Grendel's Revenge Free Accounts

On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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  • Gencon

    For some reason I wasn't able to use the search function to find and bump the thread on this, but since it's getting close to the time for it I thought I'd post a reminder and see if anyone else is planning to attend this year.

    Originally posted by Stacy Elizabeth
    We're getting closer folks! Sign up for the Skotos event if you're going to be there!


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    Where is this at? Like state and stuff? I didn't see it..... or I am blind... *grin*
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    Thanks to Rythgen for the enhancements!

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        same place and date as last year?
        Originally posted by Rythgen
        Fiendy could witstomp you into oblivion.

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          I've been told by a reliable source that may have some useful information.

          That link Exorn posted, that's only a registration to a little Skotos thing that's being done at GenCon. Still need to register for the actual GenCon itself.


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            So what do people do at Gen Con? (booths presentations etc?)


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              Pretty much. There's booths, special guests, industry people and such. There are lots of rooms with on-going games such as D&D and Magik and other games you can join in. There's artists, authors, actors who make apperances throughout the weekend. There's all kinds of things to see and do.

              For those of you going, Bain and I are both planning to go again this year. I just checked and I have that weekend off. *waggles* So now I just have to save my pennies.
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                yepper, Bain will be there... heh
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