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Letum, a History

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  • Letum, a History

    The discussion came up last night in the Triad Grumble. Since we're getting huge influxes of new people, I figured being the oldest boney left I should explain this history :P

    What is Letum?
    Letum, is the Latin Word for death. In Grendel's Revenge, Letum refers to the South Western Plains from the Crater to the Swaps and the Hills South East of the Shrine.

    Okay, so why does it matter?
    Letum is perhaps the msot influential and often remembered land marks in Uthgol. It is also entirely player created. When the game went gold a post was created by Gruloch, leader of the first pure Udnead clan- The Fallen. Gruloch and his elite minions Sedicious, Lurekus, and Bain founded their clan far to the south of the Shrine. They salted the land with powerful, magical salt. This salt forever poisoned the land preventing any growth. Gruloch and his clan later came to claim that Letum was sacred to the Undead, that it was alive and on par with grendel himself.

    Undead Holy Ground?
    At the heigth of their power, the Fallen would police Letum and slaughter any non-undead without so much as a warning. The Fallen often claiemd that the Fleshbeasts would defile Letum. This would later be a tradition upheld by The Keepers and the Shadow Sentinels and now by Midnight Rise as well as a handful of undead wanderers-- Mortikai, Laosmbra, Cyrrack, antigone amongst others.

    The Shadow?
    Eventually, Letum was forever carved into Uthgol's Lore and Legend. Many times Humanodis and Chimera attempted to supplant the Undead from this land-- be it Barbarosa and calling them the 'Plains of Light', or the Chimera during their war with the Sentinels. All the while, Letum grew stronger from the bloodspilling. The Shadow claimed he was the Father of the Undead in uthgol. He brought Netze back to Letum, and back to purity. He even touched Toasty giving her to Undeath as a display of his power.

    The Pieces of Letum?
    Due to OOC actions and damages caused, the SGs awarded Netze three magical items. These items for their IC purposes became known as the parts of Letum. They were awarded to letum's three most stoic defenders by Netze himself. These parts were The Deathdealer-- letum's claw awarded to Fatali war princess of the Sentinels; Letum's heart-- the heart of flame awarded to Toasty, Letum's newest child; and Letum's grace a cloak awarded to Rozial, champion of the Plains. The Claok sleeps within Rozial, while Shadar has cpatured two of the pieces for some diabolic purpose.

    Letum has been the result of many wars. However the wars were all (save the Guardian Sentinel war) horrible OOC messes so I feel no reason to list them. The end result is every time, Letum faces destruction but rises from the ashes with new champions.

    Undead and Letum?
    To many Udnead, Letum is a sacred place. it is in the words of Fatali, "The Blessed Mother of Destruction". Letum is to the purist Undead, their reaosn for existence. Letum is why their undead hearst ebat, and why they rise in Uthgol. They defend it without thought of harm, and they never let it falter for too long.

    Hopefully this lets us keep some very important Lore in the minds of our players.
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    Fantastic post...I will post one about the Guardians...being that we are the oldest clan.

    I encourage others to add to this who are of the Undead caste.

    Actually...I'm going to create an IC thread about this...which...could be a good event actually. Didn't we have an event where we added stories to a book? If not...we should.


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      You forgot to add that Rozial granted Smarmy permission to be in Letum as an honored guest. Permanently. She is the only non-dead such has been granted to.

      When Rozial left, he further instructed Smarmy to help keep Letum safe.
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        You added it. However mine was more an undead cultural view, so adding some of the innate contradictions to the above overview of Undead lore would only add to clutter what I was intending to go for.


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          So the origin of the Shadow was established as Letum? I had thought the GMs had deliberately left it vague.
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            Wether or not that part is true I can't 100% say. However the majoritiy of the events during the Shadow's time were very consistant with Letum, such as Brining Netze back to Letum, creating the magical items ( Netze said the Father made them ICly), and the veiled references. Obviously, no one but the GMs can say, but the Shadow was very tightly connected -to- Letum and deserved mentioning in any Undead History. :P


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              The origin of the Shadow is unknown....however it further established Letum as a place of power for the Undead. He did embrace the name The Father.



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                Removed the conjecture regarding the shadow coalescing from Letum :P


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                  When Lurekus was alive, but after Fallen lair was left. Lurekus used to do special rituals every single year. The ritual basically involved Lurker gathering the undead inside the main entrance of the Fallen lair (pretty much all that was left) aswell as one fleshie, then ritually killing the fleshie and spreading the blood and intestine all over the main entrance floor. Chants and all that included. He performed this for 'two' IRL years, doing it on the day of the departure from the Fallen's lair (We had to destroy the clan itself due to OOC problems with the pass down of ownership after we sent Gruloch into another plane of existence)

                  Hecate once was buried inside the Plains of Letum. Lurekus had to perform a ritual (sacrifice of a living thing involved .... obviously, force teleport really solved the problem for research/ritual subjects) to help Hecate emerge from underground and haunt the land again.

                  Long ago, before the items decayed, and it was normal for hundreds of things being scattered inside the lair and around it. Fallen used to have a punishment to erred members, making them clean (a long boring job of picking and discarding stuff) the first floors and 3x3 areas around main entrance. We would've made it 'whole' plains of letum, but ... that'd a two week worth job

                  During the 'first' war of the Robots, both Tilisi's and The other robot (What was his name ? I keep thinking Mortikai ... but mmm no :P) was dragged underneath the Plains of Letum. Now, As we know the 'crazed one' removed Tilisi's body, infecting half of Uthgol in the process, but the other robot (The one Bain commanded to self destruct to take Tilisi out originally) is still somewhere under the Plains of Letum (keep in mind, Lurky was dead a long time, I might be missing some event info)

                  Lurekus himself is not on the Plains of Letum. Him and Sarkis have been desintegrated while trying to explode a nuclear reactor of sorts (remnants of the technology left by the remaining robot). Theoretically they hoped to wipe out all of Uthgol (best way to keep Plains of Letum from the living is to ... remove the living as a concept) But messed up and blew themselves up only. They're scattered somewhere in the caverns southwest of the Shrine.

                  During the creation of Sentinels, it was decided to build where it was built, because it was a converging point of Plains of Letum, The Forest, and the Swamps.

                  When the Rune of Strife (or however it's called) was implimented, there was a small chant or poem released to speak of it. It mentions Letum and the end of it's era.

                  Wars were OOC messes mostly, except one and only. A preplanned war with the Horde, which we lost. I dont remember if it was due to stacked up leader abilities or not, I dont really care. It was the best war out there, because each side followed the rules more or less. Ofcourse, Lurker had a pretty an ability to insta kill everyone and promised to begin using it if rules got broken, but ... oh well. Due to the loss, Gnoll's knoll (Part of Plains of Letum) Was given up to the Horde and the rest of public. Ofcourse those few leagues around Gnoll's knoll is another matter. But Gnoll's Knoll theoretically does not belong to Plains of Letum politically speaking.
                  Just a few facts and little tidbits of the Plains of Letum.
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                    Hi Everyone. Hey Smarmy, still keeping the plains safe for all undead? Hey Lurkey, I remember alot of that. Is after that loss when Barbarossa built the lair near Letum? I always hated that lair, did it ever desintigrate? lol


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                      Those were some good times....

                      Now people need to come back, everyone else is doing it.
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                      Originally posted by A Dwarf Engineer
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                        I would like to bring this to the view of all active players, and hopefully we can expand on the history of Uthgol a bit more.

                        Somebody really should create a web site where people can pool their knowledge of the history of Uthgol as best they can...for posterity to never forget, and to build upon with future roleplay. And not just for Letum! Do not forget Larou nor Redwall, nor any of the other lands whose names I have forgotten.

                        I admit I am struggling with my current character, who I am calling a "champion" of Letum and a conduit for the spirits who roam the undead plains, as I can't remember all the details of it's history. He struggles to remain true to the old ways of The Fallen, keeping all living things from it, but he is alone and still weak, only newly formed by the spirits of the dead.
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                          Originally posted by Rozial View Post
                          Hi Everyone. Hey Smarmy, still keeping the plains safe for all undead?
                          Smarmy has been distracted with troublesome things. She hasn't set a toe in Letum in many months.

                          In the meantime, the last remaining undead lair in Letum crumbled into non-existance. Yep. Yelpi is on her own again, having lost absolutely everything in the tomb and adjoining rooms. She still prowls Letum, doing her best to keep it safe from invading forces.
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                            *punted to first page*

                            Because I like to toy with people and their forum lurking nostalgia.

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                              Originally posted by Hellion View Post
                              *punted to first page*

                              Because I like to toy with people and their forum lurking nostalgia.
                              Darn you. :c

                              Ah... I miss the Fallen so much. So many friends made that are all mostly gone. Siiiiigh... How I miss the good ol' days of GR. But I'll continue to lurk until accounts are free. :3
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