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    Game Overview

    A text-based, multiplayer, online role-playing game, Lovecraft Country has a social rather than combat-oriented focus. The theme and objects of the game are to experience horror genre thrills in settings inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft and authors who have followed in his style.

    Lovecraft Country currently includes two games. Arkham By Night is the main game setting where players will spend the majority of their time interacting. Expeditions, such as In the Tomb of the Desert God, are a secondary part of Lovecraft Country. Almost separate subgames, expeditions allow your Arkham By Night character to depart with other player-run characters and professors for far-flung locales. An expedition may involve a trip to an African temple, a climb to a deserted mountaintop, an auction of rare occult artifacts in Russia, or a day trip to Boston. Expeditions may only take place during limited hours, depending on the nature of the trip.


    Lovecraft Country is a game of personal horror, more akin to a supernatural thriller or gothic novel than a slasher film. It emphasizes mood and atmosphere. Arkham, the game’s setting drawn from the works of H. P. Lovecraft, is a town of crumbling buildings, armigerous New England families with tenuous bloodlines, and fear-shrouded secrets.

    Players who create characters in Lovecraft Country will need to cooperate to survive in difficult circumstances. While you may at times need to pit your character against others, that will be the exception and not the norm.


    The game emphasizes socializing and role-playing. You learn and advance by interacting with professors, joining student (and other) groups, and trying to earn a place on expeditions.

    Unlimited Hours
    Lovecraft Country: Arkham By Night is a Grand Theatre. Skotos Grand Theatre settings are large scale settings and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, in the Arkham By Night game setting, it will always be nighttime. It is assumed that your character has spent the day attending to classes and study. At night, you are free to make your own appointments, attend special lectures, join clubs, go to sporting events or simply socialize with some close friends.

    Expeditions, excursions outside of Arkham, are an exception and may only be open for play during limited hours. Expeditions game-play may be set at day or night and will usually be limited to select groups of players whose characters have qualified for a special event..
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