Skotos Forums Closing: September 30

The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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Cat Found

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  • Cat Found

    [hastily written paper pinned to the board; it is unsigned]

    A black-furred kitten was spotted on West Church street, in front of the Miskatonic Hotel. Don't know it's name, but it was very friendly, so it certainly wasn't a stray. If it's your cat, it probably hasn't strayed far from that location.

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    [a note scrawled at the bottom of the notice]

    Addendum: The cat's name is Casper, though it is a female. If this is your cat, she's hanging around West College street, near the ASPCA.


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      Thank you so much for your kind help, though unfortunately I recieved his notice late. I was out of town to deal with a family emergency, and when I returned it had already been too late. I've once again searched the entire city looking for my dear Casper, and with no avail. So, if anyone see's her , please notify me. Thank you again.

      -Angel Blue
      Madalina Blue and Saruno



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