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On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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Introducing: A Game of Grunts

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  • Introducing: A Game of Grunts

    A Game of Grunts

    What is ďA Game of GruntsĒ?

    A Game of Grunts is an official Grendelís Revenge forum game, hosted by a Grendelís Revenge staff member. In ĎA Game of Gruntsí (GoFG), participants will play over a virtual Uthgol in a conquest-style game, controlling an army of grunts to attack, defend, and conquer locations.

    Why should I play?

    A Game of Grunts may take place in the forums, but the outcomes of all battles will affect GR itself. All participating clans will receive a War Chest in their lair on the first floor (at a location your clan designates). All WMs will have a War Chest placed within their den. Those who are victorious in battle will see treasure deposited into this War Chest. If you conquer enough locations, or specific locations, you can expect to see rare and powerful enchantments appearing in your War Chests.

    Note: War Chests can be opened by anyone, regardless of affiliation. When choosing the location for your War Chest, make sure itís guarded well!

    How do I play?

    To begin, PM the GoFG host ( Pence ) with the character you want to use for the game, using the forum account you wish to play the game with. Note that your characterís role, stats, level, abilities, and roleplay style/history may affect your army. Also note that you do not need a paid Skotos account to play A Game of Grunts.

    A Game of Grunts is played in phases. At the start of each phase, a new post will be made in this forum with the current status of of the campaign. Each phase is comprised of three turns, which will also have a summary of the campaign. At the end of each turn, certain effects will take place, depending on the locations you have currently conquered. A turn is also a staging point for battle, and all battles will take place within a turn using rounds. You may only give orders during a 'turn'.

    Put simply, a phase will begin with a new post, and immediately after, the first turn will start. At this point all participants will be instructed to PM their orders to the GoFG host ( Pence ), and then the first round will begin. All battle results will be posted instead of PMed.
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    Grunts will have three ‘stats’. These stats are Power, Health, and Ability. The first two (Power and Health) are a numerical value. They determine how much damage a grunt can deal, and how much damage they can take. Your grunts’ Ability is decided at the beginning of the GoFG, chosen from a pool of available options that depend on role, caste, race, and roleplay*.

    *: Certain ability options may be available for you depending on your character's publicly perceived roleplay or history. Rythgen may have grunts with a special Rage ability, or Snillo might have Well-Fed grunts.

    Your level, stats, and caste will decide the power of your grunts. Your level will decide the base of your stats.

    1~300 = Power group 1: 10 attack, 25 base HP.
    301~700 = Power group 2: 20 attack, 30 base HP.
    701~X = Power group 3: 30 attack, 40 base HP.

    Humanoids: + 5 attack
    Undead: + 3 attack, + 3 HP
    Chimera: + 5 HP

    Leader role bonus: + 5HP
    Warrior role bonus: +3 attack
    Shaman role bonus: Ability option: Heal (Grunts with less than full HP are restored to full HP at the end of a round. Max of 1.)
    Builder role bonus: Ability option: Defenses (When defending, HP + 5)
    Mage role bonus: +3 attack

    A full list of options available will be presented to you after your initial registration with the game.

    Social vs Wanderer

    Social monsters and Wandering monsters operate differently in a Game of Grunts. All social monsters in the same clan will operate in a team of sorts. While clan members will give orders separately and have different kinds of grunts, they'll also be able to support each other in combat rounds by automatically having their forces combine during combat.

    Wandering monsters will not use grunts in A Game of Grunts.

    Instead, Wanderers will participate in GoFG themselves. At the beginning of the first phase, all participating WMs will have, like grunts, attack, HP, and an ability. Unlike grunts, these abilities will be specific to the WM and their current in-game abilities, and will be the deciding factor in combat.

    When a WM's HP reaches 0, they are removed from GoFG.


    At the beginning of A Game of Grunts, you will be given a list of locations to conquer. This same list will be available to all players. Conquering a location can be done by sending your grunts to that location, and defeating all other opposing grunts. If your grunts remain at the end of a turn, you have conquered the area. Use your grunt numbers wisely.

    Home Turf
    All participating players will be given a Home Turf. A 'Home Turf' is your clan's lair, or your den as a Wandering Monster. Conquering an enemy's home turf will give you a large bonus to treasure in your War Chest. Having your home turf conquered by an enemy will give you a large penalty to your treasure.

    Your objective in a Game of Grunts is to remove all other forces while maintaining your limited number of grunts. The victor of a Game of Grunts will receive a large treasure boost, an in-game trophy, and StoryPoints.

    As of the posting of this thread, registration for A Game of Grunts is now open, and we will be taking new participants until Tuesday, October 25th. If you have any questions, PM me or use the @assist command in-game to find out all you need about A Game of Grunts.
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      Registration will end tomorrow at the start of the first phase. Once all participants are accounted for, you will receive a PM with your available options and information on starting your first order.
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        Originally posted by Pence View Post
        Registration will end tomorrow at the start of the first phase. Once all participants are accounted for, you will receive a PM with your available options and information on starting your first order.

        Some last-minute balancing on Wanderer stats and abilities in comparison to Socials is delaying the planned start of the first phase. To ensure everything is properly balanced, and to give extra time for registration to everyone interested, we've decided to begin the first phase Thursday morning.

        We apologize for the delay, and ask for everyone's patience in starting GR's first Game of Grunts. We'll have everything in place and be ready to start your grunt war campaign soon.
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          PMs have been sent out to all registered participants. The first phase will begin later this evening.

          If you have not yet registered, this is your final chance to compete in the Game of Grunts campaign across Uthgol!
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