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A question of RP

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  • A question of RP

    This isn't a complaint against a specific player, but just so I'm clear in my own mind is this really acceptable as an IC reason to kill someone?

    The character in question attacked and poisoned me without saying a word, then followed me back to the shrine and looted me when I died. I honestly don't mind that, but when I asked why they turned me into lunch meat this was the response:

    XXXX growls to you, "im a wandering monster,ur a social...pluss i HATE social undead,vampire especialy"
    XXXX growls, "pluss im XXXX,im an ass"
    XXXX grins.
    XXXX whistles.
    You say, "So if I told you I didn't have any friends would you not want to eat me"
    You say, "Cause I'm really not that social"
    XXXX chuckles.
    You say, "In fact I hardly ever talk to anyone"
    XXXX growls, "your still a vampire"
    You frown.

    My only real question here is should we really be referring to eachother as Wandering and Social IC or, as was my impression, are those OOC terms. As I said not trying to insult the player in question, just curious.
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    There's nothing exclusively OOC about the concept of the distinction between social and wandering monsters.. because there are major differences that have real IC rammifications. We just use the terms "social" and "wanderer" because no alternative IC terms have been provided. Just like it's much more common for monsters to call themselves "monsters" rather than Ugtholians, even though the former term is likely only one that the humans would use to describe them. Even at the fanes, the voices announce "The wandering monsters have won the fane" or something like that, so we know that distinction exists and that is a proper IC term by which to call those who are unable to join clans.

    Oh and by the way, covering up the name doesn't hide the identity all that well. It should be pretty obvious who it is seeing how it's just like him to say that, whether it be an OOC rationale or an IC one.. the line between the two seems to vanish in his case.
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      Hey, here's what I propose to change the official names of Humanoids, and Chimera to...

      Humanoids: Fleshlings
      Chimera: Fly-beasts

      They're there, you just have to look hard enough.

      Originally posted by Marnevel
      Dunstvangeet's right
      Newpatriot (Aux) Snakes on your plane to Storm_queen, "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter has a lot t do with lesbians. See, vampires find out that if they wear lesbian skin they can walk around in sunlight. So Jesus teams up with a Mexican wrestler named El Santos to fight lesbian vampires. And it's a musical."


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        Hmmm...4 letter word...Hates the Undead Caste....Uses poison....Attacks newer players and doesn't RP (so he claims).

        Geez....I really have no idea who that could be.


        And....Fly beasts wouldn't work because Sphinxes don't fly. Chimera will do fine. Or the Elder Race. That is all.


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          Re: A question of RP

          Originally posted by Balance
          This isn't a complaint against a specific player, but just so I'm clear in my own mind is this really acceptable as an IC reason to kill someone?

          It's not OOC to refer to a monster as a Wanderer or a Social. The fact is that there are very large differences between to two. As Nanakii already mentioned...the GMs have given us an IC sign...which are the fane ghosts.

          In referance to advice would be to avoid him whenever you can. I realize that his character finds enjoyment in killing others who are weaker then him.

          I don't relish how things will be for him in the future. There are going to be a lot of angry monsters who have grown in a lot of power...who will make sure to remind him of his earlier actions.

          But until then...

          Everyone have fun in there.
          "Did we kill a bunny under your protection?"


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            *cracks his neck* I know what you mean.....



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              Ok whindanser,i will give it to you that yeah,ive found myself enjoying the whole RP interaction part of the game...its kinda fun...and my reason for attacking was all IC..i do make more of an effort to seperate the two now...and to all of you that keep saying that soon i will be confronted with alota pissed of newbs that have grown up,you all seem to think that i wont keep growing as well....i will be just fine in the future...
              so long as i can keep away from Mort...
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                Can't wait till you evolve and drop levels....*snort*



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                  From a Goddamndog to a teddy bear... *snicker*


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                    if by teddy bear you mean fat cat and by fat cat you mean a Grimalkin....then yes. that is correct.



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                      Pfft,that would be your only chance whindanser..waiting till i newly evolve...
                      You can't stand my Gouf.


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                        *leans over and whispers something in Jinns ear*
                        "Did they just call Grimalkin's fat? I was a Grimalkin once, a few others where too; I think I just may take offense to that."

                        "How do you like your chicken Jinn? Well done, or extra crispy?"
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                          *points to the help files*

                          They said it not me....

                          *whistles innocently*



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                            I like it extra chrispy...
                            You can't stand my Gouf.


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                              Originally posted by Balance
                              My only real question here is should we really be referring to eachother as Wandering and Social IC
                              Since it's the real question here ...

                              I know I have my characters use the terms all the time.

                              Social: a monster who travels with others (in some form of grumble) and has a solitary location (in some form such as a lair or den).

                              Wanderer: a monster who travels mostly alone though sometimes in groups and has no solitary location.

                              i.e. Wanderers would wander. of which many do not as much. And Boghl is only barely social, though that's due to his more hermatic nature.

                              I tend to not use race as a deliniator to if I refer to a monster as a social or wanderer.
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