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On December 15th of 2012, Grendel's Revenge enabled free accounts for play. This announcement is following in the suit of TEC's own free account announcement, serving as a reminder to any new or returning players that are browsing the forums.

For all the details about what free accounts are, look no further than here:

In order to log into GR for free, simply visit this page to sign into your Skotos account (ignoring any subscription notices it may give):

Then click the following link for Zealotry/Firefox:

Or this link for Alice/Internet Explorer:

Problems? Questions? You can email the GR staff group at
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A request from the GR community...

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  • A request from the GR community...

    I as a player am asking a favor of the GR community. Whether or not you like me as a player is fine, I'm still going to ask.

    I have recently found that GR is slipping back to its old ways, and I have said my peace about those times, here, yet everything I said seems to hold true again.

    It is because of these things that I have decided to cancel my account, AGAIN, in hopes that maybe, just maybe Skotos will see another player has left and possibly try to fix things. Also, I will be sending a letter to Skotos, hopefully full of the names of players who feel the same way I do.

    Now for your part.

    I am asking for the names of all the players who pay and their account status, basic or premium.

    I am especially asking for all players who PAID AND LEFT because of these problems information as well.

    I am asking for a list of the three biggest gripes you have with the game. No need for detail, just the issues (Lag, Lack of Events, Lack of Updates, as in my case).

    If you dont feel comfortable posting the information here, and I dont recomend that you do, you can pm me, e-mail me, or catch me on MSN. The e-mail and screen name are the same,

    A copy of the letter will be sent to everyone who agrees to have their name associated with this, and anyone can back out after reading the letter. If you do not agree with what it says, no hard feelings, I will pull your name from it.

    I can understand if some people do not wish to do this, but I hope that the majority of you will want to improve the game, and get some more attention from Skotos.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,

    Jonathan Addeo

    Account: IronKahn
    Status: Premium
    Bae'Lin the Melee Bard

    Thanks to Tanz for the Pic

    Feldin The Mana Snorting Sphinx

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    Millenia Alexandra Klimkos

    Account name: Valentinius

    Premium Account ---Paid and left several times


    Lack of GM attention

    Stagnant Gameworld
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      Anthony James Gonzalez

      Account: Turbidus

      Currently Basic, have had several premium accounts though.

      Reasons for having left numerous times (on other accounts): Lag, lack of updates, and lack of events.
      Ninja Furball


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        Leopold Hugh Claussen (make fun of it and die -_-)

        Account: xdiablox


        Lack of GM interaction, updates/events, LAG.


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          Leopold Hugh Claussen (make fun of it and die -_-)
          Thats cool.

          Reid Corry Fenton

          (Much easier to make fun of. :P)

          Account: Tror2004

          Basic, always has been. Left a few times, thinking of doing so again. Would not upgrade to premium as things are now.

          Lag, lack of events and updates.

          Edit: My account may be under my dads name, Baelin. So i'll catch ya on MSN.
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            Robert Y.

            accnt: Cuauhtemoc
            Premium for 20 months. Basic for 3, downgraded because the premium benefits arent worth three times the price anymore.

            Not renewing basic:

            Some personal reasons related to my devotion to the game thats just too much, for so little reward.

            But the thing that makes things the worst,

            1.) Inconsiderate players doing what they want because they can, Kudos to mythras for not falling into that Leet Stereotype when he got strong. Major respect for him for not becoming another power player killing whomever he wants at a whim or for the number.

            2.) I want more interaction, more in game activities that give us something to do besides pvp. Theres so much potential for this game for incredible growth, but for whatever reason, (and i honestly dont care what, im a paying customer, and i have reasonable expectations) The staff, Wont allow the gm's to be more active in this game. Even the volunteers that help the GM's with player questions, who are more than willing to lead small story plots, arent allowed to do much.

            The upper management, and i honestly dont give a damn if they block my IP for this, seriously need to pull their head out of their backsides and listen TO THE PEOPLE THAT WILL MAKE THEM MONEY.

            Every post in this thread so far has said something along the lines of "stagnant game world", "lack of gm interaction"

            We all love this game so much, but if they let it keep going the way its going *just like last year about this time*, people are going to leave, including myself.

            3.) Other reasons id rather not go into. personal reasons about friends ive had and lost that i miss very badly... But due to rumors, lies, and ooc bull$hit, wont speak to me anymore. And theres a list a mile long for problems, *between players* that are unresolvable that can only be fixed if one or the other leaves.

            Until theres something worth paying for again, ill be the one to leave.
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            If you dont like it, Let me know and I will be glad to P.M. you some suggestions with what you can do with yourself.

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              Mike M.

              account: Gabocha

              Always had a basic account except when I briefly left in the spring. When I came back I bought an annual basic because things were looking up. D'oh. I'm stuck with my account for a while now, but I've removed my payment information. The way things are, I don't plan on coming back.

              The main reasons I stopped playing are the lack of RP mechanisms, the utter lack of anything to do outside of PVP and (mind-numbingly boring) building, and the utter lack of involvement by GMs in any form. The most signifigant thing that's happened since I rejoined was an RP workshop. GR isn't even RP enforced!

              In short, there are lots of other MUDs that put this game to shame in terms of mechanics, have GMs that actually work on it actively, are more fun, and to top it off don't even cost me a penny.

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                Alex Matthew Marsh (You guys got names to make fun of, I've got one that's nothing special in any way)

                Account name: DrakeWurrum

                Quarterly Basic Account since late '03 (not very long, I know ). Almost left a few times from boredom and because of other players. I might be leaving within a year if I can't keep paying it on my own once I go to college. I almost quit and went over to a MUD called Achaea

                1. Lag.
                2. The game just gets boring after a while of doing the same thing over and over and over....I suppose that's called stagnant gameworld.
                3. Lack of GM involvement.

                I have a few other gripes, but you just said three. I guess you could just say I'd agree with Cuauhtemoc and Gabocha and pretty much all the others.

                As to you people complaining about your names, you've got cool names. Names that are unique. Look at me, I'm just an average person, and in more ways than one.
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                  Originally posted by Gabocha
                  Mike M.
                  Mike Meyers?


                  Brooke McCain. Yes, like the Senator.

                  Account: Flamingo

                  Permanent account.

                  And yeah, I'm disgruntled for the same reasons listed in this entire thread.
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                    This will most likely be my last month too for a least untill I hear about some improvements to the game.
                    Kolibri, Paying member of two basic accounts since May 2002.

                    Reason: pretty much all of the above...

                    nothing new is being introduced.... just some pacifiers

                    the game is getting stale!!!

                    Not to forget...member of TEC since 1997 and paying member there, ever since TEC went to monthly fees, when joining Skotos...(yes it was free at one time)
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                      Name:Mike Brown
                      Type:Basic for well over a year,soon to be one month prem. only so I can get a custom name.
                      #1-Lack of Important updates...Grunts that commit suicide and playing in the dirt is a waste of friggen time! >.<
                      #2-Lack of GM events.
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                        Ended dreams.

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                        More as I think of them.
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                          Name: Kevin

                          Account: duck

                          Basic account: Went to premium for 2 - 3 months, but realized #1. GR seems to get less than other games and #2. Way too much money for the amount of benefits... Not worth it at all. I can see 5 to 10 bucks more for premium... but 17 more?

                          (In order) ---

                          The number one biggest problem: The GMs have little or no interaction with the playerbase. I've seen some prevalent issues (mechanical-wise and not) that have been brought up over and over in the forums... and I fail to see the GMs post any responses. Not even a "Yes" or a "No." At least we'd have a definite answer.

                          Number two: I'd say the second worst thing would be the lack of new and original stuff to do... and (my person opinion) I would like the mechanics to be more full with new abilities and such...

                          Last, I guess I'll just go with the flow and say Lag... While I agree it's a major problem, I wouldn't say it would make a whole lot of difference. It comes and goes, but I don't feel like it's the worst problem we have.

                          I've been around Skotos since WAP joined up with them, and I was on and off on TEC beforehand for a few years... and I wish GR had rolepoints like TEC. For those who don't know, every hour in TEC you gain one or more rolepoints, which you can use to enhance your character and purchase special stuff. All GR has is storypoints, which you can either get by having a premium or harrassing a bunch of newlings.

                          One last complaint... Skotos would do much better if they would focus on a few games and make them viable and good... before ditching them and adding new ones. We have Castle Marrach, Grendel's Revenge, and the Eternal City... all of which I think are awesome games with good ideas. But then there are Queen's Necklace, Dragonstones, and who knows what else that is bogging Skotos down. Skotos has a good idea with having a large variety of online games, but it seems to me like they're moving too quickly from game to game.

                          I'm not positive if I'm going to stay, depends on how things turn out, but it doesn't look good.


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                            Having trotted to three muds in my entire pitiful existance, I'm going to have to say that the lack of any sort of crafting system is a major hindrance here...

                            A game that lets players create (yes, we can build, which is let us fill the rooms with things!) tends to have a more appealing staying power to players.

                            A more expanded, wider vareity, lusher gameworld would be nice.

                            Lack or lessen the lag-errors, such as the aforementioned commands which don't get processed.

                            A actual incentive for people to play for fun's sake, and i don't mean rp only with gm's. Rp for actual fun...this is supposed to be a game, and if it was encouraged for us to rp whithout the greed incentive of constant or potential rewards for rping.

                            Events aren't nessecary as much then, once you have the other another mud ive tired and enjoyed, there wa snot a single Gm event. Players did it all...and they could, because there was the sheer potential in the game to do so....ability to make things, save things, suchforth...

                            There's my flea-cents.


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                              Name: Stephen Smith
                              Account: Psyjester
                              Paid type: prem for almost a year
                              3 pet peves:

                              1:SUCKY LAG
                              2:Small Player Base
                              3:Updates (i know the gms are doing as much as they can but i would like to know a lil about what they are working on seeings it have been almost if not 2 months of no updates)

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