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  • For Hire

    A group of battle-hardened humans make their way through the crumbling rocky paths of the eastern mountains of Uthgol. Watching each and every step, the members of the group tread carefully across the uneven grounds. Above them, a storm is growing, threatening to drench them at any moment.

    Reaching an enormous natural bridge between the two mountains, the group decides to stop and take refuge from the storm. A burly, larger and more authoritative man raises his hand before the group so as to get their attention, "Alrigh' lads. We'll be camping 'ere for the night, lest we be taken down to the bottom of the mountain a little faster than planned by this 'ere storm."

    A few of the men chuckle, but their laughter is cut short by an ominous bolt of thunder. Completely ignoring the mountain top behind the humans, the bolt of thunder arches and slams into a large boulder a short distance away from the humans. The destructive bolt of thunder vanishes, and in it's place is left a squatting figure sitting atop the boulder. Wielding a long, thin blade and tapping his shoulder with it, the pale, almost human like being groans, "Tch...what a bother."

    Scared, the group of humans begin to back way, planning a retreat for the large land bridge between the two mountains, "W-what are you?! Are you a--" Cut short by the sound of another ominous strike of thunder, the mysterious being begins to speak once more, "Be quiet. I don't really care to hear what you have to say or anything. I just want to get this over with, ya know?" Instantly, three of the nearby humans topple to the ground, sliced in two by an unforeseen force.
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    A number of the humans are left staring at the motionless bodies of their companions while the rest begin to make their escape to the bridge of land between the two mountains. The mysterious being begins to stand, lowering his sword to his side. One of the humans step forward, pleading for his life, "Please, please spare us! I'll give you anything!"

    Seemingly interested by the humans offer, the being raises his left eyebrow characteristically, "Eh? What'cha got?" He lifts long thin blade to his shoulder once more. The humans drops to his knees, holding a small bag of gold, "F-four hundred gold! It's all I have!" The being lazily rubs his chin, "Tch...whatever."

    Straightening his arm, he aims his sword to the fleeing humans. For one short moment, a horrendous burst of energy can be seen before a brilliant dark blue flash of thunder and lightning appears, tearing through the clouds and crashing into the group of humans and the land bridge, destroying everything in it's way, and leaving the single human before him in a weeping mess.

    Jumping from the large boulder to the ground, the being grabs the sack of gold and stuffs it away into his pouch, completely ignoring the human. Stepping to the edge of the cliff, he gives a "Tch..." sheathing his sword and jumping down to the rocks below, rapidly maneuvering through the mountain's hazardous terrain and descending to the lands below, making his way to the Shrine of Grendel.


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      [Good stuff, I like it.]


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        Part 2 -- Forest Ruin's Keeper?

        [I've decided that I like this character enough to make this somewhat episodic. If people find them interesting, I may make more, but for now I'll post scarcely]

        ~Inside a great forest, three days after the encounter with the humans on the mountain~

        An aged tree stands in the center of an equally aged animal path. Its leafs drifting slowly to the trotted ground. Its bark is worn from centuries of passing beasts and animals. A flash of silver crosses over the width of the ancient tree, causing it to topple to the ground revealing a gloomy looking Lich, sheathing his sword with a lengthy sigh, "Tchhhh...I'm no good at these sort of things. I should of kept going straight after that last waterfall." Kicking a mound of dirt in the animal path, the Lich inaudibly swears. Cursing his lack of direction.

        Continuing down the barely visible path, cutting down flora and fauna alike for what seems like hours, Raijimbo comes upon a large ruin, hidden in the forest. The large brown walls are covered in a large number of faded paintings and carvings that decorate the entrance.

        Two towering, misshapen statues stand on either side of the ruin's entrance. The tallest, standing to the left of the entrance, is a statue of a large humanoid creature with shaggy hair that covers it's facial features. It wields a rusty spear in it's right hand. Standing boldly, it appears to be watching over the ruins. The second is a statue of a smaller Humanoid-esque being. This statue's hair is well kept and tied behind it's head in a knot. It's face is wide. Two large fangs protrude upward, not through the mouth, but through the cheeks of this statue's face. It has no eyes and it's hands disappear behind a large, rusty shield held to it's chest.


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          Part 2 -- Forest Ruin's Keeper? (continued)

          Raijimbo steps forward, investing the larger statue to his left. Rubbing the back of his neck and seeming slightly curious, He eyeballs the statue's hairy head shortly before laughing out loud at it, "HAH! Ahahaha, what an ugly statue. Tch, the sculptor must of been beaten by the town drunks for three nights straight before he got the idea in his head for this ugly giant!"

          Stepping back, Raijimbo crouches to the ground to look at the stone slab at the feet of the large statue. A inscription reads...

          Be wary, young adventurer, for we are the Gigai. Only blood of ye'r fathers will grant ye the safe passage that is sought. Be wary, young adventurer, and fear the Gigai ye will naught.

          ~Loew ben Bezalel
          Raijimbo grunts, "Lo...aeh...ben...bez-- wha'? What kind of crap is this?" Standing, he gives the statue a swift quick before turning, continuing on his way, "Waste of my time. Where in Uthgol is that cursed shrine at? Mountains of gold my a--" Raijimbo stops, cut short as a large blur of stone and metal whizzes past his body in motion. Raijimbo twirls, kicking off the ground with his right foot, sending his body high into the air, "Tch! What the hell?!" His vision changes as he travels mid-way in the air, Raijimbo looks down. The large statue that he kicked a moment ago has moved, it's rusty spear thrust downward into the ground inches from Raijimbo's last position, "Dammit!"

          Raijimbo lands on both feet and his left hand. His right hand quickly grabbing the hilt of his sword. His vision blurs momentarily as he swiftly turns to spot the now missing smaller statue, "Where did it go?! Is it alive too? Tch, I'm not even getting paid for this." Raijimbo dashes towards the large statue as it pulls it's spear from the earth, readying it to block Raijimbo's speedy assault.

          "Tch, Like I'd waste my blade on you." Raijimbo stops just short of the larger statue, releasing his hand from his hilt and kicking off of the ground. Planting his hands on the statue's shoulders and flipping his feet upward, Raijimbo pushes off with his hands for a secondary burst of speed, bolting over the statue and into the air. Turning his front mid-air to the statue, Raijimbo scoffs, "Maybe if I were paid! See y--" Raijimbo is suddenly flung face first into the ruin walls by an unseen attack. Rocks are sent flying and dust billows from his crash. Laying in the newly-made hole in the wall, Raijimbo begins to see through the dust as the shorter statue lands, joining the larger statue before Raijimbo, and blocking his path.

          The larger and shorter statues each begin to speak at the same time. Neither completing a full sentence.

          ...are the Gigai...You have...sacred...prepare your... Loew ben Bezalel...
          We...the Gigai...You...intruded for...Loew ben Bezalel...

          Raijimbo grunts, "Tch..."


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            [I'll continue writing if people like it. For now, you get a cliffhanger ending.]


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              [Yea, I wouldn't want you to stop writing. It's good.]


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                Thunder Deity's Anger

                Swirling dust, covering ancient forest ruins begins to settle. As it clears, the visage of three figures begins to appear. Two living statues, one tall and one short, then the image of a human-like Lich clad in odd clothes and armor, right hand grasping his sheathed sword.

                ...are the Gigai...You have...sacred...prepare your... Loew ben Bezalel...
                We...the Gigai...You...intruded for...Loew ben Bezalel...

                As the dust continues to clear around the three, the irritated face of the Lich is revealed, "Tch...It's not like I came here to steal or anything, Stupid bas--" The guardians dash forward, flailing spear and shield at him before the Lich could confess.

                The Lich leaps between the two as they charge, using his sandals to land with a skid and a turn to face the back of the two living statues, "Oi! I wasn't even done talking!" The guardians stand upright, turning to the Lich with apathetic stone faces, readying their weapons and making another dash towards him. The Lich braces himself, but right before the assault, the two guardians turn towards each other and kick off, disappearing into the forest brush.

                The Lich jumps backward, landing on the edge of the ruin, examining the edges of the forest surrounding the ruin, waiting for an attack, "Hide and seek huh? Tch...whatever." Suddenly, a spear flies through the brush, cutting down trees in its way, aimed at the Lich. He braces, using his left arm to direct the spear away from his body as it rushes past him, tearing through his spiked arm brace with increased power and friction, "Tch...the big guy, eh? You've got a good arm, but you just wasted an attack." The Lich crouches down, pressing his sandals powerfully into the ruin walls, ready to kick off and pursue his attacker when he is suddenly hit from above by the crushing weight of a shield and it's user above it, "Hrgh...! Y, you! The little guy isn't this heavy!" The Lich is sent crashing down through the outer-wall of the ruin and slamming face first into the rocky ground below.

                The shorter of the two guardian statues appears now on the edge of the forest. Its once hidden hands now revealed to be rather large. Above the crater where the Lich lies is the larger statue holding a shield and spear, tossing the shield back to the smaller statue.

                In the dust-clouded crater below, the Lich begins to stand to his feet, holding his body up with his left hand on his knee, facing down, "Switched weapons? Tch...You're both just piles of moving rubble to me, but I'm a little angry, so I don't mind showing off now..." Electricity can be seen, leaping between the pieces of armor worn by the Lich. Thunder clouds appear in the skies above the crumbling ruin, ominous beats of sound begin to thud in the skies above. Slowly, the ground begins to shake and the air begins to electrify. Pieces of stone in the area begin to spark. Raijimbo lifts his head slowly, a single lightning-filled eye pierces violently through the dusty crater, "I'll be taking your heads."


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                  Debris falls from nearby aged walls, toppling to the dust ground with a thud. Inhaling through his nose, the Lich's lips spread into a smirk, a quiet and brief chuckle emitting through his clenched teeth. Light blond, spiky hair slides from atop his head down to his chin, the bright light of his glowing right eye, burning with an electric haze glaring towards the two guardians.

                  The Lich pulls upward, body and head moving backwards as he catches his balance, feet planting into the soft soil of the crater. He leans forward, hair falling into place sloppily as he almost smiles, and then scoffs. Dirt flies back as the Lich leaps forward with great speed, a stream of blue light trailing from his right eye. He is suddenly upon the smaller statue within a mere second, left fist buried into the shield of his target, his brow furrowed in annoyance as his right hand reaches to his hip, quickly drawing his sword in succession with a flash of thunder from the dark clouds above, slicing the shield into two pieces that immediately fall to the ground, followed by the arm of the statue. Unfazed by the loss of its arm, the smaller statue leaps backward as Raijimbo lands on one knee, quickly standing and sheathing his sword once more.

                  Not wasting time nor breath, he quickly makes a second attempt at the statue, running forward at full speed, fist clenched in thunder once more as his burning eyes hold the intent of taking the head of the disabled statue. Cold rusted steel cuts at the air from the left as it rushes past the front of the Lich's face, taking a few hairs with it. Stopping with great force to avoid the spear, Raijimbo falls to his back and slides forward across the dirt, the remaining fist of the small statue cleaving downward at the surprised Lich as he slides unprepared towards the smaller statue. With great agility, Raijimbo stomps his feet to the ground and is flung upward as he flies toward the statue still. Drawing his blade mid-air as he meets with the statue, he takes its head in one swing, landing some distance behind it as the statue falls to the ground, motionless.

                  Raijimbo's burning eye fades as he looks at his hands in surprise, then turns his head over his shoulder and looks at the headless body of the defeated smaller statue, "Tch...whatever works." He turns now to face the larger statue, returning from retrieving its spear. The Lich smirks widely, tapping his shoulder twice with the backside of his sword, "Next."

                  [Once again posting the story of Raijimbo. I hope my writing is getting better, although I'm still not too happy with it!]



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