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    Typically an event is something that has it's beginning, middle and end all in the course of a few hours (like in an evening of play). An even can also be something that is done just for fun, such as a dance, a wedding, a party, etc.

    Please feel free to add to this list of events that have been run in the past or have been suggested by players.

    If you are interested in running a particular event, simply contact staff via @assist to get the items needed for that event.
    • cultural fair
    • clothing swap - people are on hard times, if you're low on cash, but want new duds ask people to bring things for trade
    • Winter Holidays Dance
    • Graduation Dance
    • Homecoming - always happens at Halloween, usually involves a costume party
    • Cinco de Mayo celebration
    • wedding between characters
    • graduation ceremony - held after spring, summer, and fall semesters if anyone is graduating
    • greek rush activities - a week's worth of fun for your character to rush for a greek organiztion
    SH Willow

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    How much do you charge for this?
    steve barbarich


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      There are no additional charges for events anyone may wish held unless it requires special, one-time props. Even in those cases, we can discuss options. We want to encourage all players to hold events, even if the are as small as a study group in an empty classroom.
      -StoryHost Xios