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On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

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  • Guides?

    I am putting in a request to those who have stuck with the game over the years that some guides should probably be put up on the mechanical side of things. I am suggesting WM and a SM guides covering abilities, races, stats, tiers, favor, and so forth. The player's guide is severly lacking, and I think this will be greatly appreciated by those who are truly new, or coming back years later and not remembering anything.

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    I can post some information. Give me a numbered, ordered list of what you'd like a guide on?

    I won't be making any fancy website on it or anything, though. Someone else can do that.


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      I don't have specifics, mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing, but things such as advantages and disadvantages of abilities, or what works better for what situations. Is there a purpose for WM to get resources? Is it better to rank abilities, or stats first? What should to spend favor on when you first start out? Aquiring, using, comparing armor? Things of that nature.


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        Okay, just some basics then. I'll cover what random things I can come up with now.

        Commands you need to know:
        1. FAVOR - This brings up the favor spending window. You get favors for killing things mostly, but you can also get them for performing other monsterly tasks that your role is designed for. Healing people for shamans, building things for building, and other crap like that. There are three tabs to the window. The first allows you to upgrade stats. The second allows you to upgrade skills. The third allows you to spend favors to get karma points. Karma is used to learn new skills and to reach new tiers as a wandering monster. This tab can only be used while inside the shrine's main room.
        2. KARMA - This command can only be used when you are dead. It brings up a popup window that lets you learn new skills. The first two skills you know are free. The rest increase in cost based on how many you have.
        3. SUICIDE - this kills you. Sometimes you need to be dead.
        4. UNLEARN <skill> - this allows you to unlearn a skill. All monsters start with tooth and nail. Almost no monsters actually want that, and it takes up a skill slot. UNLEARN TOOTH AND NAIL is the first thing most characters do.
        5. @toggle-grumble - This allows you to talk to your grumble or clan. A grumble is a group of clanless monsters. If you don't do this, you won't hear your grumble-mates when they GRUMBLE to you.
        6. GRUMBLE - this is like a private grumble thinknet. GRUMBLE HELLO! to your friends.
        7. SS - shows your characters stats on the screen.
        8. STATS - not as important, this one shows much more about your character
        9. LEADERS - not really important at all, but cool. you can see how people compare.
        10. EYEC, SENSE - If you close your eyes (EYEC) and type SENSE, you will be able to sense if fanes are active. You will also be informed if any arena matches are coming up. I'll explain this more later.
        11. HELP <topic> - This has some information in it that's useful. You can look up the abilities available to you. Keep in mind, this is very outdated and much of it is simply wrong. Ask people if you have questions.

        1. Social Monster (SM) - Social monsters join clans. They have access to all of the roles and focus on supporting each other. They have leaders that give clan members boosts. They have shamans that heal and support. They have s that build them a lair. Also, they get a lair if they join a clan. You want to join a clan as a social monster.
        2. Wandering Monster (WM) - Social monsters stay as one race for their entire existence. Wandering monsters do not. They start off as weak little scarabs, spirits, or kobolds. When they've gained a sufficient amount of levels, they can CHANGEFORM when dead and reincarnate as a new type of monster. Each caste has a tree of monsters to follow. At the very top are tier 7's, which are: giant, cyclops, nightmare, dracolich, rakshasa, and dragon. Only one tier 7 of each type can exist at a time. Also, wandering monsters can only be warriors or mages. They fight.

        1. Warrior - Easier than mages to play. They are able to hit everyone in a room for decent damage and have good survivability from the beginning to the end.
        2. Mage - These are harder to play through the leveling up process due to initially lower damage and less dumb survivability (stand and get hit). In the end game, they do more damage and have far better survivability. They also come with half a dozen utility skills available, such as haste, stun, fly, regenerate, resurrection, raise, and teleport.
        3. Leader - These are clan leaders. The skills they learn are centered around boosting their minions, which are other members of the clan. If you are a social monster, you really want to be under a good leader. This is not a good class for beginners.
        4. Shaman - These heal damage, cure poison, mix potions, and protect you. They're a support class.
        5. - These build structures inside of clan lairs. They can also mine and do some other things. This is not a good class for beginners.

        If you are a wandering monster, you can only pick mage or warrior.

        If you are a social monster, you can pick any of the roles available to your caste. You can also get two roles. If you choose to pick a second role, you are able to do more things, but lose access to some of the specialist skills of each role. For example, only pure warriors can learn whirlwind, which is one of the best skills to get as a warrior.


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          1. Humanoids - These can not be mages, but make nice warriors. These have 33% less health than undead and chimera. They can have 7 skills.
          2. Chimera - These can not be warriors, but make nice mages. They are unable to wear armor other than neck pieces, and occasionally helmets (sphinxes). They are able to DEVOUR armor instead, getting a temporary boost to defense. They can only hold one item at a time. They can have 8 skills, but many of them are forced to have fly as one of them.
          3. Undead - The can be both warriors and mages, but aren't as good at either. They get a 15% penalty to stats in the sunlight and a 5% boost to stats at night or when inside.

          Each caste has caste-specific abilities. These can be found by typing:

          1. Strength - This increases your health and your damage with melee attacks.
          2. Agility - This increase your defense against melee attacks. Every few hundred points also gives you a reduction in round time.
          3. Energy - This increases your magical defense, your magical damage, the strength of shaman skills, and the strength of your regeneration. You regenerate some health every 30 seconds.
          4. Authority - This increases your influence, your favor gain, the strength of your shaman skills, and the amount of minions you can have. Only leaders and shaman should worry about this early on.

          You can have 7 skills (8 if chimera). Early on, you want to take a single attack and focus on it. If you die a lot, you can invest in strength some or get an older friend to help you with healing potions and armor.

          The first two skills are free. Each additional one costs more karma to learn.

          If you only have one class/role, it costs:

          0, 0, 100, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000

          If you have two classes/roles, it costs more after the fourth. I forgot the numbers.


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            IC jargon:
            SM - Social Monster: will only be one of twelve types (four species per caste, three castes), joins clans and much weaker individually compared to Wanderers but has abilities and team cohesiveness to combat that
            WM - Wandering Monster, Wanderer: solo monster that will 'evolve' into stronger forms as they go on. Tend to join grumbles which are loosely-knit groups of other WM
            Ugly, pinkskin - humans, the enemy of the game
            Uthgol - the land the game is based in, essentially Iridine
            Grendel - the ruling god of the land, essential Ereal

            The two commands you will be using most often are probably SOULRELEASE and REINCARNATE. Upon dying you remain with your corpse and have no vision of what is happening around you other than if you are looted. The contents of your inventory cannot be looted, only the resources you are carrying. SOULRELEASE must be used prior to REINCARNATE.

            The GAZE command will give you a brief summary of local landmarks and your position relative to them. The Shrine is dead center in the map and can be considered the GR equivalent of the Stone Toga.

            The RESPAWN command will set your spawn point at specific structures, your clan can tell you more about this. The default spawn point for new characters is the Shrine. For WM this will default to your den once you accept ownership of it, for SM this will default to your clan lair entrance once you join one.

            Favors are composed of favor points. The points required for a favor starts at 5 and increases by 5 for every favor earned. This cannot be reset and increments for the lifetime of the character. For example, Rythgen's required FP for a favor now is 64960. The amount of points earned varies depending on your role but generally is best when relative to your level. A level 1000 monster killing a level 10's spawns will not get much favor at all, if any.

            Every ten favors you spend on ranks or stats equals one level. Favors spent on karma do not contribute towards your level. Favors can be converted to karma only while alive and in the Shrine at a ratio of 1:10.

            You can unlearn abilities and get half of your investment back, similar to TEC. The command is UNLEARN <skill> and an <all or number> input afterwards.

            As a new character you will have access to the MENTOR channel. This is similar to Auxilli chat and only lasts for I believe 30 days. The mentor channel consists of other new characters and leader roles with the Mentor ability.

            There are many approaches to levelling your character and they vary greatly depending on your role and whether you're a SM or WM. Generally you get more bang for your buck by investing directly into skills but the stats backing them are important as well.

            Every ability is based off one or more stats and this can usually be checked by consulting their respective help files. A general stat overview can be found here, however, the universal effects are as follows:

            STRENGTH - Increases your HP, loot capacity and general physical damage
            AGILITY - Increases your physical (melee and ranged weapons, not magic) defense, lowers your general roundtime (this takes significant investment to notice)
            AUTHORITY - Increases your influence and infamy stats which in turns yields stronger spawns which yields more favor gain, increases your likelihood of finding things/people when using the SEARCH command
            ENERGY - Increases your passive health regeneration, magical defense and magical damage

            There are many items to loot off corpses, I can elaborate on these as well as specific abilities I am knowledgeable about if that would be helpful.
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              The arena is directly south of the shrine. There is a match every hour and a half. The matches cycle in the "tier" that they are, which restricts the levels of who can join.

              The tiers are:

              copper, bronze, iron, steel, obsidian, diamond, open

              Everyone can join in on open tier. Copper is the lowest level. Diamond is the highest level.

              If you close your eyes (EYEC) and sense (SENSE), it will tell you if an arena is coming up and if you are qualified to join.

              If you are qualified to join, go to the arena and enter the room with Ipquin in it. The arena is south of the shrine. The entrance is on the south side of it.

              Tell Ipquin you want to JOIN the match. Some matches are team matches and he will ask you if you want to join a new team, or start a new one. If you are alone, tell Ipquin NEW. If you have a friend, the first monster has to say NEW to Ipquin to create the team. The second monster should say TEAM, and then the friend's name to join the friend's team.

              In Ipquin's room, there are three orbs. These tell you different things about the arena.
              1. If you TOUCH 1 ORB to touch the first orb, it will tell you about the arena match that is coming up.
              2. If you TOUCH 2 ORB to touch the second orb, it will tell you the results of the last match.
              3. If you TOUCH 3 ORB to touch the third orb, it will tell you your arena records.

              The types of matches are:
              1. Brawl - Everyone has a set amount of lives. If you run out of lives, you are disqualified and kicked out. If you are the last one alive, you win.
              2. Team brawl - Same as above, but with teams.
              3. Point battle - You get points for killing. Each arena guardian gives 1 point. Each fellow monster gives 1-4 points based on their level. The monster with the most points wins.
              4. Team Point Battle - Same as above, but highest team wins.
              5. Guardian Smash - Same as point battle, except that only guardians give points.

              If you die in the arena, you spawn in the pedestal room. Touch the pedestal to return to the battle.

              If you run out of lives in a brawl, you'll be sent to the stands. You'll have to find your way back to Ipquin and the entrance. Each row of stands is just a square. Go to the middle of the south side.

              If you do win the match, you will get a prize. This can be a magical item, favors, a weapon, or karma. If it is a magical item, it might not be automatically identified. You will have to SEARCH the item until you can figure out what it is.


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                Good information here. Thank you everyone. I've gone ahead and stickied it, feel free to continue adding.
                Grendel's Revenge StoryGuide


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                  I'm willing to add more on request. I'm completely unmotivated to come up with topics.


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                    Originally posted by Vorico View Post
                    I'm willing to add more on request. I'm completely unmotivated to come up with topics.
                    Request: Guide for WM, tiers 1-4. 4 because I always stop at 3. Tips, suggestions, hunting guide, den location, optimum favor, how-to-deal-with-SMs, etc.
                    -Usuichii, Great Scientist.

                    Smarmy the Titan bellows to you, "You look almost like an Ugly."

                    Blackhand the Orc grumbles: I don't know what to call you. No ugly is that vile, and no proper creature of Uthgol has ever had such a lack of honor!

                    Usuichii 1, Usuichii 2


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                      Bumping this by request.
                      -Usuichii, Great Scientist.

                      Smarmy the Titan bellows to you, "You look almost like an Ugly."

                      Blackhand the Orc grumbles: I don't know what to call you. No ugly is that vile, and no proper creature of Uthgol has ever had such a lack of honor!

                      Usuichii 1, Usuichii 2


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                        Originally posted by Usuichii View Post
                        Request: Guide for WM, tiers 1-4. 4 because I always stop at 3. Tips, suggestions, hunting guide, den location, optimum favor, how-to-deal-with-SMs, etc.
                        I missed this.

                        How you go about a WM entirely depends on if it's a warrior or mage.

                        Optimal favor:
                        1. Warriors = humans
                        2. Mages = humans or swamps. some people like the apparent bursts of gain given by giants

                        Den location: (iirc, you get 33% more favor near den and 33% less away from den in relation to simply not having a den. That's 133% vs 66%, also known as double)
                        1. Warrior = Any spot that has ample space in each direction (3 spots) where you can hunt your humans. You should hunt in circles around your den. Completing the first and then the second circle (2 spaces away) should be enough time for the first spot to have reset.
                        2. Mage = Same concept as above, but you probably want one safe spot above or right next to your den. Examples would be resource deposits or special locations that don't spawn (i.e. crater, burial mound, hydra scales). You can run to this place and snipe things, if you have trouble surviving hits or are low on health.

                        Extra points if you have a deposit of your caste's type around your den. You can run there and "eat here" to fully heal and cure yourself, once per day.
                        Humanoid = iron
                        Undead = shadow
                        Chimera = mana

                        Mechanically speaking, you probably should avoid them. WM are far inferior to socials of the same type until they are T6's, at which point they're arguably mildly inferior to equal-ish. It's just how the game is. You can definitely have fun after T3 or so, though.

                        If you wanted a specific part of SM-WM interaction discussed, please point it out.

                        Leveling Tips:
                        For T1-T2, focus 90-100% on damage/accuracy. Everything except for what you absolutely need to keep your sanity should be put in your attack, your damage boosting stat, and possibly focus/duelist.

                        If you're a warrior, you can put plenty into strength.
                        If you're a mage, you either want to learn how to spawn/run/snipe effectively, or you'll need to get some strength for your own sanity.

                        The tiers are so short, and the spawns are so mild, that this is the obvious way to get through the tiers quickest and with little boredom.

                        I apply this strategy to T3 too, but some might want to be more rounded by levels 150+.

                        Other tips:
                        1. Go for the most damaging move at your current level range. Disease and poison are far superior to anything else mage's have at T1-T2. CL is best for T3+ hunting. Don't get claw as a warrior; get a melee weapon. You can always change it up each tier, so don't make yourself suffer. At T4, you can probably afford 230(?) ranks in whirlwind to get whirl all.
                        2. Um, blanking on random tips other than the above. I will edit in if I find any.



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