Co-Lo Stability Problems

Unfortunately, our co-lo had some stability problems Friday morning.

First up, they lost all of their connectivity to the facility that holds all of our games. This took them about 40 minutes to diagnose and a bit longer to restore.

Much more astonishingly, they rebooted all of their machines (which means all of our machines) while they were fixing the problem, with no notice. This probably had minimal repercussions on the SkotOS games (Marrach, Ironclaw, Lazarus, and Lovecraft). There may have been a rollback of an hour or two.

TEC and Grendel's Revenge are more troublesome. TEC will suffer a rollback of 10 hours, to midnight (PT) last night, since the unannounced reboot happened one hour before the next backups. GR suffered a more complete failure. We're being forced to restore the entire machine from its backups, then we'll need to restore the game from the backups stored within that backup. The lineup of dates look promising (which is how we laid them out, 'lo these many years ago), so the hope is that we'll only suffer a 7 hour rollback, to the 3am (PT) game backup, but it's a bit dicey at the moment.

Apologies for the inconvenience; we're now making sure everything is stable, and we're looking into whether our most recent upgrades to TEC will support increasing the backups to every 6 hours.

Edit: The GR problem is proving even more intractable than hoped. As best I can tell, our colo is still having some issues because I can't boot the first restore I made of GR and I can't build a new node either. I expect this will just clear when they get their act together, but in the meantime I'm not able to get GR back online until they fix these problems.
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  • Event Ideas

    Typically an event is something that has it's beginning, middle and end all in the course of a few hours (like in an evening of play). An even can also be something that is done just for fun, such as a dance, a wedding, a party, etc.

    Please feel free to add to this list of events that have been run in the past or have been suggested by players.

    If you are interested in running a particular event, simply contact staff via @assist to get the items needed for that event.
    • cultural fair
    • clothing swap - people are on hard times, if you're low on cash, but want new duds ask people to bring things for trade
    • Winter Holidays Dance
    • Graduation Dance
    • Homecoming - always happens at Halloween, usually involves a costume party
    • Cinco de Mayo celebration
    • wedding between characters
    • graduation ceremony - held after spring, summer, and fall semesters if anyone is graduating
    • greek rush activities - a week's worth of fun for your character to rush for a greek organiztion
    SH Willow

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    How much do you charge for this?
    steve barbarich


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      There are no additional charges for events anyone may wish held unless it requires special, one-time props. Even in those cases, we can discuss options. We want to encourage all players to hold events, even if the are as small as a study group in an empty classroom.
      -StoryHost Xios