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A discussion about dropping roles

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  • A discussion about dropping roles

    There has been some heat lately on the idea that certain players were given the option to drop a role of their dual-roled characters. Two such characters are Keyrn the Ogre, soldier/leader, and Germanic the Ogre, soldier/shaman.

    The main question is: Is it fair for those characters to be allowed to switch to being pure role warriors?

    Nearly a year ago, Grendel's Revenge was in a stagnant period of lag hitting and bonus stacking. Many characters were made simply to take advantage of the stacking bonuses. Others, such as WMs and pure role combat characters, were told to suck it up. Some of us stuck it out and kept leveling including myself, Dvea, all the WMs, Rythgen, Luzige and a few others.

    Stacking was fixed. War monger was made a pure leader ability. Leader/other class characters were given substantial favor to make up for this.

    And then Japes comes along and plays God in GR. Many things have been balanced VERY WELL, additions have been made - GR overall has improved well enough to bring back several disgruntled players.

    Due to some changes, players wanted to alter their characters' roles. Now considering that the game mechanics have changed substantially, is it fair for those who took advantage of the previous system to change their characters to be more advantageous in the new system?

    Personally, I dont think so. What then of the people who stuck it out?

    It doesn't matter how hard they've worked, how many uglies they've killed, etc. They knew what they were getting into initially when they picked their characters.

    But let's look at this case by case.

    Keyrn the Ogre - soldier/leader. He originally only had the leader dual role for war monger and to take advantage of the stacking bonus. For a long while, he was leader of a clan and had favor gain bonuses from a large -clan- hoard and minions due to warmonger. For the longest time, there were 50/950 battles with him simply due to the stacking bonuses. True, his ugly kills represents those of a character his level. But is it fair for the rest of us who endured a long period of time of weakness for him to just drop a role and take advantage of the new system?

    Germanic the Ogre - soldier/shaman. Don't know too much about this character aside from the fact that it uses a weapon and has/had heal. Heal alone has the potential to favor much more quickly than simply killing an ugly for favor. His player claims that the help files once represented Koncentrate, an accuracy skill for weapons, to be available to dual role warriors and that this was later corrected by Jason, a former GM. You would think that once you'd made your character, you would have checked before lvl 150 whether or not koncentrate could be learned. And since you couldn't learn it, how come you didnt ask -THEN- for your shaman role to be dropped? Was it the warmonger/spirituality stacking bonus?

    Given this information, realize that both have changed into a pure role warrior. This gives them access to koncentrate, duelist, a larger leader bonus from warmonger (I believe, not 100% sure), and shield master.

    My main complaint, aside from the fact that their old builds were advantageous of the old system and both had the ~option~ to favor more quickly than a pure role warrior, is that they now have access to a skill that greatly protects Vs magic attacks. Since the change to magical attacks, many character builds went from having a 950 defense vs mages to a 50 since they neglected energy or did not have the needed defensive skills.

    They took advantage of the previous system and are now weak due to the fact that certain skills are not available to them.

    "Oh no, Exodias can hit me now. Maybe Ill drop a role and get a skill that will give him a 950 to hit again."

    Excuse me if that sounds rude, but I'm a little aggrivated. Keyrn is a great guy who Ive gotten to know a bit in the past few days. I've known Germanic for years. I've played TEC with both and known them/of them for a while. I have nothing against them. I simply believe this was a bad case of judgement by Japes. And Im sure that his decision wasn't based on the fact that both of them play constables in TEC as was pointed out by someone else.

    I can understand how they feel with all of these new goodies and balance fixes. But likewise, I was told that I had 'built Exodias poorly'. I stayed with it and now things are getting better for me. If I were in their shoes, I would want to drop the role too. However, it's not fair to the rest of us.

    An established builder/mage in our clan now wants to drop his builder role and become a strong, overnight pure mage for the simple fact that it's the trend. This is not a good case of precedent that is being built for future character-change references.

    Tarvok the Mummy, a tyrant/warrior, simply wants to reverse his roles. I can see how this would be feasible since Tarvok took a leader sub role for the same reason as Keyrn - warmonger. Rather than drop a role and become istantly uber, he wishes to access Netze's warmonger bonus instead of beureaucracy as a warrior/tyrant.

    I don't agree with Japes' decision to allow these two to change into pure role warriors. Many share this view, others dont. It's not a matter of who worked for it, but a matter of fairness to those of us who endured being told "suck it up" and being killed by newbie lvl 20 ogres with huge leader bonuses.

    More than likely, this post will be fruitless due to the fact that Japes has already made a decision. I'm just expressing my opinion on the matter. Others opinions and corrections are welcome.
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