More Downtimes: April 29 - May 11

We've got another series of upcoming downtimes, as our ISP completes their upgrades to fix the SPECTRE problem in all of their machines.

Here's the schedule for our machines. All downtimes are expected to be 1-2 hours, with extra timeouts for Grendel's Revenge and The Eternal City so that we can take them down safely over night.
  • Grendel. Taken down late 4/29 Sunday night, back up 4/30 Monday morning.
  • Castle Marrach. Down 4/30 Monday morning, 5am PT
  • Ironclaw. Down 5/1 Tuesday morning, 5am PT
  • User Login Database. Down 5/2 Wednesday morning, 5am PT
  • TEC Orchil Client. Down 5/2 Wednesday night, 11pm PT
  • Mailing Lists. Down 5/3 Thursday morning, 5am PT
  • Web Site / Main Login. Down 5/9 Wednesday morning, 5am PT
  • TEC. Shut down late 5/9 Wednesday evening, back up late 5/10 Thursday morning*
  • Lovecraft Country, Lazarus. Down 5/11 Friday morning, 5am PT

* This downtime could be slightly extended on either side because I don't know what my internet will look like that day.
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  • New Person

    Learning the ropes and stuff. Feel free to respond and let me know where the hot places are. ;-)

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    Anywhere Phinny is.

    Ha! But really - find Phineas Lee sometime and she'll find something for you to do.

    Just remember to act as if nothing is wrong, okay?
    StoryBuilder Dakini dubs Phineas Lee the Snotty Bitch of Arkham. Sparkles land on Phineas Lee's head.
    "If one has no vanity in this life of ours, there is no sufficient reason for living." -Leo Tolstoy


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      What could possibly be wrong? I haven't noticed anything wrong. ANYTHING. *shudder*