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  • Leaving

    Time for an indefinite leave. Its been fun in the past, I've had a lot of good times, but I no longer care to stick around. The OOC hate people have for each other over the way their characters act has finally pushed my decision to quit. That and I've never been well recieved just because I happen to put more effort into building my characters than most. The envy really sickens me at times. Especially how most talk about the Horde.

    Since I'm leaving, I'm going to get something off my chest thats been building up for a while now. I've listened to a lot of badmouthing of the Horde, OOCly, throughout the last one-two years, when it is not deserved. The players behind the Horde are some of the best people I've ever met, but a lot of you don't bother to get to know them, instead just proclaim your hate for them. I understand it's human nature to be jealous of the power of others, but this is a game, and we are role playing characters. I couldn't count the number of times I've heard players, OOCly, splurt out how they want the Horde to all quit, die, etc. It's a wonder I didn't stop playing long ago. This is a player killing game, and getting mad in real life over getting PK'd In a GAME by the Horde is no reason to hate the players behind the characters.

    Despite what a lot of you think, The Horde as a clan never condoned senseless monster killing. The Horde did have more honor than most of you'll ever know.

    I want to say thanks to the GMs for all their hard work, and for always being kind and understanding with my reports and requests, especially Sceadu

    Necrophage, Winthra and Fierem, I've got to know you guys recently and always had a great time playing with you. Gonna miss you guys.

    And to the players of the Horde - Rythgen, Kabar, Germanic, Skadsnarl, Tricatia, too many to list here. You guys all rock. I have a lot of fond memories of playing with you, and for the most part it was a blast building the strongest clan to ever walk Uthgol's land. I'll still talk to most of you on MSN from time to time I'm sure.

    Can't say for sure if this is permanent or not, I may stop in once in a while until my account expires, or come back next winter, but for now I'm done. Farewell, Grendels Revenge.


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    It's a shame to see you go Keyrn. It's a bigger shame that people can be and have been so petty OOCly. I know you played a major part in my sticking around for as long as I have. You've always, always been a player I respected in all ways. Not only do you have dedication to all your characters, you keep everything seperate and IC which I admire very much. As a leader, a warrior, a wanderer you've always excelled in what you've taken on and I, for one, applaud you for that. I believe you're an inspiration to all to succeed and get better, corny as that may sound.

    To everyone who never took the time to get to know this player, I really wish you would've. He's one of the best guys I know and quite possibly the best person I've met out of GR. Despite all the things that have happened I have never heard him complain about a thing. He's mentioned things as everyone has but not once has he flamed others or complained until he got his way. I'm sure there are people that the second they saw this topic were cheering and to those people I say grow up. If you're happy this guy is leaving you've obviously been too ignorant to learn who he is as a player and person.

    Again, I really wish you'd stay and that people would mature a bit. This is a game, nothing more, nothing less, and for players to direct OOC anger at a group of characters/players just because they're stronger is ridiculous. I've not always been the strongest and I'm still not but I don't hate anyone OOCly for being better than me.

    This is turning into a rant so...I'm sad to see you go Keyrn.


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      Have fun in that far away realm of real life, Mr. KD, and good luck. That's all I can say, since I didn't know you all that well.
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        Can't say I didn't know you, but I can't say I did. You were a great boon to the game, both as a player to look up at (and wonder about), but also someone to be respected. Said it before, I'll say it again. All dreams have to end some time.

        Take care bud, and let us know when you come back.
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          I'll admit, long ago my tempered flared at Keyrn, and I made a stupid threat because I was angry at myself and I lashed out at what made me angry.

          But, rceently being in the grumble with Dasren, I have to admit I started to respect him. Sure, he never really said a whole lot, but he was there for the fanes when we needed him and he took care of us lower tiers.

          So, good luck out there in the real world. And hurry back.
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            Never really ran into Das much,but Keyrn was fun to bum around the island with...Little puppy barghest visiting the big bad evil humanoids always made me chuckle..Take care man.
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              The OOC hate people have for each other over the way their characters act has finally pushed my decision to quit.
              getting mad in real life over getting PK'd In a GAME
              I quite agree with you on these points, and I am getting more and more frustrated with all of it myself. I am saddened to see somebody leaving because of such problems, because it is a situation that is not meant to come about. People have even gotten to the point where they invent IC reasons for killing a player when the true reason is an OOC reason

              Well, I'd post more, but everybody hates me and won't listen. Sorry for not contributing.

              Well, one last thing. People, try to remember: this is just a game. There's no reason to get emotional in any way about it or the people in it. I see the same problem in soccer, and it is ridiculous.
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                Keyrn Still needs to face The Invincible Cedextra.

                Dasren needs to tier too.

                Hop to it!

                You're a very fun and challenging player.

                See you soon.


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                  welp...blast I don't really know where to start. Had a few times with ya in TEC, shared some bash sessions with ya bout that game. 8) Shared a buncha fun with ya in GR. One of the better players I've ever met. for the last couple months I haven't directly done much with ya IC, just a few things here and there, but still enjoyed it all.

                  If you do end up moving to that place fairly nearby we'll have to go out and party a a year er so I think you said. I'd hate to lose contact with ya though we really do not have ALOT to talk about besides games. but whatever ya can come up with, I'll talk bout it.

                  jes don' lose contact er I'll find out where you live and step on your feet.

                  Practize that Guitar and get some totally hot babes like I know ya can.

                  Arg, goodbyes suck, and this ain't farewell anyways. Says I, Hasta, yo.

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                    Sad to see you go man, you were a good player. I hope that comment earlier didn't offend too much, it was in jest, and I didn't mean it like that. You would've made a good Dracolich, and you deserve it.

                    Bleh, well.. you'll be missed, Keyrn and Dasren, neither talked much, but both were good competition.

                    Good luck in all of life's endevours.

                    Hope to see you again someday.
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                      I've had some bad times with the Horde, but that was pretty much just Malice being an ass. Keyrn, you're a very respectable guy, and I'm sorry to see you leaving the game. Have fun in whatever you decide to do, and check in on us once in a while.

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                        I always liked Keyrn in the Horde as Seldorn, but never really got to see Dasren around at all. GR will definitely miss you, man.
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                        Originally posted by Dark997895
                        Though I do have the advantage of TEC, where training is nowhere as exciting as it is here, what with all the bodies exploding and Hamlet quotes.


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                          Whoa Keyrn!

                          I can't believe it. I can't say I liked Dasren, because I, and many others, didn't get to know him because ya didn't talk man!

                          But Keyrn, that's a real loss. You've always been willing to help with what you could, and you always BCed when you were asked

                          I agree with the OOC badmouthing about the Horde, it's gotta stop dudes and dudettes.

                          Later, man.
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                            Heh. Havent heard anything spoken of the horde in a long time besides "wonder where they went" Dunno who is rubbin ya the wrong way but they are retarded. Id have quit like this long ago if not for the players i do like keeping me addicted andcoming back, all for similar reasons.

                            As everyone knows,
                            Im out to kill the game, I lie constantly, Im a backstabbing, jealous worthless piece of crap, and i only care about myself.

                            Dont let em get to you, ya gotta shrugoff the BS you hear, and focus on the guys and gals that make he game worth playing. Ive dont my fair share of hating waaayyy back when, but the feelings were mutual and quite openly expressed openly on both sides, and today i regret those times. I know several of the horde as people i could have been good friends with but tempers , "emotions", and misunderstandings kept tearing all that apart.

                            I always had high respect for you though D, more so as dasren, quiet brooding type, Flames fired high when angered.. Like at the Unbroken faith lair the other day But i always respected you keeping things IC, and being the voice of reason to more flammable minds in your circle of friends.

                            See ya next winter, when theres not alot to do up there where yer from...hopefully
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                              This post really took me by surprise. I really did not expect you to quit. It was unreal.

                              Keyrn/Das..please return. Dont let things like this get to you.

                              You've taken alot of crap over the years youve played this game as Keyrn and now Das. Its a shame to lose a player of your caliber and dedication. You would have made a great T7, because youd have taken the time to make it a strong one. (This also applies to Ced because he is making a great effort).

                              Ignore the hate and continue playing. Form your own grumble I'll be part of it. (I already am since Im under you so its all good )

                              I will respect your decision but Im hoping you'll retract it and continue playing. Btw I will remain under you because I await your quick return.

                              Dont let the crap said get to you. Fuel your drive to T7 undead status with the things said about you. God knows its helped me many a time.