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    Stupid question from me [Bell Griffin's player]:

    WHich Librarian do we need to speak to about getting a library card and how exactly do we check out books?
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    Originally posted by Fionnghuala View Post
    Stupid question from me [Bell Griffin's player]:

    WHich Librarian do we need to speak to about getting a library card and how exactly do we check out books?
    Not a stupid question at all. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

    There's no way of taking the library tomes out of the building. You have to study them in the library.

    For instance, go to the north stacks on the ground floor and type:

    @research title 'fairy tales

    If you find it, you'll be asked if you want to take it (type yes or no). Then you can:

    @study with my book

    Since you can't take them out of the building, there's no need for a library card. Just go ahead and find your book, study it, and put it on a table or on the cart at the front desk when you're done (takes about 25 minutes, and the system will let you know when you've finished the study process). Most players chitchat with each other at the front desk or in the stacks while they're studying. It doesn't interfere with the studying at all.

    If I've forgotten something in here, I know that Fidgit or Lecter will come along and add it in.

    And thanks for asking! It made me realize that the library primer thread wasn't sticky and was getting lost down the line. So I stuck it.

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      There are two ways of getting around books (to my knowledge):

      One is studying in the library, which is bound to location.

      The other is to write a tome of your own. In which case (and if it gets approved and IG) you get your very own special tome and a bit of stp. But it will not be exclusive, the library will get a copy shortly after you get your own. Again to my knowledge Oliver White and Willow are the people dealing with tomes. (The link is a bit complicated, I suggest talking with Oliver White, as he can make it easier for you what is needed.)

      There are books which are not tomes (they don't teach you skills, but are only props), I do not know how to get hold of those.

      Correct me if I am wrong


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        And the correct answer is...

        Speak to Oliver White if you need a library card. But you only need a library card if you are playing a character that is NOT a student. Non students cannot enter the library. Heather will body check you and toss your non-fee paying rump to the crub.

        Otherwise, Suede was right in that you can't check books out. So if you're interested in studying a certain book, you need to return, night after night, pull it off the shelf and @study it, until you level up.

        As for getting your own books (Rylana's suggestion), I believe that's not necessarily a given-- that if you make a tome, you get a copy of it for your own. Some players do have copies of some tomes that they received as part of a care package, but those are typically tomes that only teach to level 1 or 2. Although I do like Rylana's idea that you should help make tomes. That's a wonderful idea! I'm more than willing to talk to people about making tomes. Either bug me IG (which I know is a bit hard these days because of my schedule) or leave me a PM.
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