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Miskatonic Museum Reopened & Art Exhibit

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  • Miskatonic Museum Reopened & Art Exhibit

    The Miskatonic Museum is now open for visitors again, in addition the Museum would like to announce an upcoming art exhibit.

    This exhibit will be primarily filled with works from students of MU, as such, any student submitting artwork that passes general Museum staff inspection will receive 1 dollar per accepted submission until further notice.

    When submitting your piece, feel free to put in a brief explanation behind your picture if it has one and the style in which you used. Mail all entries to Patience Strange, once the exhibit shifts, the pieces will be sent back to the artist if they wish. Otherwise, I will store them within the museum for further display.

    Please send any questions to myself!

    ~ Patience P. Strange, Miskatonic Museum Staff

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    *reshuffled to the top, with the art exhibit portion underlined*


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