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Pure Undead Mage- Can It Be Done?

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  • Pure Undead Mage- Can It Be Done?

    Today, while mowing the lawn, I came up with the perfect concept for an evil Undead mage. Only thing is, the rumors seem to be that Undead magicals well... suck. I'm not entirely convinced, however. I think if Undead magicals suck, completely and utterly suck, are the worst caste/role combination in the game, then they would've been tweaked a long time ago.
    So I'm sure there is some super sel<rit way of making a pure magical Undead, and I'd like to know what it is. If anyone has any suggestions for me, please post them here, send me a PM, or contact me via AIM.
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    Well, the thing is... undead don't get that many magical attacks... and they don't have anything to help with defense..

    Pure chimera can at least get NA..

    *ponders* But doesn't noncorp help out too?...

    guess you need to find out..

    Seek out any mage undead wanderer. Try talking with Exodias... I am sure they can help you out a bit..
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      I know the sekrit. But I'm not telling
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        they get armor dont they dosent that help with defense???
        Click Magus for luck


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          Originally posted by seta
          they get armor dont they dosent that help with defense???
          NA is superior to wearing armor.

          1. Doesnt affect your round time.
          2. Its affected by stats.(better defense on top of the ranks in it)
          3. At higher tiers e.g tier5 and beyond the higher cap makes it
          very effective.
          4. It does not wear away. So defense is constant.


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            Necro's right. *nods to himself* armor is still nice though.
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              what do you want natural bone armor come on you can wear armor so its worse than chimera na their are always weaknesses to every thing
              Click Magus for luck


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                im working on a meleeish mage right now.
                Really hard.

                Im using claws some for Endure Damage uglies,
                I got coldfinger, for carapace, and everyone else.

                Blood oath, raising this raises both of the others..
                likely going to get haste, so i can use both attacks rapidly
                and going to have corpse feast, for healing and poison crud curing.

                and by the way, noncorp does help, but extremely little. its like a 3-5% boost to agility, not nearly enough to make a difference.

                If only Blood oath was working like it should....

                Effects of the blood oath ability:

                A significant number of ranks in blood oath will allow you to swear a blood oath against an additional race. (works)
                Ranks in blood oath increase your to-hit chances against all hated races. (works)
                Ranks in blood oath increase your damage against all hated races. (If it works, its token, doesnt do much at all)
                Ranks in blood oath increase your defense against all hated races. (doesnt work )
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                  Originally posted by Necrophage
                  NA is superior to wearing armor.

                  1. Doesnt affect your round time.
                  2. Its affected by stats.(better defense on top of the ranks in it)
                  3. At higher tiers e.g tier5 and beyond the higher cap makes it
                  very effective.
                  4. It does not wear away. So defense is constant.
                  what about those poor social pure mages that dont have a higer cap??


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                    Originally posted by shadow
                    what about those poor social pure mages that dont have a higer cap??
                    I had a Wight with 1000 in NA and Maxed Energy. Rozial had a 950 on me. What do you think? Only Undead to get NA is a wanderer undead(wight: t4 ).

                    EDIT: And I hardly used decent armor. All were broken and wrecked, didnt bother getting new armor, because everything had 950 on me.


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                      I'd trade wearing armor+agility for NA and devour, and agility any time.
                      I've fought Whindy and see him go from a 50 to a mid-800 by devouring a magic item.
                      It's why I'm mostly playing a T2 chimera now instead of a T4 undead...That and PB make Chimera by far the better mages long term. Short term, yes. Undead have armor which your higher level grumble or clan members can provide you. But, if you want a long term mage. Make a chimera.


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                        Pure Undead Mage- Can It Be Done?
                        No, because Undead are icky.


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                          Originally posted by Acepius
                          No, because Undead are icky.
                          You're just jealous because you're obsolete.
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                            In relation, chimera pure mages are much better off than undead pure mages.

                            The reason?

                            Natural armor - Never gets damaged, is enhanced by stats, and is boosted by avatarship.

                            Poisonbreath - One of the best skills in the game. It has its drawbacks, but is definitely one of the more potent attacks. (note: only available to pure role chimera mages)

                            Extra skill slot

                            Free fly

                            Tail attack - Excellent mid-range attack skill; can be paired with venom and/or crud

                            As for undead, their specialty arsenal is comprised of the following:

                            Corpse feast - Tested by Lurekus. Not worth the investment

                            Drain life (pure warrior) - Very good skill, melee range. Not available to mages. Can only be used against chimera and humanoid.

                            Raise - Useless ability. Before it was changed, grunts could be raised to splash poisonbreath. Now due to the fact that self-summoned grunts cannot be targeted, increased monster hp, and lack of poisonbreath in the undead arsenal, this skill is almost useless.

                            Noncorp - A very unique skill. Allows passage past traps, through walls. Provides a very small physical resistance and offensive bonus.

                            Offense-wise, Chimerae win hands-down.

                            Defense-wise, Chimerae win hands-down.

                            Why would anyone be a pure role undead mage? I haven't a clue. I chose it because I enjoyed RPing as an undead. Also, don't forget that undead receive a daytime penalty. Im not sure, but I remember hearing that undead now receive a bonus at night. Im not 100% sure about that though
                            Mechanically, however, undead mages are lacking. In all aspects, chimerae are superior with the exception of an undead mage with items of scrying which would grant an insane scan range. Armor enchantments are great, but considering that a chimera can devour enchanted items and gain a large defense bonus, it's superior to anything enchantments, when worn, can provide.

                            Albeit, there are enchantments to increase regen rates, allow unseen movements, etc. But mechanically, the game is set up to be played PvP. When it all boils down, undead mages are on the bottome of the totem pole.

                            The only toss-up I have about undead mages is the idea of WM vs SM. Granted, a social can get battlecries, structure bonuses and teletraps; on the other hand, WMs get an overall bonus (at higher tiers) and increased skill caps. Which is worse off or better? It's a bias. I just know that undead mages are underpowered.

                            I challenge someone to make a pure mage undead social. Everyone tells me that I did such a poor job with Exo. Show me how it's done then
                            The specter


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                              Not all chim mages get fly for free.
                              You can't stand my Gouf.