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    So currently things are a little bit slow around Arkham, and I'd like to try to do something about that. It seems the best way to do so is to post what times we are most likely to be available in a single thread. Preferably in EST, since that's what game time is in.

    I'm available most days of the week from around 4 PM EST to 3 AM EST, although I'm not always actually on for all that time period. I know there are at LEAST 10 other people who have been active in the last week, but I've been having trouble catching most of you. Saw a bunch of you yesterday, but was too busy at the time to actually respond to anyone and only saw they had passed by in hindsight.

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    I'm a GMT evenings sort of girl, maybe later depending on what's going on in game or what I have on the following day. 2am GMT is probably my cut off.


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      Afternoons and evenings

      I have some free time on my hands at the current moment and would love to run into people. Anytime generally after 4pm EST would be lovely on weekdays. Weekends are more chaotic.