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Hiring at Dante's Italian Eatery!

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  • Hiring at Dante's Italian Eatery!

    Dante's Italian Eatery is in need of new employees, since most of our old ones left town after graduation. Our restaurant serves the finest authentic Italian cuisine, and Miskatonic University have always gathered for some late-night fun...

    Cute undergrads wanted to make our customers happy. Waitresses need to be able to take orders and bring food out from the kitchen. Special hiring preference for a pretty smile and fun attitude! There are also opportunities to earn extra money doing side-jobs outside the restaurant, for the right gals.

    Bus Boys
    Any male undergrads looking for work can help out around the restaurant by lugging supplies, running errands and cleaning dishes. The stronger the better for this job, and there's even a bit of extra coin available for those who prove to be most trustworthy.

    If you're interested in working at Dante's Italian Eatery, write to Dante Giovanni or swing by the restaurant!

    *posted by a tall eatery worker*

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    Welcome Bonnie, our most recently hired waitress!

    *posted by a tall eatery worker*