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  • Dream Prevention Idea

    Blaze Newnam originally proposed:
    I'd like to see an <escape> key for dreams. Something I can type that will end any dream permanently (not so that it just hangs around waiting for me to log on again) and lets me get on with what I want to do.

    Practical reason: sometimes I'm logging on to do housekeeping: write a letter, mail a letter, check for mail, buy something real quick. Or I have to get somewhere fast (like an Asian Studies Club meeting when I'm running late). I don't want to be bogged down waiting for a dream to scroll through.

    And, to be honest, I don't want to be bothered with dreams.

    Oliver White proposed two solutions:
    Just need never log off.

    Or, more in character, I'd suggest maybe consulting with Dr. Larkin. Perhap's he's got some sort of pill or medication you can take that would give you a dreamless sleep.

    Staffly Answer:
    Back when this was proposed, we couldn't yet implement things like a treatment to prevent dreams from happening. We simply removed the dreaming skill from whomever wanted it removed with a request to be careful to not seek out gaining the skill again.

    If you attended June 08's CDM, Lecter explained in detail how spells and experiments work. So if someone wants to propose one of each, we can see several scientific and magical ways to ward off dreams (turn your dream skill off)...two examples being sleeping pills and some type of Lovecraftian dream ward to give you dreamless sleep. So along with the actual spell or experiment to learn and the resulting pill or charm created from them, there is also the fun of how one finds this information in game and then learning to conduct/cast the experiment/spell.

    Your ideas on this are most welcome and can be posted to this thread or @assisted in game.

    For those who don't know, when your character is logged off more than four hours, at the point of logon/connection the dream system will check if your character a) can dream and b) if so, should your character get a dream and then c) if so, your character receives a dream.
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    Just a comment - there is some debate in scientific circles on the lack of dreams being a symptom of illness like cancer, or can be a cause of depression (sometimes associated with sleep apnea which was not discovered until 1965, and not well treated until CPAP - continuous positive air pressure machine- was developed about 1981)

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      Hate to be a newb and all, but exactly how do you get the dreaming skill?


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        It's a secret. That's part of the charm.

        And I say this as someone who didn't start dreaming until after 3 months of playing. Discovering it is part of the fun. Explore thoroughly, it is out there. Once you realize how to start dreaming, you'll kinda kick yourself. (Assuming you go the old school route. There are at least 3 ways to start dreaming; 1 of which is kinda cheap.)
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          Okay. I'll just put on my scouring face then