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The Great Skotos Split Is Here [UPDATED]

The long-planned Skotos split is here. We are going to be separating Skotos into the four games that we're passing off to individual players (Marrach, TEC, the game formerly known as Ironclaw Online, the game formerly known as Lazarus Sleeping), and in the near future the core Skotos site will shutdown.

Here's how it will work:
* On Monday, we will turn off the ability to make any purchases through the main site. This will be the end of credit card purchases for Skotos games.
* We will run final automated credit card purchases on Tuesday morning. This is typical, in that our regular subscriptions are always set to run on the 1st through the 28th.
* On Wednesday, we will begin converting the games over to the new auth server that I've been working on for the last month and a half. All data will be converted over from the moment I grab the database. This means that all of your account information, including all payments (but not including any credit card information or Paypal information) will be duped to all the games: you'll be able to play any of them for the time you'd previously paid at the main Skotos site.
* We'll then start integrating the individual sites for each game with the new stand-alone setup.
* And likely I'll be resolving bugs in the auth server that only turn up through extensive usage.
* Meanwhile, we'll start handing off games to the individuals who will be running it in the future. I'm at this point over the time I'd initially committed to Skotos by a bit more than three weeks, but I'm expecting I'll need to offer support a little into May to make sure everyone is running well and that I've helped Christopher, Skotos, and the game leads deal with any intricacies of the hand-off.
* We'll request that all games remove all information from users who didn't stick with their game within a year.

I hope this will go as smoothly as possible. There will surely be bumps in the road. In particular, expect some random downtimes on Wednesday, when I convert over the games to the new servers, and expect the potential for problems on *next* Thursday, when I see how things work in the new setup.

A Few Updates as of 5/3:

1.) Castle Marrach, TEC, and Allegory of Empires are now split out from the main Skotos UserDB, which is the first (and biggest) step in separating these games. Multiversal Revelations will follow on Monday.

2.) Each site has a new login page of the form login.itsdomainname. This is the proper place to login to that game, and where you should access all UserDB functionality. Anything you do on the main Skotos users pages will no longer be reflected. Yes, that means you should be using the new pages to update your accounts, purchase months of play, and purchase subscriptions. Credit card payments are no longer possible, but Paypal is.

3.) Skotos is still running the games as of this moment, but they'll be transferred to the individual teams by this time next month.

4.) We've had some problems with credit cards continuing to run on the older UserDB system. We've refunded any bills that went through on the main system following the split, and apologize for the inconvenience. The plan is to turn the old UserDB off tomorrow, so that will absolutely stop the bills at this point. If you were accidentally billed, do note both that the amount was refunded the same day AND it isn't reflected on the new systems. [And as of Monday morning, those old charges seem to have been halted entirely.]

5.) We've discovered that about 20 accounts have credits of various amounts of them. This is a concept that is no longer supported in any meaningful way on the new UserDB, so we'll convert those credits to days of play at the most generous ratio.
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Grendel's Revenge Free Accounts

On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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  • Now that's funny. You keep finding 666, I keep finding 777. O.o

    [Success: 777, Roll: 735] A secular cleric tries to krush you with her iron fist, but misses.
    Current Monster: Nadriel the Hydra

    "It's easy to criticize someone who generates an idea, assumes the risk."


    • [Success: 50, Roll: 659] You slash at a rogue with a sadistic grin with your strong claws. 101 points of damage! You infect him with the Creeping Crud, strength 10! You infect him with poison, strength 10!
      <Zetsu the Vampire grumbles: [ GR's like meth... you try it once and for the next 10 years you're still hooked to it no matter how bad it gets ]>


      • Poison courses through a shaman of the gill's veins, strength 999!
        Darkimp Isamaru


        • [Success: 50, Roll: 777] You exhale a noxious cloud of poison gas at a human vandal. You choke a human vandal with your hideous breath of noxious fumes!


          Poison courses through a swashbuckler private's veins, strength 666!
          A swashbuckler private roars a final time before dying.

          Ugly Kills: 10105

          Yay, I got more than 10k ugly kills! ^_^

          Gold: 690 units
          Iron: 0 units
          Shadow: 0 units
          Mana: 690 units
          Stone: 0 units
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          Current Monster: Nadriel the Hydra

          "It's easy to criticize someone who generates an idea, assumes the risk."


          • ** You are the five million, two hundred thousand, six hundred sixty-sixth login to date **
            Millenia, the Vampire This chapter of my new beginning is the tale of death, war, destruction. My teacher in this path was the first beast I ever admired, Millenia… a vampyress beyond compare. If one could admire the skill of the hunt, stalking, punishment, torture, gore and all things associated with utter dismemberment then they would admire her. As I did once. She told me the best way to find your enemy, she battered into me the easiest way to find their weaknesses, she clawed her way into my head and made me hear her voiced instructions everytime I went to reap a human soul. It harangued me when I was weak, it carped at me when I was slow, it ridiculed me when I failed.


            • [Success: 50, Roll: 131] You slash at a skilled enchanter with your strong claws. A skilled enchanter's carapace absorbs 703 points of damage! A skilled enchanter's carapace cracks and crumbles into dust! 703 points of damage!


              • A shadowy superior boulder slams into a clumsy footpad, and a clumsy footpad appears to lose consciousness for a brief moment!
                A clumsy footpad is knocked to the ground!
                A clumsy footpad is stunned.
                A meek mercenary stops leading a clumsy footpad.
                [Success: 50, Roll: 666] You hurl a shadowy superior boulder at a clumsy footpad. A shadowy superior boulder connects with a satisfying *THUNK*. 383 points of damage! A clumsy footpad's lifeless body falls over with a bloody *SPLAT*.
                Marx the Lich
                Rykon the Dwerger


                • [Success: 666, Roll: 666] An ugly, hairy fighter tries to slice you with her hatchet, but misses.

                  Odd little fighters..
                  What ghouls are really thinking.


                  • Social Standing:
                    Influence: 20
                    Infamy: 71
                    Monster Kills: 3
                    Ugly Kills: 666
                    Building Kills: 0
                    Upkeep Costs: 9
                    Marx the Lich
                    Rykon the Dwerger


                    • most built

                      2 Royal the August Vampire 4444

                      The silent reflection is broken by Royal, as usual, the most opinionated and obnoxious of the group. He tosses his booted feet upon the tables surface, his silvered mask gleaming in the firelight as it turns to face Lividium, “What the hell do you want now?” Typical Royal tactfulness of course. The rest of table grins, laughs or smirks as they deem appropriate.


                      • hurl shad at figh
                        A shadowy superior boulder slams into a meek fighter, and a meek fighter appears to lose consciousness for a brief moment!
                        A meek fighter is knocked to the ground!
                        A meek fighter is stunned.
                        [Success: 50, Roll: 830] You hurl a shadowy superior boulder at a meek fighter. A shadowy superior boulder connects with a satisfying *THUNK*. 456 points of damage! A meek fighter whimpers, "My Horoscope didn't say ANYTHING about dying today." before falling silent.
                        Marx the Lich
                        Rykon the Dwerger


                        • *stolen from a poster on another thread*

                          [Success: 50, Roll: 924] Agonni the Goblin warrior slashes you with her painful claws! 1337 points of damage! You fall, kicking and screaming, into the oblivion of Grendel's embrace!

                          1337 = Leet
                          A mixed version of profane.
                          Warning: Rythgen is addictive.
                          I Wanna be your Princess
                          Dragostea Din Tei
                          Titanium Rhapsody


                          • *cough* That was ME wh got killed with 1337 damage. And everyone knows that 1337 is leet.
                            Marx the Lich
                            Rykon the Dwerger


                            • [Success: 50, Roll: 666] You slash at a nutritious deacon with your strong claws. 274 points of damage! A nutritious deacon's lifeless body falls over with a bloody *SPLAT*.


                              • [Success: 399, Roll: 993] You furrow your brow, and bring all your magical energies into focus.

                                Same spawn I focused for...

                                [Success: 666, Roll: 737] A profane priest stabs you with his iron spike! 376 points of damage!
                                Darkimp Isamaru