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Most satisfying kill ever experienced

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  • Most satisfying kill ever experienced

    On the flip side...what was the most satisfying kill(s) you've ever had.

    Mine had to be when I was attacked by Dasren, Exorn, Norin, and a Scarab and I killed them all. (Norin ran away...wussbag )

    And any time I kill Jinn (which hasn't been for a while) its always nice

    I'm comin for you soon Netze *cackles*

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    Originally posted by Whindanser
    And any time I kill Jinn (which hasn't been for a while) its always nice
    I think you've killed me once this entire tier actualy..And it was with help.
    You can't stand my Gouf.


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      Probably that time I killed Cedextra, Mythras and Arkhanno, when he was around, with a triple-splash-kill... *sighs* The memories..
      -- Volo.

      Originally posted by Annatar
      It's a game, shut up.
      Originally posted by Merlynson
      Volo is so right.
      Originally posted by The Burninator
      ^^ Is right!


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        Knocking off Boneshard without Avatar and without an item. Twice. And almost three times, but he ran off, teehee.

        And Volo, you're a horrible liar. ^.~
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          When i dropped the staircase down on Netze's head which severed the lower levels of the lair way back in the Night Terrors. It was hilarious watching the grumble freak out that we were under some precision diabolical attack

          I still think of that and giggle.

          They're laughing at you behind your back.
          They all want to see you die a horrible death.
          They want you to put your pants back on.
          You squint.


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            When I got a luck hit in on Malice as a grimalkin at magic fane,then used a minion splash dummy...Even though he killed me just befor the fatal tick.
            You can't stand my Gouf.


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              The time my orc alt was being harassed by a ghost, so we cornered him in a room. While the leader ogre spoke with him, I put grunts to work all around, slowly hacking away at the central room. when I walked in and the ghost was all 'Fear me!' I whispered to the orge to watch the room's status...

              We jumped right out through the open doorway just as it collapsed. Talk about brains over brawn. We never saw the ghost again.


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                heh, I remember back when NT was at war with Pyrish's old clan in the swamps. Some humaniod had Hec cornered in a room that was being destroyed. He walked in and approached and somehow I managed to retreat and get out of there just as the room came crashing down on it.
                Originally posted by Rythgen
                Fiendy could witstomp you into oblivion.

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                  Long, long time ago. One-shotted Malice after he teleported to Grunt's Fane. That hit is still the most damage I've ever done, by a margin of about 300 hit points.

                  Yes, I was avatar.


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                    I managed to kill Blackhand at grunts fane. I had the help of Netze's battle cry but I got him. Not long before that I was told that trappers don't make much difference at a fane fight.
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                      Killing the Scion Bianos was probally my most satisfying kill.


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                        Heh, I remember way the hell back as Angel I killed Mythras in a one-on-one in a duel. He was a grimalkin, and he'd been very adamant about me removing all my armor, even my amulet. I got lucky and hit for 700-something (my average was about 400 at that point), for a one-hit KO.

                        For Sarkis... I liked killing Cedextra, who obviously wasn't used to his big size yet. 7-grunty swarm... while I sat back and scratched myself until he died.


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                          This might not count as a kill, but it's the best victory I've ever had.

                          The old NT was raiding the Reborn, Pyrish's old clan in the swamps, when I decided to hang out with the invaders, since there wasn't really anything I could do to fight them. I just chatted them up in the entrance, tried to learn more about their clan, when Exodias walked in. He threatened me to either kiss his rotting foot, or die. I was sick of dying, and I certainly wasn't going to kiss his disgusting lich foot, so I did the only thing I could. I spit on him and ran the hell out of there.

                          Just such a thrill, I get shivers just thinking about it today. (If you think this doesn't belong here, just PM me and I'll delete it.)

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                            [Success: 50, Roll: 997] Arkhanno the Dragon creates a thunderclap, which stuns
                            Tarnist the Imp loots 40 gold, 4 iron, 52 mana, 1 shadow, and 3 stone from an intimidating hoodlum.

                            Catobelpas the Barghest growls to Sarkis the Archaic
                            Mummy, "Kinda, yeah."


                            You manage to koncentrate on the task at hand, and shake off the effect of being stunned.

                            [Success: 187, Roll: 426] You furrow your brow, and bite your tongue with intense focus and koncentration.

                            [Success: 50, Roll: 54] You slash at Arkhanno the Dragon with your strong claws. 1314 points of damage!

                            [Success: 50, Roll: 644] Arkhanno the Dragon creates a thunderclap, which stuns you!

                            Arkhanno the Dragon growls, "if you dont leave you got poisoned"

                            Poison courses through Sarkis the Archaic Mummy's veins, strength 407!

                            [Success: 764, Roll: 917] Arkhanno the Dragon slashes you with his painful claws! 239 points of damage!

                            [Success: 62, Roll: 583] You furrow your brow, and bite your tongue with intense focus and koncentration.

                            [Success: 50, Roll: 581] You slash at Arkhanno the Dragon with your strong claws. 2472 points of damage!

                            [Success: 50, Roll: 228] Arkhanno the Dragon creates a thunderclap, which stuns you!

                            [Success: 187, Roll: 311] You furrow your brow, and bite your tongue with intense focuse and koncentration.

                            [Success: 50, Roll: 522] You slash at Arkhanno the Dragon with your strong claws. 1742 points of damage! Arkhanno the Dragon roars a final time before dying.

                            Catobelpas the Barghest looks surprised as he stumbles out of his hiding place.

                            Catobelpas the Barghest dances around you.

                            You yell, "HOOOOOOOHAAAAAAAA!!"

                            Sarkis the Archaic Mummy mutters, "Cookehs 're good."

                            -ONE of my many memorable fights.


                            • #15
                              I remember fighting Coldfire, back when him and I were in close competition. I walked in, saw him, thought 'crap, he's gonna kill me again, O well, I'll fight anyways...' I approached, clawed, and got a one hit KO before he could so much as blink. It was awesome.. I just stared at the screen with my jaw dropped. Hehehe
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