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    I will use this thread to post updates on my current projects:

    1. Re-Establish the Student Patrol: The Arkham Police Department has ordered Captain Stuckey to re-establish the student patrol. He will be recruiting and evaluating M.U. students in the coming weeks, and those that show merit may be appointed to the Patrol. As students become more familiar with Captain Stuckey, they will have to decide whether to adopt his methods or seek crime-fighting strategies of their own. Characters attracted to combat, conflict and exploration might enjoy RPing with this group, but be warned that it involves putting your character's well-being in peril.
    • Get Involved: Write an application and send it to Ray Stuckney
    • Oppose this group: Raise hell around campus, and see if they can catch you!
    2. Dante's Italian Eatery: Dante Giovanni serves authentic Italian cuisine at his popular restaurant on campus. For years, he has served hungry customers by day, and entertained M.U. undergrad's at night. Characters can work in the restaurant as a waitress or bus boy, but it's rumored that Dante often asks his employees to perform tasks outside that job description. There are even claims that Dante is connected to the Italian mafia, and more criminal aspects of Arkham nightlife. While many are tight-lipped at rumors, one thing is certain: there's alot going on in the back room of Dante's Italian Eatery!
    • Get Involved: Write Dante Giovanni or visit restaurant; work as waitress, bus boy or ... more
    • Oppose this group: Student Patrol and Arkham Crier members may be interested to report the going-ons of the backroom, but would doing so put them in danger?
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