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On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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  • Mining and Advanced Traps


    Previously, the mining skill has suffered from a lack of favor point gain. Although sufficient in the beginning, as the monster grew in ranks, the amount of favor points quickly became insufficient in later levels. Many monsters are forced to unlearn mining in order to advance.

    - The formula for calculating the 'passive' FP gain for mining has been modified. The rate of FP gain now increases alongside Monster Level and the character's rank in Mining. It should still be around the level expected of a passive, automatic skill, however.

    - Miners now have access to the mine command. This command lets them try their hand at digging directly from their clan's mine structures, increasing that mine's output and granting favor points in the process. This is an active skill that lets the miner work directly on acquiring resources.

    Advanced Traps

    This ability is now available for s who have at least 400 favors invested in Basic Traps. It will give them access to an array of more sophisticated, more deadly, and more expensive traps than before. Keep in mind the following points:

    - Actual ability in Advanced Traps cannot exceed one's ability in Basic Traps. If a character, for example, has 400 ranks in Basic Traps and 1000 ranks in Advanced traps, the system will treat his ability in Advanced Traps as being 400. Additionally, he won't have access to advanced trap types that require more than 400 ranks unless he ranks up in Basic Traps as well.

    - Many advanced traps are highly deadly. However, they are balanced by their tremendous resource costs and high round time to fashion. These are obviously not traps to sow around freely during the middle of an invasion!

    - The commands for using Advanced Traps are basically the same. They will appear on your 'Traplist', and the command format for setting them up is unchanged.

    - Additionally, Trappers now get a small amount of FP every time they set up a trap.


    • Update - 11/5/04


      - You can no longer sit on furniture while flying or touch items on the ground. This has been an issue in some of the Avatar throne battles.

      - Sipping 'no liquid' while sitting down (particularly at Throne battles) is no longer an option.

      - The avatar thrones should now correctly empty themselves when the occupant has died or has left the area.

      - Barghest and Dracolich description templates fixed.

      New Releases

      What's this? A Portable Container!?

      Uglies should now spawn two types of portable containers: backpacks and satchels. Backpacks have a larger carrying capacity and are generally more useful, but cannot be worn by non-human-shaped monsters (essentially Chimera).

      To prevent an imbalance in regard to carrying capacity, portable containers have the following restrictions:

      - Items can only be put into and taken out of a portable container when worn.

      - Portable containers take up one wear slot, the 'back'. This is a new wear slot created specifically for them. Generally, you can only wear one portable container at a time.

      - Portable containers cannot be taken off when carrying items.

      - Taking and removing items from a portable container requires some amount of roundtime, making them unwieldy in the heat of battle.

      - Each container has a limited number of items in use.

      Keep in mind that these are test items, so please @report any issues with them.

      Spitting Acid

      Magical Chimera have access to a new, short-ranged, magical attack. 'Spit Acid' is an offensive ability that damages both the target and the target's armor.

      Description: The stomach acid of some chimera is so corrosive that it can melt and destroy the strongest of materials. Monsters with the spit acid ability can direct this liquid at their enemies, causing damage and corroding items.

      Usage: acid <target>


      - Spit acid is a concentrated, short-ranged attack. It doesn't affect multiple targets.
      - Spit acid can be used on anyone in your area, but you cannot target far-away characters with it.
      - Damage done to a piece of armor will be proportional to its overall durability, although the maximum amount of damage that spit acid can do will always be the amount done to the wearer.
      - Although it's a single-target attack, Focus still serves to improve its accuracy and damage.

      Disease Breath

      Magical Undead also have a new attack, long range and much less concentrated. This attack works as a ranged version of the Creeping Crud.

      Description: This ability is only available to certain undead creatures. Such creatures have reached the point that their very bodies are home to a host of deadly diseases, viral scourges, and other agents of pestilence. By the simple act of directing their breath in a particular direction, they can use this pestilence as a weapon, especially against targets still clinging to life.

      Usage: disease?breath <target>


      - The amount of residual fire damage has been increased, as well as the damage fire attacks do to items if they are absorbed by armor. This should hopefully bring fire attacks up to the usefulness of other elemental attacks.


      • Meeting-Related Updates

        In light of much of the feedback received during the meeting, the following changes have been made:

        Cold Breath

        The cap for cold breath's effect has been reduced slightly, as with its duration formula. It is still mostly as effective as before, as frozen monsters can now "rub" themselves to warm up.

        Usage: rub

        Boulder Throw

        Boulder throw now requires a free hand to use. This usually entails unwielding a melee weapon.

        On a related note, the overly-high damage done by the hand catapults found as Arena prizes has been reduced.

        Shroud of Mist

        The effects of the shroud should now last longer and is now slightly less affected by outdoor environments. Wind still has a full effect, however.


        The effect of Resonance has been increased slightly. Also, Resonance does NOT affect the caster. The latter was changed a few days after its release but is worth mentioning as it is still commonly believed to affect the caster.

        Hide and Sneak Attack

        It is now possible to retreat while hidden. Failing a retreat roll will reveal your presence.

        Using OOC commands such as 'forum', 'report', etc. will no longer cause you to leave hiding.

        Expiring passive effects will not be announced if you are hidden. For example, if you are hidden and your Koncentrate effect wears out, the game will not announce it.

        Sneak Attack is now improved by Koncentrate.

        Healing and Cure

        Heal has been made more effective per skill rank earned.

        The FP rate for healing has been improved.

        Heal and Cure have been updated for pack hunting. Use the "pack" target to heal all members of your pack.

        Usage: heal pack
        Usage: cure pack

        Fire Attacks

        Fireball and Firebreath now cause higher amounts of lingering damage. Lingering damage now constitutes a higher proportion of the initial damage dealt. In other words, the "burn" damage done after the attack has been increased.

        Fire and Cold Attacks

        Both fire and cold special effects now calculate correctly for victims struck by splash damage.

        Prior to this, lingering burns and freezing effects were based on the damage done to the primary target. Now, each individual target gets lingering burns or freezing effects depending on the amount of splash damage that struck him.

        Attribute Potions

        The effects of attribute-increasing potions have been reduced to prevent overpowering attribute levels.


        The amount of available flying time is now based much more on rank than it is on Energy. This has been done to provide added incentive for investing in it.

        Also, the fly duration given by sky blue potions has been halved.

        Skill in Fly now also gives the flyer a chance at avoiding the negative effects of Boulder Throw and Tail Attack.


        - Some other issues raised by the meeting have yet to be addressed. Hopefully, they will be covered in succeeding updates.

        - As always, please @report any bugs encountered with the new changes.


        • Instead of specifying a target for every macro, try using the term <target> in the command line. For example, when prompted to enter the string you want the command to expand to, you can enter:

          slice <target>
          firebreath <target>

          Then, set your current macro target by using the @mtarg command.

          @mtarg IpQuin
          @mtarg Babayaga

          This will allow you to change your current macro target on the fly.


          • Cold Touch is no longer exclusively magical, but can be used by those with two roles, including a magic role. This should increase its appeal in character design.


            • Pointing down will no longer work for finding dens that you haven't discovered.


              • The Arena should now have two more tiers for lower-level monsters.


                • Carapace should now work properly against Tooth and Nail and Iron Claw.

                  Endure Damage will now repulse acid attacks as advertised.


                  • Golem Assembly Released

                    Golem Assembly

                    s, once having scaled the red tower and read the tome of the artificiers, will have access to the Golem Assembly skill in the Karma menu.

                    Golems are similar to grunts in that they are commandable creatures that you can use to aid you in various ways. Golems have similar commands to grunts, and in addition they can be commanded to wield and unwield weapons and shields.

                    The abilities of a golem depend on the parts you give it. As you progress in the skill, you'll learn more types of components.

                    See @help golem for a detailed list of the commands.

                    - The number of golems you can control are dependant on your skill.
                    - Golems can also mine, build, and do other menial task. Worker components help them with these jobs.
                    - The quality of the components depends on your skill and the success roll. You can determine the quality of the component with the 'look' command, IF you have the golem assembly skill.
                    - You can disassemble a golem to get back its components.
                    - Occasionally, when a golem is killed, its components will fall to the ground but these will be of lower quality, having been damaged.


                    • Human adventurer characters are now semi-permanent. Once you die, you no longer lose your character or your equipment. Rather, after a (real-time) day of recovery, you can reincarnate your human using the 'revive' command.

                      Keep in mind that we are a long way from fully supporting human characters. The focus still remains on playing monsters. Human characters allow you to play the "bad guy" and create troublesome plots for your fellow players.


                      • Iron claw now provides a bonus to accuracy. This bonus is improved if you are of the martial artist role.


                        • Some tweaks have been made to attribute-improving potion formulas.


                          • Try out @skills for a list of commands to use with your skills and sstats for a short in-client listing of your character's stats.


                            Edited the sstats command template to be ss?tats.

                            This means that you can type in ss, sst, ssta, or any other combination after the first 'ss' to use the command.

                            You can also add in the flag s?hort at the end to get only your vital statistics. So:

                            sstats short


                            ss s

                            will get you only your current state.


                            • Can you hear me now?

                              Human PNPCs now have the ability to project their thoughts to any other humans that are listening. To do this, a human must ask Isolde’s resident wizard about the magical amulets that allow this to be done. Once the amulet is aquired and worn, all a human has to do is THINK what they wish others to hear and any other human wearing one of the amulets will hear that persons thoughts. If a human wishes to stop listening to projected thoughts, all they need to do is remove their own amulet. These amulets will NOT work for monsters as they’ve been specially tuned for the human mind.

                              Humans can no longer grumble. That’s a “monster” thing.

                              All humans are now allies of all other humans. This means, for example, actions such as a battlecry by a human will affect all humans within range.
                              Game Master Sceadu


                              • Reading Help Instructions

                                During your adventures, you will come upon written words of various forms. To attempt to read a document, make use of the READ command.


                                read <what>

                                Occasionally, you will come across a book. To use book, you must first OPEN it. TURN the pages to get to the part you want to read, then use the READ command to read the page you are on. Once you are done, CLOSE the book before putting it away.


                                open <book>
                                turn <book> to <page number>
                                read <book>
                                close <book>



                                Debug Information