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On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

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In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

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A proposition to undead

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  • A proposition to undead

    Written in blood on a scroll in the Shrine

    To my fellow undead,

    I am Shibito the Mummy, the newest leader to Uthgol, and I am asking a favor of you. I wish to start a new clan, but as many know you cannot have a clan without clanmates. I ask that all undead, clanless or not, who wish to join a newer clan, help them build and grow from the beginning, and possibly be part of something as great as the Fallen/Keepers and the Night Terrors, to please contact me or leave me some scratchings here in the Shrine. Feel free to ask questions, or just call me names, if that is what you wish. Just a reply would let me know that this is not in vein...erm...vain, rather. Thank you.

    ~ Shibito

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    I wish you luck, Shibito. It's good to see more undead clans ariseing that walk the path of purity.
    Originally posted by Rythgen
    Fiendy could witstomp you into oblivion.

    <Vyshka the Wyvern grumbles: {Hecate wins the internet. Forever.}>


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      Very few start with the sactity of only their kind… In your purity you will find help from those of us who walk that path… I… Bain, Tyrant of Letem, welcome you.
      “Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead.” Twitter @tyrantbain


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        i agree with bain you can't prove intent with out power.... thats just the way things are....
        my only award "for being nothing "


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          There is no power without purity, only illusions of it. I commend you on your intent Shibito. Yet I should say, there is little need to scribe suchs at the Shrine's communal boards. You are undead, and are free to walk the Plains of Letum. As you sense our Master awake, come by the entrance with a greeting.
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          <Toasty the Gryphon grumbles: [ I had a visual of Lurekus as, like .. a mummified Mr. Clean.. ]>


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            Propositioning undead you say? There are a whole slew of vampresses who will proposition you if you stand easy around the undead corner of Grendels Shrine. Might want to try there. My rakish days are over, or I'd join you.

            I always knew undead were good for something. Too bad I have yet to find out the purpose of anything besides Grendels fruit, female vampires.


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              slew? there are but a few wretched deviants that display such behaviour, they do not represent the whole. Although, im not surprize that's the only ones you notice, since they are the only ones you would ever have a chance with.
              Originally posted by Rythgen
              Fiendy could witstomp you into oblivion.

              <Vyshka the Wyvern grumbles: {Hecate wins the internet. Forever.}>


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                Never met one of them that hasn't fit that description.


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                  How did these scratchings about a new clan in Uthgol turn into the scratchings made by Ruby?


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                    Err, who in the hells below is Ruby?


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                        Indeed, Shibito 'as a place for t'e undead. "e offers a 'ome and benefits, befitti'g those o' re... particuler tatses. If ye be seekin' a place with us, see either meh or Shibito.

                        Nazarea, th' Mummeh
                        Scurge o' the seas.
                        That crazy Vampire girl who went away for a while and decided to just show back up, one day.

                        AKA Milly


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                          Welcome Shibito. Purity is a wondrous thing, for that I commend you. You and your clan will suffer no harm from me should they find themselves walking the plains of Letum.