Grendel's Revenge Free Accounts

On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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  • Fane changes

    The amount of karma that can be won by a wandering monster at the fanes has been slightly increased. However, the amount is now affected by the number of monsters on the fane at the time is awarded. The smaller the number of monsters on a fane when it is won by the wanders, the greater the amount of karma may be awarded. This should give the wanderers greater incentive to fight it out amongst themselves as well as the clans.
    Game Master Sceadu


    • Alied Grumble

      By popular demand, allied clans can now hear each other’s grumbles. By doing a bit of work, it has been made togglable. To toggle on or off your allied grumbles just type @toggle-agrumble. If you do not have your allied grumbles toggled on, no one in an allied clan will hear your grumbles and you will not hear theirs. By default, allied grumbles are toggled off. Please report any problems.
      Game Master Sceadu


      • Instructions for Illusion and True Sight

        Illusion -

        Usage: illusion blur

        This function of the skill blurs your appearance, making you harder to hit. It acts as a defensive ability. It can only be used on yourself.

        Usage: illusion acquire <target>

        This function allows you to memorize the appearance of <target>, allowing you to apply it elsewhere.

        Usage: illusion disguise <target>

        This function will disguise <target> with the appearance of your previously-memorized target, effectively changing the name, gender, and appearance.


        - Players have a chance at seeing through illusions using the 'look' command. Their chance depends upon their authority combined with their ranks in True Sight.

        - Making small creatures look like big creatures and vice versa adds to the difficulty and reduces the strength of the illusion.

        - Making low-tier monsters look like high-tier monsters and vice versa adds to the difficulty and reduces the strength of the illusion.

        - Illusions are temporary and will dwindle in strength over time.

        - Illusions are only for fooling player-characters. NPCs will not react differently to an illusion. Also, illusions do not affect minion, pack, and social status More advanced forms of disguise are preserved for the 'shape-shifting' ability.

        - Items can be disguised as other items and characters can be disguised as other characters, but neither can be combined for illusions.

        True Sight -

        Usage: <automatic>

        True sight reduces an opponent's defensive bonus based on your ranks in true sight and your energy rating.

        Usage: Sight <target>

        Attempts to dispell an illusion on <target>.


        • Finding Enchantments

          It’s now possible for those with the magical role to notice an item is enchanted by just looking at it. The chance of this happening is based on the character’s level, energy, and ranks in the true sight skill. To bring out the enchantment, however, the item must still be examined using the ‘search’ command (which has been adjusted to account for a character’s ranks in the true sight ability).

          Also, now when ‘searching’ corpses there is a chance you will notice any enchanted items that may be on the corpse without having to look at each item individually. If a corpse has more than one enchanted item, it is possible to notice one and not the other.

          Pure role magicians will have a greater chance of noticing and/or bringing out the enchantment on an item.
          Game Master Sceadu


          • Favoring Immortality Tombs

            Favoring immortality tombs will now lower the amount of corpses that must be desecrated in the favored tomb before karma will be granted to the desecrator.

            Also, when you desecrate a corpse, you will now be told how many more corpses you must desecrate in the tomb before being granted karma.
            Game Master Sceadu


            • Changes to the Who list

              Characters can now toggle whether they want to be listed on the who list or not with the new toggle-who?-name command. If a character chooses not to be listed on the who list they will show up as “Anonymous” whenever someone views the who list. Note this will also affect the ‘who clan’ list.

              Also, clan allies are now listed when using the ‘who clan’ command.
              Game Master Sceadu


              • Off With Their Heads!

                For those monsters that wish to collect trophies of their kills, it is now possible to behead corpses of humans and creatures. However, Grendel will not allow the beheading of his children.

                The command is:
                Behead <corpse>

                Please @report any problems.
                Game Master Sceadu


                • Stick ‘em Up!

                  In conjuction with the previous update, you can now also impale heads on a spear and plant them in the ground for whatever purposes you like.

                  The commands are:
                  Impale <head> (To impale the head on the end of your spear)
                  Push <spear> (To plant the spear in the ground)
                  Pull <spear> (To remove the head and return the head and spear to your inventory)

                  Note that anyone can remove the head and spear once it has been planted.
                  Game Master Sceadu


                  • Small change to beheading.

                    SOME chimera are now capible of beheading corpses. It is largely based on the size of the monster now.
                    Game Master Sceadu


                    • Diplomatic Solution

                      The bug that was allowing clans without a diplomat to invite non-caste members should be fixed now.

                      Note that if we find clan members that have gotten into a clan by using this bug, they may be removed without warning.
                      Game Master Sceadu


                      • Favor gain for mining has been re-enabled with a cap put in place as to how many favor points can be gained per mining action. We will monitor the change to determine if any further changes are needed.
                        Game Master Sceadu


                        • Due to some problems of people force teleporting creatures such as hill giants, snakes, etc, into the shrine, it is now impossible to force teleport ANY enemies into the shrine safe zone. Please @report any problems.
                          Game Master Sceadu


                          • New functionality has been added for macros in the form of Macro Sets.

                            Macros can be put in to sets and activated at different times. Sets can also be imported between your characters. Your current macros will automatically be put into a macro set named 'default'.

                            Examples of use would be:
                            -Importing navigational and regular use macros after creating a new character.
                            -Having one set of macros for use when using one of your characters skillsets, such as healing, and another set for another skillset, such as combative skillsets.
                            -Switching between sets dependent on hunting grounds and styles of fighting.

                            Suggesions for use:
                            -Create a basic Set for all of your regular use macros (navigational, simple combat, etc) and import this set in to all other new sets you create.
                            -Creating several setups for the java client's macro bar, using macros named fe1 to fe15.

                            This functionality is available through the @macro command. You may choose your active Macro Set either through the menu setup on the @macro command, or through the new @mset (Syntax: @ms?et <macro set>) command.

                            Thanks to TEC GM Wombat for this update.
                            Game Master Sceadu


                            • Give it back!

                              The new RETRIEVE command will now allow characters to retrieve items that have been discarded by them. This should help with those of you that have found themselves accidently discarding a prized item.

                              The cost of retrieving a discarded item is 100 karma.

                              Note that discarded items are cleaned out of the system on a daily basis. If an item you have discarded does not show up on your list of items you can retrieve, it means it no longer exist in the system and is gone forever.
                              Game Master Sceadu


                              • It is now possible to toss items in a direction instead of just to other monsters. This may come in handy with some items you find laying around in the future, if you can figure out how they work.
                                Game Master Sceadu



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