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The Great Skotos Split Is Here [UPDATED]

The long-planned Skotos split is here. We are going to be separating Skotos into the four games that we're passing off to individual players (Marrach, TEC, the game formerly known as Ironclaw Online, the game formerly known as Lazarus Sleeping), and in the near future the core Skotos site will shutdown.

Here's how it will work:
* On Monday, we will turn off the ability to make any purchases through the main site. This will be the end of credit card purchases for Skotos games.
* We will run final automated credit card purchases on Tuesday morning. This is typical, in that our regular subscriptions are always set to run on the 1st through the 28th.
* On Wednesday, we will begin converting the games over to the new auth server that I've been working on for the last month and a half. All data will be converted over from the moment I grab the database. This means that all of your account information, including all payments (but not including any credit card information or Paypal information) will be duped to all the games: you'll be able to play any of them for the time you'd previously paid at the main Skotos site.
* We'll then start integrating the individual sites for each game with the new stand-alone setup.
* And likely I'll be resolving bugs in the auth server that only turn up through extensive usage.
* Meanwhile, we'll start handing off games to the individuals who will be running it in the future. I'm at this point over the time I'd initially committed to Skotos by a bit more than three weeks, but I'm expecting I'll need to offer support a little into May to make sure everyone is running well and that I've helped Christopher, Skotos, and the game leads deal with any intricacies of the hand-off.
* We'll request that all games remove all information from users who didn't stick with their game within a year.

I hope this will go as smoothly as possible. There will surely be bumps in the road. In particular, expect some random downtimes on Wednesday, when I convert over the games to the new servers, and expect the potential for problems on *next* Thursday, when I see how things work in the new setup.

A Few Updates as of 5/3:

1.) Castle Marrach, TEC, and Allegory of Empires are now split out from the main Skotos UserDB, which is the first (and biggest) step in separating these games. Multiversal Revelations will follow on Monday.

2.) Each site has a new login page of the form login.itsdomainname. This is the proper place to login to that game, and where you should access all UserDB functionality. Anything you do on the main Skotos users pages will no longer be reflected. Yes, that means you should be using the new pages to update your accounts, purchase months of play, and purchase subscriptions. Credit card payments are no longer possible, but Paypal is.

3.) Skotos is still running the games as of this moment, but they'll be transferred to the individual teams by this time next month.

4.) We've had some problems with credit cards continuing to run on the older UserDB system. We've refunded any bills that went through on the main system following the split, and apologize for the inconvenience. The plan is to turn the old UserDB off tomorrow, so that will absolutely stop the bills at this point. If you were accidentally billed, do note both that the amount was refunded the same day AND it isn't reflected on the new systems. [And as of Monday morning, those old charges seem to have been halted entirely.]

5.) We've discovered that about 20 accounts have credits of various amounts of them. This is a concept that is no longer supported in any meaningful way on the new UserDB, so we'll convert those credits to days of play at the most generous ratio.
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Grendel's Revenge Free Accounts

On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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    scan clear will clear your list of scanned targets. If you are getting the "x is no longer visible in that direction." message when you can see something of that name there, first scan clear, then scan again, and the problem should be fixed.
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      Fane and Avatar Seat updates:

      Avatar effects slightly increased. Duration slightly increased.

      Grunts Fane and Shamans Fane work properly now.

      Fanes and Avatar seat changeover times have been reset. They may drift in time, but should be evenly spaced.

      Leaders may now search fanes, and might discover when the fane will next change hands.

      Monsters of the same caste as the avatar seat may search avatar seats, and will have a chance of determining when the next avatar will be declared.

      Your ability to successfully search is based on your authority.
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        As part of the premium services, people with premium accounts may now purchase NPC human characters. These characters are a typical NPC of the type selected and may NOT be reincarnated.

        This means that you will have to be careful with the life of your happy new human, lest the hungry monsters eat you.

        Please let us know of any problems, technical or otherwise via the usual channels.


        - Bruce


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          Ascended monsters should now be able to be shot at with all ranged attacks. Please report any problems. Death from Below!
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            A new command is available:


            When used above a lair entrance, knock now knocks on the lair entrance, and creates a sound inside the lair entrance that most monsters on the first level should hear. You may only knock once a minute, to prevent spam.
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              Armor enchantments

              The uglies who are invading Uthgol have rediscovered the lost arts of powerful armor enchantment! Enchanted armor is now appearing in the game world.

              Some enchanted armor is clearly noticable. Most of it looks like regular equipment. There are a few ways to figure out if something is magical. These will need to be discoverd in game, but searching equipment you might think is magical is probably a good start. Magical monsters would sensibly be better at this than other monsters.

              Chimera who devour magical armor will convert the enchantment into extra defensive power and duration over the normal affects of devour.

              More information than this will need to be gained in game, but the equipment is appearing now. Magic items are very rare, but definately findable.
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                A round of updates:

                Armor now has a chance of taking damage. If an attack misses, it can still hit the armor and take damage. Most attacks will not do full damage to armor, but fire-breathing, cold-breathing, and tail attack can do even more than their usual damage to armor.(chimera offensive capabilities having evolved to deal with pesky armor wearing enemies) will do full damage to armor. Armor thus damaged can be reduced in quality. It can also be eventually destroyed.


                If you are stunned, you can still try to koncentrate. A succesful use of koncentrate will break your stun.

                Natural Armor

                Natural Armor now provides good protection against damage sustained from falling, with masters of natural armor being immune to damage from falling.

                Hit Point bonus

                All monsters gained a small hit point bonus. Praise be to Grendel.
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                  As an addendum:

                  The armor enchantments provided by scrolls are weak and can be destroyed when armor is damaged.
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                    Changes to stun:

                    Stun success cannot be reduced below 50 now.

                    Energy protects against stun.

                    Knowing the stun ability protects you slightly against stun.
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                      Soldiers and armor:

                      Players with the soldier role will see their armor damaged at a much lesser rate than other players. Soldiers will also receive less damage to armor than other players. Soldiers receive much less of a round-time penalty for armor, although they still receive a general roundtime penalty.

                      Here are a few details about the hows and whys of armor damage:

                      The chance of your armor being damaged is roughly equal to the portion of your defense that is armor. Each time an attack misses, the system determines whether the attack missed because of your armor, or because of something else. If a majority of your defense is armor, the chance of the attack having missed due to armor is high. If you have other defenses, such as a high agility, the evasion ability, or other abilities and spells which protect you from being hit, the chance that an attack missed because of your armor is lower. A chance of an attack having missed due to "random" factors not having to do with either character is also incorporated. A special case is the shield master skill, which increases the amount of "non-armor" defense, and decreases the amount of "armor" defense by reducing the value of your shield when making this calculation. Note that the shield master skill both increases your defense and decreases the chance of your armor being damaged.

                      Armor is a valid defensive strategy. The armor damage addition was intended to encourage balanced defense - use of armor as one defensive strategy in combination with another becomes more effective with this change, while use of only armor as a defensive strategy does become less effective.

                      As a side note, because of this change we have increased the frequency of armor enchantments and armor enchantment scrolls appearing. Armor enchantment scrolls now also increase the quality of an item. Think of these scrolls as things that uglies bring into battle to temporarily repair and buff their armor - not as tools of wizardry. This is why the armor enchantments can be destroyed by attacks. Think of the "glowing" or "humming" effects like the smell of a new car - they make the armor look pretty, but aren't really an indicator of quality.
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                        Trap bug fixed!

                        We've fixed the bug that has been causing all traps set on all items and portals in a room whenever the room is entered. When entering a room, only traps in the room and in the portal travelled through will now fire.

                        Please report any errors with this. Hopefully this should solve all the problems with limitless traps in lairs.
                        Monsters! Monsters! Grendel's Revenge GameMaster


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                          Hoarded resources now affect your influence.
                          Leaders of clans now gain influence based on the size of their lair.
                          The effect of level on influence has been decreased.

                          Spirit Shield

                          Spirit Shield will now auto-activate when you are attacked. Auto-activation of Spirit Shield will happen without any commands from the user. A success roll is still required. Auto-activation does not cause the character to become busy, but it does cause the action to be considered used. In plain english, this means that after auto-activation, you can use other skills, but cannot use spirit shield again until the action becomes ready again.

                          If Spirit Shield is up, it now has the added benefit of preventing opponents from approaching you. If spirit shield succesfully prevents someone from approaching you, it will stun them for a short period and knock them down.
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                            Fixed a bug causing clan leader influence to be lower than it should have been. Clan leaders should see their influence go up.

                            The passive favor point gain (every fifteen minutes) for single role leaders has been increased, they now receive more than dual role leaders (this change was made a week or so ago but is only being reported until now, forgotten during the holidays).

                            Grunts and Spawning:

                            For Non-s:

                            The effect on the level of the uglies spawned by non-s caused by grunts has been reduced to the level it was originally intended to be. It had been set much higher than it was supposed to be until recently.

                            For s:

                            The grunts of s no longer have any effect on the level of the uglies spawned by them.

                            For Single-Role s

                            Single Role s with grunts are considered to be skilled at sneaking from building project to building project. For this reason, any single role s travelling with grunts will actually have the level of uglies spawned by them reduced.
                            Monsters! Monsters! Grendel's Revenge GameMaster


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                              Alpha leader role:

                              The Alpha minion defense bonus should now be working properly. It was only affecting the leader before, and not the minions. Please report any problems with this.
                              Monsters! Monsters! Grendel's Revenge GameMaster


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                                Wanderers and grunts:

                                Wanderers now receive warrior grunts at Grendel's Shrine when they donate. The cost is still 50 gold and 50 of the wanderer's caste specific resource.
                                Monsters! Monsters! Grendel's Revenge GameMaster