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Avatar and Socials and Idle Musings

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  • Avatar and Socials and Idle Musings

    I'm guilty of this myself, taking a throne from a Wanderer with a social who has no need for the avatar boost. But I was thinking, why would Grendel help those who get enough help? Not only that but is it mechanically fair to give these already strong characters who don't need help hunting such a large boost?

    I believe that Avatar shouldn't help bonused Socials. Why? Because if they build themselves right they'll -never- have trouble with spawns. Where as, Avatar could be put to better use that ' Haha now I can kill you all!' (as many players have done in the past.), by giving WMs a chance to kill Socials their own level and hunt without fear of dying.

    Or it could also be used to help Magi stand a chance against bonused characters or Leader/Blackhands etc. Stand a similar chance.
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    ...but let's not forget, not all socials go for Avatar for the sake of being able to kill everything in sight, which I think is overrated anyway....some of us go for it to strengthen their traps...
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      Its always gone to the strongest of the caste who shows up..Survival of the fittest,as it should be.
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        Not to mention some of the super-humans that I've fought.

        No Death Penalty, maxed tooth and nail, maxed bureaucracy, and I still had a 900 to hit him.

        Originally posted by Marnevel
        Dunstvangeet's right
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          Traditional definition of "avatar"

          "The body a god uses to walk the earth".

          The way I see it:

          Being the Avatar of Grendel isn't Grendel giving handouts of power.

          It's Grendel wanting to possess somebody, live the life of the monster.
          And Grendel's going to want a strong body to walk around in.


          Now, a change that'd kinda accomplish what you suggest, and would be more in-line with how things are presented, would be the following:

          I'm not saying that this is the way things are, but it's one way to explain it:

          The power of avatar comes in from the power and knowledge of Grendel... and so do leader bonuses. So those who have leader bonuses, already are benefitting from a part of Grendel's power, so won't get as much improvement out of avatar.

          It's like somebody hands you a device that instantly gives you a high-school education. It'll help a kidnergartner out a lot, but a high school graduate not so much.

          Therefore, maybe do something like this:
          If you benefit from 500 ranks or less of a leader bonus, you get the full power of avatar.
          If you benefit from 1000 ranks of leader bonus, you get 50% the benefit of avatar.
          If you benefit somewhere in between, you get somewhere in between, appropriately.

          I don't think any of this is too necessary, though. Unless the concept of "you already know how to do that from another source" is applied more generally to the game mechanics.

          As much as any of these ideas might benefit me.

          One issue you touch on is how bonuses socials don't tend to have trouble hunting. Really would be nice if the uglies applied a bit of intelligence, and were able to more accurately assess monster strength and not go so willingly into the slaughter.

          Maybe boost their strength.

          Maybe have a stunner, inspirer, and poisoner in almost every group.
          Maybe apply shaman skills to others than the casters themselves.


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            Originally posted by Blackhand
            Maybe boost their strength.

            Maybe have a stunner, inspirer, and poisoner in almost every group.
            Maybe apply shaman skills to others than the casters themselves.
            I hope you mean, just the uglies that fight bonused socials and lower tiered wanderers. At low tiers it's a difficult task just hunting and surviving for wm's.


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              Heh, it'd be interesting if the uglies broke and ran after they found a 950 to-hit. (Especially if they scattered)

              It'd be interesting to see whether the playerbase would be willing to keep that 950-50 and actually hunt down their favor, or go for a bit more modest and/or sneaky approach... make the uglies think they have a chance, (maybe anything below a 750-250 success ratio would allow the uglies to fight on) then dispose of them with a bit more difficulty.


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                well as royal my uglies have 950 on me and i have 950 on them.... so i don't think thats a good idea

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                  Heh, touche, I suppose. Perhaps make it a bit more in-depth than that.

                  How fun would it be to have an ugly hack at you for 3-5 minutes, then say something like "Screw this, I'm gonna go back to the bar.", then walk off. If you wanted to/were able to kill him in that time, I assume you would have... an ugly battle lasting 3-5 minutes is usually a pretty good indication of a stalemate... unless there are a multitude of uglies. *shrugs* Just a minor idea.


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                    actual tactics would be better.... only being approached by fighter types... shamans/sage types buffing the fighter, clerics staying back and healing, ect


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                      I think Avatar is fine the way it is. -_-
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                        If a weaker monster is smart and brave enough to use some strategy rather than just walk up and fight all the time, they will have a fighting chance.


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                          Originally posted by Farquaa
                          If a weaker monster is smart and brave enough to use some strategy rather than just walk up and fight all the time, they will have a fighting chance.
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                            I meant this...

                            Strong uglies tend to come after strong monsters, right?

                            The uglies are supposed to evaluate the monsters, and go for the targets that are worth their while, but aren't going to massacre them.

                            Seems the uglies are pretty bad at picking out targets.

                            "Hmm. Last 1000 of my buddies who went after Blackhand the Orc came back dead. I'm about as strong as them. I think I've got a chance!"

                            I mean, give the uglies that come after me personally, a few more ranks in their attack maybe another ability, etc. Make them strong enough to be a challenge.

                            Tactics is something else, of course. Be nice if they had some of those. Whatever gets the uglies as real challenges, but not overpowering, for everyone.


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                              To be Avatar is to be The One.

                              A fight between Avatars is to be an epic battle indeed.

                              The most cunning and brave will become the Avatar. It needn't always be the strongest. Nor if you are a social MUST you take the throne from the Wanderers. I have given up its power many times to younger wanderers who needed it more than I did. That is all up to you.

                              At times there may be a strong person there who gets it into thier head that they want thier weak companion to have the throne and they fight and die for the weaker companion.

                              The beauty of the Avatar is that there can only be one of each caste.

                              Leave it...for it is good!

                              [...did i just talk IC in an OOC thread? ... The sad things is...I don't know!]