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Minor change: clothing

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  • Minor change: clothing

    You know how you want to remove an item of clothing and the game tells you:
    > A pair of brown cotton socks is covered by other clothes which must be removed first.
    Type "examine a pair of brown cotton socks" to see what clothes are covering a pair of brown cotton socks.
    And then when you examine your socks it doesn't tell you what's covering it?

    Hate that? Yeah, me too. So I've fixed it. Most clothing (>90%) now is functioning correctly with our layering system. Custom items (hidden away in a player request folder somewhere) haven't been touched, but just about every other clothing prop located where I can find it has gone through extensive checking with regards to what body parts it covers so that they now cover things properly.

    Remember those pair of shorts that always showed your underwear? Yeah, this fixes that too.

    (You likely will have to remove all of your clothing and put it back on for the layering to work properly.)
    StoryBuilder Fidgit

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    If an article of clothing should happen to undergo some odd behavior in the next few weeks, and it isn't corrected within a day, file an assist on it.

    Those of you who participated in the plot events a few days back saw first-hand the reason I've been fiddling with clothing. It's just that the scotch-guarded hospital gowns exposed some things needing correction.
    StoryBuilder Fidgit


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      Does this mean that my coat will no longer be tucked inside my socks and underwear?
      So fill up your glass,
      for life will soon pass
      When your dead ye'll ne'er drink to your king or your lass!
      Lovecraft, The tomb


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        And that the socks you spawn with won't cover up to your thighs.

        And if you have a lab coat with a pocket in it, it won't cover only your waist to your ankles.

        And the sleeveless cardigans and pullover men's sweaters will actually have no sleeves.

        And many other odd peculiarities that have arisen over the years...
        StoryBuilder Fidgit