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    Carried over from the forums...
    Many thanks to Drake for writing this!

    In order to function as a healthy and growing community, the Lovecraft Country forums will have rules regarding content. There are so many examples of lax moderation in forums around the internet that show just how a mean and spiteful environment can harm the player base. We don't want that here and we're willing to work to keep it from becoming that. We're hoping you will be too.

    Besides the rules you agree to when you click "I agree" in making your posting account and those found in the Skotos Terms of Service, by posting in this forum, you affirm you have read and agreed to the following:

    * I agree that I will post in a constructive manner,
    * I will not post personal information about other members.
    * I will not flame other players/staff
    * If I have issues with other members, I will handle it via Guide or Moderator staff (for the game and general forums respectively).
    * I will not post methods to sidestep current rules.
    * I will not post bug reports outside of a bug forum.
    * I accept moderator staff may edit my posts for content or delete them if I violate these rules.
    * I accept that I may be banned temporarily or permanently if I do not adhere to these rules.
    * I will ensure that my signatures stay a reasonable length.
    * I will only use non-offensive images and avatars.

    Here's an explanation of the rules. This posting applies as of January 1st of 2006. We reserve the right to modify these rules.

    I will not post personal information about other members.
    The only person who should be revealing personal information is the person that information belongs to. Certain members may be rather loose about the information they wish to share, and others may not be. It is not our job, nor that of any other poster besides the owner of that information, to share it. Let’s be considerate of the choices of others, even if they may not have been the choices we ourselves may have made.

    I will not flame other members or staff.
    We all get angry. We can all think that another person, even if they're staff, is dumb as a board. We all have moments when we are, after all. The difference between a constructive member of the community and a destructive one is whether or not they post on it. If you feel the urge to snarl at someone, it's a sign you shouldn't! Step away from the keyboard and take a walk, or just go to another thread. Posts that turn hostile may be locked by staff, removed for a cooling off period, or deleted in their entirety.

    If I have issues with other players of the games, I will handle it via Guide staff.
    This basically comes down to 'Don't air dirty laundry.' Story Guides exist specifically to handle these problems and it should be done via these members of Staff. Other players don't necessarily want to be dragged into your problems and have their dreamy fantasy world shattered. So be considerate.

    If I have issues with other members (non-players) of the general forums, handle it via Moderator staff.
    If you have issues with a member of the forums, who is not a player of one of the games (or if you are not certain), contact a Moderator for the forum that the concern relates to.

    If your issues are with members of staff, you should bring any issues you have to one of LC's Leads, Willow, Dakini, or Lecter, or you can contact Skotos directly at

    I will not post methods to sidestep current rules.
    Hopefully, this rule will never come into affect. However, there are some players who are determined to “win,” even when it means breaking the rules or manipulating bugs. It happens, and as much as we'd like to hope our player base is a responsible and considerate one, there'll be one or two who aren't. For an example of this rule, however: if it were a rule that you could only have one character in game at a time, and you found a way to have two and posted it, you would be breaking this rule. Let's not encourage the breaking of rules.

    I will not post bugs outside of a bug forum/bug thread.
    If you have found a bug in one of the games, use the appropriate bug posting forums. Because that is what bug forums/bug threads are for. You may also use @assist if they are game stopping, @bug if not.

    Regarding editing, deleting, and banning.
    If you break these rules, we accept that it might be by mistake. We'll edit or delete those posts. If you keep doing it though, it stops being a mistake and begins to be intentional. We have no qualms about removing those who only seek to cause dissent and strife in our forums from it. These bans may be temporary - or if the offender is persistent, it will be permanent.

    We strongly encourage players to post constructive comments. Any post we deem not to be conducive to the community or the game can be edited or removed at any time without warning or explanation.

    If you feel a post has been edited or removed for unjust reasons, you may email staff in a polite manner and they will respond. However, players who do not courteously maintain themselves will get no reply. The person in charge of maintaining these rules on the forum is Willow, and she may be reached at

    I will ensure that my signatures stay a reasonable length.

    Please have respect for your fellow players and keep your signature to a reasonable length. A good rule of thumb: If your signature is bigger than your average post, then your signature is too big. Same for images in your signatures.

    I will only use non-offensive images and avatars.
    While these forums allow you to use Avatars in your profile, as well as a profile image, the use of any innapproriate images will be considered unacceptable and they will be removed. Repeated attempts to use an such images will result in forum banning. Keep in mind that there are members of this forum who are quite young, and anything that is explicitly sexual in nature, overtly rude or offensive, otherwise upsetting to a majority of players, and all else that the staff deems qualifying will be in violation of this rule. Use good judgement. Additionally, images that move / flash / blink / etc.. are not allowed at all.
    SH Willow