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  • New @assist: INVESTIGATE

    Hi, gang.

    If there's something darksome and mysterious going on in Arkham that you want to find out more about, you can post an assist in the form...

    @assist "INVESTIGATE: <message>"

    ...and let us know what you're looking into. We'll do our best to throw some information your way.

    I should add that we're not necessarily going to hand it to you on a platter. You might get a telegram. Or a letter. Or someone might mention that there's something in the library about it. Or a hundred other things. And there might be a red herring or two in there as well. So if you're investigating something, stay sharp, and keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.

    Have at it...and have fun!

    LSP Suede
    "If you are squeamish, don't prod the beach rubble." Sappho

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    I would just like to say THANK YOU to the staff person who responded to me doing this today, it's great for a new character to be able to take part in exciting plots.

    P.S. Shear is adorable!
    "Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another." -- Plato