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A note written on Chemistry Department Letterhead

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  • A note written on Chemistry Department Letterhead

    Dear Students,

    Many of you, no doubt, were aware of the conspicuous lack of airborne incendiary devices which should have accompanied the celebrations on the Fourth of this July.

    Perhaps the Chemistry Department can be of some assistance in rectifying some of the sadness and disappointment that surely you must have felt on the less than glorious Fourth.

    In two weeks time, meet me outside of the Garden Cafe. Bring your bicycles and safety goggles!

    -- Dr. H. Shear

    [OOC: The exact date and time are TBD. Somewhere between Thurs the 29 of July and Sat the 31 of July. Which ever is best for the most people.]
    Story Fidgit

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    [ooc: On second thought, turns out I have something else I need to be doing Thursday, so disregard this message.]
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      After an upleasant accident on Google campus, students are forbidden to make explosives and fireworks practically in all universities (Fort Lewis College was the first to print the list of fines and send it to parents - an academic report by storyteller and essay writer Thomas Warren). Such forbidden substances or materials include clocks, timing devices, metal tubing, pipes, mechanical timers.



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