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Fix the lag

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  • Fix the lag

    I think the subject is pretty self explainatory. The lag keeps getting worse and worse. When it takes, literally, over a minute for one command to go through something needs to be done, and no, not a damn server reset.

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    I second that...When I can retreat and be ready to attack someone and an attack comes through on me from over a minute ago...its kinda lame...
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      Re: Fix the lag

      Originally posted by Malice
      I think the subject is pretty self explainatory. The lag keeps getting worse and worse. When it takes, literally, over a minute for one command to go through something needs to be done, and no, not a damn server reset.
      It's not getting worse and worse. It's been significantly and noticeably better since the work we did a week or so ago. Aside from the lag during backups, there's been virtually no lag today on the server/game side. I pointed that out to a couple of people who were having trouble with their connectivity this afternoon. That may have been what you were experiencing as well. If you're not sure, do a traceroute to and see if there are any slow spots.


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        Okay, I had originally posted something rather nice, but I just got in a fight with some uglies, and the results are fluxuating wildly. One moment there can be little to no lag, and the next, there'll be a pause of 10, 20, even 30 seconds before an action goes through. It's better than it was, but it's not as good as it oughta be.

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          Yeah the lags gottin MUCH better in the last week or so...but in the last couple of days,its gotten unbearable...just flying takes forever to move one friggin square..and its not me,my whole grumbles seein it...ive never seen lag hits this bad befor too...
          I went into a den,and a grunt shrieked..i chanted a musty and went home...i went out and started hunting around my den and about 3 minutes after i pissed off the grunt,i got attacked...from the middle of nowhere comes the red [Success: 934, Roll: 159] BLAH BLAH....startled the hell out of me..
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            The last few days have been horrible for me. Right now, I'm getting a consistant 8 to 10 seconds of lag. I'm posting this from the middle of something I've ran the tracer, looks perfectly normal to me. I've seen my connection alot slower than this and haven't gotten any lag. You figure it out.


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              There has been lag all day long. Before and after the backups. It's not just me, everyone I've talked to in my characters clan has had problems all day. It's been happening since early in the weekend, and even the server reset didn't clear it up completely.


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                That alone, Malice, would indicate that it's most likely an outside issue... my tracert from work was fine... now from home... on this *grits his teeth* Dial-up... its as poor as can be expected..
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                  Sorry but blaming everything but yourselves is not acceptable. I can get on other games with other companies (read all graphical even) and expierience no lag and come to this game which is basically all text and run into lag. If there is a connectivity problem you need to find out why no one else seems to be having the problem and do what they are doing.
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                    well i have been getting you can't preform more then one action litterly 2 minutes after i acted and then you are in the middle of something for 2 minutes more that is just rediculous
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                      Brute the Ogre yells, "FOR THE HORDE!!!"
                      Sludge the Hobgoblin tries to slice Brute the Ogre with its hatchet, but misses.
                      You raise an eyebrow.
                      You move toward Sludge the Hobgoblin.
                      You stop next to it.
                      Brute the Ogre waits for his attack to go through. []
                      Brute the Ogre sighs.
                      claw sludge
                      Sludge the Hobgoblin grins.
                      Brute the Ogre snarls to Sludge the Hobgoblin, "Heh... you lost already. "
                      Brute the Ogre snarls and loudly beats his chest, the battlelust showing bloodshot through his eyes.
                      Brute the Ogre cracks his neck and knuckles POWERFULLY, creating a loud POPPING noise.
                      You nod to Brute the Ogre.
                      Brute the Ogre krushes Sludge the Hobgoblin with his iron fist! 277 points of damage!
                      Brute the Ogre snarls, "Yay!"
                      Sludge the Hobgoblin begins to chant some words in a strange language.
                      The scroll burns into ash and floats away.
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                      Brute the Ogre sighs at Sludge the Hobgoblin.
                      Brute the Ogre snarls to Sludge the Hobgoblin, "When my attack goes through, you'll die []"
                      Brute the Ogre snickers.
                      Sludge the Hobgoblin begins to blur and become insubstantial.
                      You grunt to Brute the Ogre, "[Or mine.]"
                      Brute the Ogre snarls to you, "Did you attack as well?"
                      Sludge the Hobgoblin fades away into nothingness.
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                      You search the avatar seat, but fail to discover when a new avatar will be chosen.
                      Brute the Ogre snarls, "43 minutes? []"
                      [Success: 50, Roll: 403] You slash at Sludge the Hobgoblin with your strong claws. 190 points of damage! Sludge the Hobgoblin roars a final time before dying.
                      You mutter to yourself.
                      You cackle.
                      Brute the Ogre laughs!

                      I filtered out my input of commands, except for the initial claw, and then bolded the inital claw, and the result of when it went through, it was roughly 7 minutes later.
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                      Originally posted by Lurker
                      [geez, cant even frame anyone without running into someone's alt. sigh ]
                      Originally posted by Panzer
                      I swear to god there should be a specific forum just for whining. Play nice friends.


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                        I'm not in-game at the moment so don't know about lag, but I did a tracert anyway. Looked fine for me, but then I haven't done a tracert in a long time. A couple questions:
                        Just what is slow? What speed is so slow that it warrants attention?
                        And secondly, where do we send tracerts that do show slow spots?

                        Regarding where lag would be coming from... I would think that connectivity issues would prevent any command from going through. I would think that the player's personal computer doing something is what keeps entered text from appearing in the text box (until the player's comp catches up). And I would think that server-side delays would cause some commands (like speech) to go through when others do not.


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                          I'll tell ya one thing. I am playing GR at my workplace and at my home. At my home, I am playing it via a 166 Mhz, and quiet often it takes a LONG time to walk some basic 3 rooms, i am very slow. Even though I have dsl. Yet at my work place, where my computer is fairly fast, my walking speed in GR is much much faster. Although battle/movements commands still hang for some weird reasons.
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                            "There never was a ladder.

                            We're working on it.

                            The game isn't lagging."

                            Big WAP logo underneath.

                            What do you think? Make a nice t-shirt? I'd buy one.


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                              I'm sure they're addressing the situation. But they're in the middle of something.

                              Fix lag.
                              You are in the middle of something.
                              Fix lag.
                              You are in the middle of something.
                              Fix the lag.
                              You are in the middle of something.
                              Fix LAG
                              You are in the middle of something.
                              You growl.
                              Nothing in Uthgol makes sense.

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