Grendel's Revenge Free Accounts

On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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    Teleport Resistance:

    It is now possible to resist being force teleported by another player. Resistance is based on the following factors:

    Your level in the teleport ability
    Your level in the Stop Em skill
    If you are being guarded by a monster with the Stop Em skill, you will have a high resistance to being force teleported.
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      Hidden Dens:

      All new dens are now built with hidden entrances. Any player can still walk into and out of dens, but the entrance will not be visbile. Players can search for den entrances, and the success rate is based on their authority. s are also slightly better at finding den entrances. The owner of the den will always find the entrance while searching.

      This does not apply to existing dens. You will need to build a new den to see this new feature.
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        Mentor and level of minions:

        This change was actually made a while ago, but was not reported. Mentors now receive favor while their mentees are level 20 or less, and the mentor is higher level than the mentee.
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          Dens cannot now be entered unless you know of the entrance or it is your den. This change has been retroactively applied to all dens. To find a den entrance, you must search for it. Once you have found it, you will be able to enter and exit the den. The number of den entrance locations you can remenber is based on your authority.
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            More about Dens

            For clarification:

            It is possible to see a den entrance and not be able to enter it. Den entrances are well disguised, and tricky to enter.

            To enter or destroy a den, you must first seach and find it. If you find a new den entrance, and don't have room to remember it, one of the old entrances you knew about will be randomly deleted.

            New stuff:

            When any lair structure or den is being destroyed, those in the surrounding area will hear it crashing to the ground. When a sleeping chamber or den is being destroyed, the den or sleeping chamber owner will receive a message telling them it is being destroyed, no matter where they are in the world.
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              Boulder Throw:

              Boulder Throw can now be defended against by all means that protect you against all other attacks. Boulder Throw now has a chance of knocking targets out of the sky if they are flying, knocking targets to the ground if they are standing, and stunning any target that it hits for a very short period of time. The chance of this occuring is based on how high you roll above your success number.


              Boulder Throw has a chance of breaking Koncentrate.
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                Wandering Monsters and Social Leaders

                Wandering Monsters no longer gain benefits from their leaders, other than mentor favor gain bonuses. This includes bonuses from Warmonger, Bureaucracy, Spirituality, etc.
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                  Wandering Monster's Grunts

                  Wandering Monster's grunts can no longer be invited away.
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                    A new command is available:

                    command [grunt] to sever [direction]

                    This command is available to all s. It removes an existing exit between two lair structures, whether this exit had a portal or not.
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                      New Portals!

                      s may now build new portals. The command for this has not changed. The following new types of portal are available:

                      Level 0: Opening
                      Level 10: Curtain
                      Level 25: Arch
                      Level 50: Door
                      Level 100: Grated Door
                      Level 200: Hatch
                      Level 300: Double Door
                      Level 500: Magical Door

                      Note that portals can be built by any character that is a . The levels above refer to the level of the , not a building skill.

                      All portals except the opening and the arch can be opened and closed. No portals currently have "special effects" other than the Magical Door.

                      For example, if you are level 200 or above, you can

                      command grunt to portal hatch n

                      To build a hatch to the north.

                      Magical Doors:

                      All magical doors have a password. The first time a magical door is built, anyone can whisper a word to it to set that word as the password. After that point, all commands must be whispered to the magical door, and the password must be the first word in the command.

                      Commands for use with Magical Doors:

                      whisper [door] [password] Open
                      Opens the door.

                      whisper [door] [password] Close
                      Closes the door.

                      whisper [door] [password] Name [name]
                      Changes the door's name.

                      whisper [door] [password] Password [new password]
                      This will change the password on the magical door.
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                        I almost forgot:

                        New command for s:


                        Will show you which portals you can build, and what your next portal is.
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                          Overland spawning has been tweaked to make it more regular. The more time a monster spends in the wilderness, the more likely humans will detect them and attack.
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                            If you are within a certain distance (not in the same room, but close) to humans that you are attacking or that are attacking you, more humans will not appear to attack you. Being in the same room as humans still prevents more from coming after you.
                            Monsters! Monsters! Grendel's Revenge GameMaster


                            • #74
                              Cure and antidote potions

                              Fixed a minor bug with cure and antidote potions (they should be more effective now, and give more accurate results - if it tells you you are fullt cured, you should be fully cured).

                              Human Players

                              Players with humans can now hang out in the human village. Details are up to you to discover.
                              Monsters! Monsters! Grendel's Revenge GameMaster


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                                The problem with discharge should be fixed. If you encounter any further problems, please send in an @report with the details as to what you did.

                                <@Logan> I spent a minute looking at my own code by accident.
                                <@Logan> I was thinking "What the hell is this guy doing?"



                                Debug Information