Recently, I started playing an RTS called Majesty 2. I'm liking it so far, and it's actually given me an interesting idea I'd like to post on the forums and start a discussion with.


Over Uthgol, there will be random occurrences where a leveled group of humans will spawn (perhaps based on a lair or den's infamy and/or influence in the area.) They will wander around as a group for a short time before stopping on a location where they will begin building a human settlement in a 3x3 area. It will begin in the center and expand outward, finishing construction after a certain period of time. Once it is finished, the s will disappear and a set spawn area will be placed in the 3x3. Once a monster enters any of the 9 squares, humans will immediately spawn at defensive structures and attack the monster(s) on sight. The objective is to raid/destroy the human settlement and remove it from Grendel's land.


Each building will be approachable and attackable, having its own set HP and defense. Once its HP reaches 0, it's destroyed, and may have items inside. You'll gain favor for destroying large buildings.
  • Defensive structures can attack from long range and may be able to see you before you enter the 3x3 area. They're harder to destroy than others.
  • Farm houses may hold food or give extra favors.
  • Storage houses can hold weapons, armor, resources or other useful items, but may be heavily guarded.
  • Town halls are built in the center of the settlement and offer the best rewards, but are also the hardest to destroy.

Bonuses and Penalties

The reward for destroying a settlement and its structures/inhabitants would be favor and item game, as well as the pleasure of killing off the human inhabitants. However, if you can not destroy the settlement, then humans in the area should become harder to kill and give less favor. I don't exactly believe they should have more HP or spawn more often, as that's more of a bonus than a penalty to others.

I think it needs more active penalties for the settlements remaining in one piece, and more motivation to destroying them, although I think the favor gain should be decent. Another issue may be how often should they spawn, where should they spawn (or what determines where they spawn), and if they should be more dynamic, I.E. more variant structures and NPCs.

What do you all think?