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Cookie Cutter Warriors.

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  • Cookie Cutter Warriors.

    In order to prevent cookie cutter warriors, I sent in this request. This will make something other than JUST weapons viable.

    Claws for a warrior are not very viable anymore. Even with Iron claw they have a hard time hitting anything. I have a suggestion to make.. why not have koncentrate work with claws? This would put claws for warriors more on par with weapons and mages. (each of which have two success boosters already). And since weapons do way more damage, and magical attacks can splash and have neat effects, I don't forsee it unbalancing. Especially since if you want to use crud and venom, you still have to use up more skill slots.

    Thanks for your time.

    And remember that koncentrate is pure warrior, so not everybody will be able to use it. It's just something to make claws a little more viable. And allow more warrior possibilities.
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    There was a change made to iron claw recently. "Iron claw now provides a bonus to accuracy. This bonus is improved if you are of the martial artist role." It was changed for all monsters who use it. I was not sure if you were aware of it Kaoslace.


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      I am.

      Claws still suck.
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        Compaired to weapons, yeah, they do.
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          Originally posted by kaoslace
          I am.

          Claws still suck.
          even being a martial artist?


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            Wanderers can't specialise their role.
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              I'll be testing claws heavily at T7 and posting my findings here. In the event claws are undpowered ( as I suspect) I'll be petitioning poor Wyr daily until they are fixed.


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                Don't be silly, you can't test claws. You'll have HOOVES.


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                  The accuracy for my MA is still bad, even with max stats, T&N, and 500 in IC


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                    Originally posted by Rythgen View Post
                    Don't be silly, you can't test claws. You'll have HOOVES.
                    Oh wow, I laughed ridiculously hard at this. Thank you.
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                      Since the new GM seems to work on stuff, figure I'll bump this thread with some facts first, and then some opinions.

                      2000 T&N, Maxed Nightmare Agility, Maxed Nightmare Strength, ATLEAST 500 Iron Claw (Likely more, it's been ages), and the T7 Attack bonus nets me a 950 on almost every monster with 1 Defense skill, or 1 Defense skill and a Leader.

                      T&N Doesn't do the direct damage weapons do. It takes an investment of a minimum of 4 skills to reach it's max potential (2 of which don't even increase it's accuracy), whereas weapons take exactly 3 skills (all three of which grant a 1 for 1 or BETTER accuracy bonus). T&N Doesn't hit as fast as weapons do (I've abused the whole 2x Shivs), as Often as weapons do ( with my ranks of offense and a weapon I'd be able to hit Ced let alone socials), or as hard (Anyone remember my 30k swings with Titan Lances as an unmaxed Banshee?).

                      Currently, Claws require the most skills to be as damaging as weapons, do a fraction of the damage and hit even less. There's no real benefit to them.

                      My proposal is then, quite simple. Buff Claws.

                      How? I've written Wyr a number of suggestions while I was testing. Some are bandaid fixes, others are more complex.

                      Bandaid fix 1: Make Duelist work with Claws. Let it increase the accuracy and damage.

                      Bandaid Fix 2: Make Kon work with claws. Straight accuracy boost.

                      Bandaid fix 3: Let CC and Venom Provide--together, the boost a max Kon would, and let Iron Claw work the same way Duelsit does.

                      Complicated fix #1: Recode how Claws and CC/Venom Interact. Allow CC and Venom to buff the accuracy of claws, and split the attack. IE:

                      Lasombra the Tenebrous Nightmare Slashes at you with her sharp claws! 4218 Damage! Her venom burns you for 2150 damage! Her disease causes you to suffer 2150 damage! You are infected with Poison strength 210! You are infected with Creepign Crud strength 210!

                      Naturally this would reduce degenratve damage a fair amount from those abilities. However this would give claws the ability to be competitive burst Damage tools, and keep in line the amount of damage overtime they could do.

                      Complicated Fix #2: Recode how Claws interact. Make the focus less on Damage and instead on debilitating debuffs.

                      Keep Iron Claw and T&N Damage where it stands. Instead, allow Iron Claw to slow the target. perhaps a special command for pure warriors who sue claws to "Maim". A Maimed target would be unable to fly or teleport, and have a movement round timer similar to cold breath of the claw's rank.

                      Those are just a few ideas. As a whole, I feel forced to do something ridiculous and go weapons when I'm a giant horse. I don't think warriors should feel pidgeonholed into weapons. I think we should have as much versatility with our *attacks* (if not more so) than mages because mages get other forms of versility with their defenses. (Fly IS a defensive skill. As is Teleport. perhaps defense isn't why most mages learn then, but it's a very handy defense to simply.. pick and chose your battles. They are also skills of convenience.)

                      TL;DR: Claws suck. They need to not suck. They are currently only useful for Hybrid warriors and only marginally at that. This is true of all natural attacks (Dran, tail attack and Claw). Pure warriors should have a way to be better with natural attacks than hybrids--but over all the abilities need rehauled. And another skill isn't the way to go. They already need 4 skills to buff to their full potential.


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                        I don't have a big complex response since warriors aren't really my bag, but I would really like to see Claw warriors have the same if not a better edge than Weapon warriors. Not to peel the scab off the Warrior vs Mage debate, but Mages have a very wide array of skills and builds available to them to make each mage unique, but every warrior seems about the same.
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