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Skotos Forums Closing: September 30

The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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Grendel's Revenge Free Accounts

On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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  • Herdias86
    You close your eyes and begin to channel your thoughts through the void, "[I don't normally do this but since they're getting rid of the call channel anyways if you didn't know there's a new channel @gchat that's primarily ooc that started today. @toggle-gchat to turn it on. @gchat to talk.]"
    <Ahl'hamet's player: [And I'm going to hell for using brackets in call channel.]>
    <Sabine's player: [For a good cause probably not.]>
    <Ahl'hamet's player: [I spent my entire dj show last night specifically on the goal of getting the one midget at the bar to dance...without ever talking to her...]>
    <Ahl'hamet's player: [The challenge was to do persuade her with the power of music.]>
    <Sabine's player: [Did she bust a groove?]>
    <Ahl'hamet's player: [No. I'm a terrible dj apparently.]>

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  • Thull
    Some more:

    GM Morven: [Test 1 2]
    Korky's player: [Test 3 4]
    GM Morven: [Test 5 6]
    Korky's player: [test is it!]
    [GM Morven has hosted GChat with the topic: "Now I have the powah!", whether you like it or not!]
    Korky's player: [Gimme somma dat!]
    [GM Morven has changed the GChat topic to: "Favorite monster (In or out of game)"]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Troglodyte.]
    Korky's player: [Giant!]
    GM Morven: [Wyvern! *mutters about humanoid lovers*]
    Korky's player: [TMI!!]
    [GM Morven has stopped hosting GChat. GChat will close in 1 min, unless a new host takes over. Use @host-gchat <topic> to take over hosting.]
    GM Morven: [Korky, I bequeath unto you, the powah.]
    Thull's player: [Quick, Korky, take it!]
    [Korky's player has hosted GChat with the topic: "Secrets!"]
    GM Morven: [Finally, sheesh.]
    Korky's player: [hush!]
    Marsooth's player: [Ack! I don't have any secrets.]
    Thull's player: [This green color smells funny. Does that count?]
    Korky's player: [that does not. We can all smell it.]
    Korky's player: [I have a secret. Korky never bathes.]
    Vyshka's player: [What's this now?]
    Korky's player: [Hmm? We were talking about you.]
    Marsooth's player: [Now we'll have to stop or we'll be rude.]
    Vyshka's player: [Oh, another Vyshka is awesome secret meeting?]
    Korky's player: [No, no. Another Vyshka smells like green meeting.]
    Vyshka's player: [I may smell green, but I taste purple!]
    GM Svyn: [It's true. Vyshka does smell like green. I smelled it with my own ears.]
    GM Svyn: [Ears are the smelling bits, right?]
    Korky's player: [You taste purple because you are a purple people eater!]
    Korky's player: [If you say so, Svyn.]
    GM Morven: [New monster race idea: One eyed one horned flying purple people eater.]
    GM Morven: [*Noted.]
    Korky's player: [I've seen one of those! They have orange dots!]
    Vyshka's player: [Sure looks strange to me.]
    [Korky's player has stopped hosting GChat. GChat will close in 1 min, unless a new host takes over. Use @host-gchat <topic> to take over hosting.]
    [Qeyl's player has hosted GChat with the topic: "Birdies!"]
    Visper's player: [They taste best breaded and fried.]
    Korky's player: [I like chicken legs!]
    Qeyl's player: [Fried is quite yummy]
    Korky's player: [Do you ever get fried, Qeyl?]
    Qeyl's player: [I am a flaming ball of fried]
    Vyshka's player: [He's in a constant state of fried-ness]
    Korky's player: [sounds crispy]
    [Qeyl's player has stopped hosting GChat. GChat will close in 1 min, unless a new host takes over. Use @host-gchat <topic> to take over hosting.]
    Qeyl's player: [New topico!]

    ... I probably should have just posted this in Noise.

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  • Thull
    [Ahlhamet's player has hosted GChat with the topic: "Why is Ahl'hamet so awesome?"]
    Sabine's player: [Because he has an apostrophe in his name.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [I wish that was actually true.]
    [Ahl'hamet's player has changed the GChat topic to: "Changes you'd like to see in the game."]
    GM Wyrhtan: [We had a request from another player for an apostrophe in their name properly. It's something that'd likely cause issues at some point though.]
    Sabine's player: [Where do I start...]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Is the issue that the chargen wasn't coded to allow it? I know they do it in TEC but the chargen itself won't let you put a ' in the name.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Nah, the real issue is that there's code out there that looks at your name, and some of it might do unexpected things if it finds something it doesn't expect in your name.]
    Thull's player: [I'd like to see people being able to hunt together, where they fight mechanics less and fight uglies more. And the overworld be made more interesting/interactive. And the lairs be made more interesting/interactive. And the items... I could go on. ]
    Thull's player: [Also, I'd like to see "taking grunts into combat" being a viable course of action (other than grunt masters overwhelming people with swarms in PvP.]
    Sabine's player: [Yes items! And when you pack hunt, you have to do an action when you spawn or you don't get favor. Which is understandable, but sometimes you don't have enough time to make an action. Maybe switch it to just being active is enough.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [If you don't have enough time to do anything before everything dies, perhaps your packmates could slow down a tad.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Pack mechanics are wonky. I have to literally let a leader battlecry/intimidate , a shaman heal/fortify, or a mage pew pew before I attack because they won't get favor when i destroy the horde once I attack due to how it's set up and the whirl/splash mechanics.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [I don't see any "easy fixes" that don't open things up for abuse... perhaps let any "helpful ability targeting packmates", that's done just before the enemies appear, also count as doing action, but that's still going to get into the tangled mess of favor mechanics.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Perfect example, Petra is hunting with me. She's WAY lower than me and if i don't let her attack or heal before i kill the uglies she wont get favor. But she's WAY lower than me so she'll get killed super fast if i don't kill the uglies quickly. I think the pack mechanics should have a 1 minute grace period or some]
    GM Wyrhtan: [I'll poke around, but no promises in the short term.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [That's how it is now.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [A battlecry counts even if the whole pack is already under the effect of it.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Ah, okay. Is the leadin time too short? Do they essentially have to time it perfectly for it to count?]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Also, one more test with the formatting, please bear with me...]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Testing one two three.]
    Sabine's player: [Hmm. I don't know which I prefer.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [The "spawn emote" resets the "do an action before they die" timer. So if you're hunting with any character that has a grunt army, Whirlwind or splash damage. I'm pretty sure if it was just like an afk timer of 1 minute it would solve the issue.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [I still like the original format.]
    Thull's player: [As someone who's not doing a whole lot, I like this format better, because it makes it easy to 1. pick out names of who is talking, and 2. see where each new line starts.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [We'll give this format a little time, then settle on a winner.]
    Thull's player: [The names and punctuation characters being less bold than the text does look a little odd though.]
    Sabine's player: [I just dunno about the whole orange thing. I like orange and all, but it's very light.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [I'm not saying people should be able to afk in a pack and get favor. But with whirlwind i just destroy uglies before there's a chance for anyone else to react. So a shaman should be able to still get favor if they've healed in a certain amount of time or a leader has battlecried, etc. It'd give more incentive to co]
    GM Wyrhtan: [That looked like "two maybe's and a no" on the latest format test, so switching it back.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Regarding the pack hunting, part of the idea is that each player should be able to meaningfully contribute, in order to get proper favor for it. Maybe we can get closr to that by having a longer lead-in time (6-10 seconds before the spawn message maybe), but reducing favor gain for those who don't do a lot.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [That way you're not constantly fighting the mechanics. Longer-term though, I'd like to see combat set up where people can more meaningfully contribute (and even survive) despite differences in power levels.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [The problem isn't with the people being afk. If a shaman has nothing to heal they can't contribute. It's with the efficiency of whirlwind. I literally go appr 2 . stab 2 . and kill half the spawn.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Idk, I'd like to see more people want to pack with me but unless I actively slow myself down they often miss out on lots of favor.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Maybe whirlwind (and perhaps other splash effects) should be tweaked to try to address this, too. one/two commands to result in a wiped-out wave doesn't give others much room to contribute. We don't want to take away the value of those abilitie and investments in them though, so we'll need to find a way to keep them valuable.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Hrmm.... maybe if we change what the definition of "orange" is according to the game...]
    Sabine's player: [I'll miss the orange but I like that.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [I kind of like it.]
    Sabine's player: [Hey there's an apostrophe.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Slight change to the color tone...]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Hey there is!]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Yep, I added it on here way back, right after you mentioned it. Just here though.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Was wondering when someone would notice. ]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Didn't notice til names went bold again.]
    Sabine's player: [The green is an improvement I think.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [It's actually A with an umlaut, hl'h a with an accent m e with an accent t. *eyeshift*]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [*ducks*]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Ouch.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Someone else take over, gotta go get ready for work.]
    [Ahl'hamet's player has stopped hosting GChat. GChat will close in 1 min, unless a new host takes over. Use @host-gchat <topic> to take over hosting.]
    [Sabine's player has hosted GChat with the topic: "Cheeses."]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Take care, Ahl'hamet.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Gouda.]
    Sabine's player: [All hail the mighty cheddar.]
    Thull's player: [Munster]
    Sabine's player: [Munster is for plebs.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [*wanders off to eat some mozzarella*]
    Sabine's player: [Will the call channel be discontinued?]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Seemed that way in the important updates page.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [That's the plan, yes.]
    Sabine's player: [Why not keep both?]
    GM Wyrhtan: [We want to increase the value of other forms of IC communication, and perhaps add in one or two more to fill in some painful gaps.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Although, Why is it being discontinued? It's very useful to talk smack to rival clans/wanderers. Or to get a hold of a as a wm, etc. Were people abusing it?]
    GM Wyrhtan: [No abuse that I'm aware of, which I'm happy to report. It being there just made mentor less valuable, and made the land of Uthgol and the distances involved less meaningful. We'd like for there to be ways for monsters to reach out to others (without resorting to the forums), though.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Can we get some of the ridiculous names in the database removed from the wanted posters sometime in the near future. I just picked up a asdfujsdua the scarab poster.]
    Sabine's player: [Hahahaha.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Possibly only active within last month or two on the posters? I've never actually seen my own poster that i can remember.]
    Sabine's player: [That seems too short of a time frame. Maybe characters that have a certain amount of play time behind them?]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [True. Perhaps like only posters your level and above would show up? or no posters under lvl 100?]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Yeah, would like to remove the names that don't fit the gameworld. Individually pruning them out would be a labor-intensive process though. I did set them to reduce the chance it's a very-low-level target, but I don't want to remove them altogether.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Oh cool.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Fun fact. Gchat breaks stealth.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Ah yea, my bad.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Should be okay now.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Test.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [Yep.]
    GM Svyn: [*peeks in*]
    Sabine's player: [Get out of here, scrub!]
    GM Svyn: [Well, I certainly feel welcome. 8)]
    Sabine's player: [That's my friendly way of saying hello.]
    Ahl'hamet's player: [A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly.]
    Sabine's player: [He also hangs out of the passenger side of his best friends ride to holla', or some such.]
    [Sabine's player has stopped hosting GChat. GChat will close in 1 min, unless a new host takes over. Use @host-gchat <topic> to take over hosting.]
    [GM Wyrhtan has hosted GChat with the topic: "What's your favorite kind of item?"]
    Marsooth's player: [My wanderer collects blankets.]
    Korky's player: [They used to have puzzle boxes, that once you opened them, sometimes had cool items inside. Those were fun. I like finding stuff like that. I also like things you store other items in.]

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  • Thull
    started a topic @gchat log

    @gchat log

    Here's the log of the first few hours of gchat. There's some mechanics discussion regarding thrown weapons, pack hunting, and various staff plans, for those interested in that (but, nothing I'd consider major, concrete news).

    By the way, colors are mentioned a lot - the channel started as bright orange, then changed to bold orange, and finally to bold dark green. I also took off the < > that surrounded each line.

    [GM Wyrhtan has hosted GChat with the topic: "Hey, we did something!"]
    Sabine's player: ['That orange makes me squint.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Color's up for debate, although the client currently limits anything out of the default. You can use the "pref" command to disable color for both grumbles and @gchat though.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Use "@gchat" to talk (it seems that message didn't make it), once you've enabled things.]
    Thull's player: [Moo.]
    Anuu's player: [Haha, cow]
    Sabine's player: [Does just @gc work? Let's find out.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Just @g will work, in fact.]
    Sabine's player: [Not good enough, I want to be able to enter a blank space!]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Client macros. ]
    Sabine's player: [Bah.]
    Sabine's player: [(that's my impression of a sheep, sheep > cows)]
    Thull's player: [Moo.]
    Anuu's player: [ goats > anything]
    Sabine's player: [My aunt's goats learned how to use the dog door. What a fun day that was.]
    Sabine's player: [Can this channel be bolded? It might make it easier to see.]
    Anuu's player: [That would be nice. I'm ok with the color]
    GM Wyrhtan: [We considered that (or just bolding the name) in development, but it seemed distracting. We can try it out.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [How's this look?]
    Sabine's player: [Considerably better.]
    Anuu's player: [Very nice!]
    Sabine's player: [Still unsure about the color. If we are going to bold it, we could probably get away with bold black, since nothing else is bold black.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Give it a few minutes, see how it looks intermixed with everything else.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [How's it look? Doesn't clash annoyingly or anything?]
    Sabine's player: [I haven't actually been moving...]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Eventually I'd like to give everyone full control over the format of everything, but there's a lot of legacy issues in the way of that.]
    Anuu's player: [The color doesn't seem bad at all, it is definitely unique.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [We've been thinking about making more OOC-specific stuff be orange by default, but we probably won't change anything existing unless we're giving people more control to change the defaults.]
    Sabine's player: [I'll get used to it.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [Ha. Nice topic.]
    GM Sceadu: [Wow. What an ugly color you've got here. ]
    Sabine's player: [Orange is master race.]
    GM Sceadu: [It's doo-doo brown in my client. Sorry. *coughs*]
    Sabine's player: [It looks like a delightful cheddar cheese.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [Sceadu you're in the wrong game. haha Also, tell Busillis to finish my vetchar makeover/item pretty please. It's been over a month.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [*squints* TEC talk!]
    Ahlhamet's player: [I digress. So, what are we supposed to talk about in this channel? Just general game ideas/oocness?]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Well, there's this fancy feature...]
    [GM Wyrhtan has changed the GChat topic to: "We're now talking about muffins."]
    Ahlhamet's player: [Does cornbread count? Because I just had some delicious cornbread at boston market.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [By the way, players can "host" whenever someone else isn't, and the host can set the topic.]
    GM Sceadu: [From my understanding, this is Wyrhtan's attempt at giving you all something akin to TEC's Welcome Area (without the actual area). *eyeshifts*]
    Thull's player: [Cornbread counts if it's sweet enough. Adding icing doesn't count.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [You don't put icing on muffins. Those are cupcakes.]
    GM Sceadu: [Icing on cornbread? *shudders*]
    Thull's player: [I know, right?]
    Anuu's player: [Gross]
    Sabine's player: [I turned my welcome area persona into a flamingo, I think.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Well, the channel's for me, too--being up in my staff ivory tower doesn't let me talk with (or bounce ideas off of) interested players too easily. ]
    Ahlhamet's player: [I read that as interesting players and got sad when I reread it.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Interested AND interesting players. The latter's just assumed. ]
    Ahlhamet's player: [On the topic of could add them to ugly spawns so I have more pastries to throw at them.]
    Anuu's player: [How about the edges of burnt brownies? That works]
    Sabine's player: [Yes, I want to see humans die to being pastried.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [Some of things I can throw to kill things are hilarious. My personal favorite throwing food is mashed potatoes.]
    Sabine's player: [I like the pillows.]
    GM Sceadu: [I don't always talk to players, but when I do, I use @gchat.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [*chuckles*]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Nice one, Ahlhamet - I thought I took care of all the "obviously too silly" stuff when I let the skill "throw anything", but obviously I missed a few. ]
    GM The most interesting man in the world: [Maybe this'll work.]
    Anuu's player: [hahaha]
    Sabine's player: [No! Don't take the food or pillows away.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [Don't punish the skill more than it already is.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [I let a few questionable things through on purpose, because this game's supposed to be fun - you can keep those too. ]
    Sabine's player: [Let us have this one, simple amusement!]
    Ahlhamet's player: [Success: 84, Roll: 672] You throw a cherry tart at a competent runemage. A cherry tart connects with a satisfying *THUNK*. 1089 points of damage! A competent runemage exclaims, "Doh!" before dying.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [A few items have special effects when used, so watch out for those.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [You mean bombs and poison boxes?]
    GM Wyrhtan: [That's all I'm saying.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Here's something you might want to be aware of, though. When I made "throw anything", I really wanted to open things up and make lots of special effects. However, I quickly saw that a lot more work would be needed on items themselves to properly achieve what I wanted.]
    Sabine's player: [Success: 50, Roll: 534] Ahlhamet the Mummy throws a sleek black toy cat at you. 210 points of damage! teehee!]
    GM Wyrhtan: [If I ever get around to doing the work on the items (I plan to) and then updating Thrown Weapons, it'll add a lot of effects, and probably increase damage or accuracy on some appropriate items, but the fluffier stuff is probably going to lose damage and/or accuracy over the current state.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [No threat of that happening any time soon, though - I've got a lot I want to do with items, and that project's big enough that I'm focusing on smaller stuff for now.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [While we've got people opinionated about color about, let me try one other thing on you...]
    Ahlhamet's player: [As of right now, with the exception of the thrown weapons from the arena. There's no practical use for the random stuff i find to throw except for hilarity. Best things to throw outside of the arena weapons are shivs and spears for speed and damage respectively.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [How's this look?]
    Sabine's player: [Nooooo.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [Bold is better.]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Bold it is.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [Easier to read quickly if the screen is flying by in combat.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [So is GC only on if someone hosts it?]
    GM Wyrhtan: [That is correct (though there's a bit of a grace period after someone leaves).]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Anyone can host it though - here, I'll stop hosting and let someone else take over.]
    [GM Wyrhtan has stopped hosting GChat. GChat will close in 1 min, unless a new host takes over. Use @host-gchat <topic> to take over hosting.]
    [Sabine's player has hosted GChat with the topic: "Spiders are awful."]
    Anuu's player: [No they aren't]
    Ahlhamet's player: [They kill all the other bugs.]
    Sabine's player: [Oh yes they are. Horrible, eight legged monstrosities that somehow escaped the depths of Hades.]
    Anuu's player: [They are just trying to live]
    Sabine's player: [Why do they have to live in my clothing, or in my bed, or anywhere within 5 miles of me?]
    GM Wyrhtan: [Just testing something - I saw some issues with the move to all-bold affecting non-talking messages.]
    Ahlhamet's player: [Once you're the host, how do you change topic?]
    GM The most interesting man in the world: [Mumble mumble mumble.]
    [Sabine's player has stopped hosting GChat. GChat will close in 1 min, unless a new host takes over. Use @host-gchat <topic> to take over hosting.]

    (splitting this into two because of the character limit)

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