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    Ok, so the first time this didn't go through for some reason, so I'm editing with my original text, to the best of my memory.

    I was thinking we could use the wax cylinders for some kind of odd scavenger hunt type plot. Recordings of odd things happening around town that are found in strange places and then you take it back to the library to listen to it, and it's something really weird.

    Or perhaps recordings of seances? Any mediums out there? Even ouiji board games gone wrong and tarot card readings that are horrible...

    I've thought perhaps recordings of psychoanalysis would be cool too.

    What sort of plot ideas do you guys have in relation to the wax cylinders? Any chance of a second one being placed in the mental hospital for psychologists to do psychoanalysis that can be reviewed later?

    Any ideas, suggestions, concerns? Let's all think about this!
    ~Player of Julienne M. Delatroix, student librarian
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    The "white noise" concept: leaving a recording going in some out of the way place and then playing it back and getting half-hidden voices and such. That's a possibility. Coders could create some crude sort of timing device so the recorder would switch on automatically after a delay of X minutes.

    Check out my "De Profundis" comments in the log of the 22 November CDM: psychodrama, anybody? There's a lot of horror you can create for yourselves.

    SH Suede
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