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On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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    Ok, so I decided to wake my character up after a very long sleep and I've discovered it's even more dead than when I left. The only character I've seen that I recognize online is Smarmy, so I was wondering who all still plays or at least checks the forums? Sound off!

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    I am. I just sent a request today to see if I can switch out my primary character slot. Playing a leader isn't very satisfying without minions, and all I can do is sit and watch the lair crumble without builders.
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      Yes, Smarmy, and my other allotment of characters: Korky (builder/trapper), Yelpi (potions) Scoundrel (leader of The Republic) among others.

      I saw Usuichii online last week, and Zycer the Cyclops has been around quite a bit lately. Itus was around for about 6 months and was last seen about 2 months back.

      I had a Premium Account and was able to see who was online without being online myself. I was able to see that some characters would sign on and off within a minute or so. I am guessing they were checking to see if anyone else was online. I wish players would stop this! If they just logged on and started playing, then they WOULD catch each other online.

      Anyhow, as posted previously, I will be away for a while. I am leaving tomorrow and I have no idea how long I will be gone (Family Issues). But I WILL be back.
      SMARMY the GIANT


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        I try to peek in as often as I can, but lately it hasn't been as often as I'd like.
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          Originally posted by Smarmy View Post
          I wish players would stop this! If they just logged on and started playing, then they WOULD catch each other online.
          And do what, exactly? What constitutes as "playing"? My idea of playing isn't sitting in my den and typing 'who' every 5 minutes, and I certainly have no desire to go out and level.


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            Hey Cato! Nice to at least see your still posting! How have you been?


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              Hey Exorn =) I've been good. I don't really do much posting, or playing, or anything Skotos related unfortunately. You can see here for details:


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                I don't think we know each other but I also play occasionally.
                Originally posted by Usuichii
                Anuu, Master of Scrolls. All of them.


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                  I'm still here, have had a busy few months so I let my account lapse. I renewed it tonight though.
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                  Japes flails.

                  Synchar: Toastah!
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                  Toasty: OMG, IT'S A SYNCHAR.
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                  sgp NO LAG! *can't breath* *starts to turn blue*
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                    Originally posted by Aco View Post
                    I'm still here, have had a busy few months so I let my account lapse. I renewed it tonight though.
                    Hey, Synch. It's good to see you're still around. I'm logging in once and a while, and man it's been dead when I've gotten on. I really miss the days of logging in and having tons of people battling for fanes and just chatting all night on grumble.


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                      I'm about, just not very active in the forums. Life's been busy lately: My mother has finished all of her therapy and is cancer free at the moment. I'm getting married in March. We're buying our first house and are closing on it this October. So much happening in a very short time has left me a little exhausted, but very happy. I miss you all!
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                        Konichiwa Everyone! I miss you! (*≧▽≦)
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                        <Usuichii the Vampire grumbles: [Or worse, Zetsu?]>


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                          I'm back because of the new client. I forget to check in for long periods at a time and I assume everyone else is the same, but hopefully if they see the news about the client (would be great if it were on the front page) that will make a difference.
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                            I never left... for long...
                            SMARMY the GIANT


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                              Off and on. More off than on these days.