Grendel's Revenge Free Accounts

On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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    Blame Skotos.

    Signatures should not exceed the length of this.


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      OK..I could give a damn about the RP behind the authority stat..Or pretty much anything else with mechanics.I said authority because there are two type of general damage in the game(pysical/magical),and four stats.It would just seem like two stats for one type of damage and two stats for another would work..Thats my reason.
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        their is no reason for a magical to be strong
        Click Magus for luck


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          Sheesh, seta... get that target off of your face.

          Jinn, we know... you leg-humper you.

          Paleface... why are you here?

          Angel... put a damn point into this post.

          Heh... I don't think energy can be 'overpowered' that easily. Maybe I've played too many mummies and ogres and not enough chimera, but I've always found that favoring energy is never as beneficial as favoring something else... a magical attack, agility, something better than energy's small regeneration bonus and its minimal stun resistance.

          Regeneration just isn't as good as defense and/or hp (or at the least there are better ways to obtain regenerative powers than with energy alone.) I think giving a little extra punch to each favor into energy would balance it out with the other skills some.


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            I say, give mages sub-roles. Also have a leader ability that is made for mages. There are leader abilities that help everything else out, but not mages. Spirituality doesn't help mages. It might increase their recovery gain, but that is about it. And on the sub-roles. Have them to where they are good at one kind of magical skill. Like one would be good at lighting and another good with fire... and so on.
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