that have been crouching, unmoving all over town have gone through an update. They've been revived and now act as they used to.
    • The sewers are no place for upstanding residents of Arkham and entering them is now more difficult.
    • As Roo mentioned, character generation has undergone a massive update with student and educated/uneducated townie options.
    StoryBuilder Fidgit

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    We had a problem with townie characters spawning with empty wallets / purses. If this happened to you, file an @assist, and staff can give your character some money. Future characters should spawn with some cash in their money containers.
    StoryBuilder Fidgit