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Important Monsters of Uthgol! Where are they now?

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  • Important Monsters of Uthgol! Where are they now?

    A post to the tribute of the great or not so great yet known monsters and where they are now!

    Blackhand : ?
    Netze : Chained to the lands of letum and the shrine
    Scarab Queen (Name forgotton) : Loooooong sence gone
    Snillo : Deep down in his lair eating 2 year old halloween event pop tarts
    Jinn : Behind you
    Shadar : Behind Jinn
    Tien : Uthgols first great , Rival to that of the scions and blue print maker of the great laser tower
    Asmond : Probably in some corner plotting something evil and crazy
    Gollam : Gone, Were all happy.
    Lurekus : Teleported his last, We miss you.
    Toasty : Counting her new ring collection
    Kaoslace : Player of beta and gold versions of GR, He still plays to this day
    Mazu : I have played many a character sence early gold, You may not know this name but i know you. Location: Posting this
    Norin : Playing in the dirt
    Fierem : Being fluffy and cute and oh so painfull
    Millenia : Long gone but a truly feared and missed vampire
    Barbarosa : Hides in the dark then stabs you in the back, Sadly he/she (?) hid one to many times and never came back.
    Chasm and Galenth : Great leaders but hardly seen to this day. I hear rumors they still play...
    Malice and Dvea : Cuddling in the rooms
    Arkhanno : First to reach T7 and a punk because he sold his account, It was soon after deleted by skotos (Thank you skotos) and jinn took over many many months later.
    Tibbles : Long gone
    Falicorn : Once a great leader, Now he is greatly missed.
    Boghl : Being sneaky!
    Malak : A great wandering monster First to T3
    Tarnist : Getting to ettin so fast must of been hard, On top of that it was kinda sneaky ^_~
    Babayaga : One of GRs only NPCs, Killed many times and probably never had much use besides healing potions.
    Royal : One of the very best s...EVER and he has cool grunt names
    Guapo : The spanish orc!
    Oog : Well known for...smashing things
    Sarkis : Giver of cookies
    Baelin : Apperently he had a fetish with owls ^_- Hes still around
    Hecate : Sadly gone but very sexy
    Pishaw : Long gone but he had a kick butt name, Pishaw!
    Gabocha : Known for hating everyone, Hes gone now yet missed.
    Remember the lich : One of the most cunfusing names in the game, He hoarded lizerd pets from me and never gave me one!
    Sylvos : Gone but well known to many

    Edit: Added some more
    Edit: Fixed spelling errors and mix ups
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    Sorry if some of these are off or mixed up with other people like i think it was Tien who wanted a giant laser, Not Asmond or something...Sorry it was late i'll go in and fix them tomorrow when i get the chance.


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      Guapo: Gone, the spanish Orc, famous for squat thrusts.
      Marx the Lich
      Rykon the Dwerger


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        Oog- Smasher of all.
        Punk is not just sucks now.


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          If by Malaki you mean Malak, then you may remember him for being the first T3 and for his pink scarf. He actually came back for a brief stint, but it didn't last... as he's merely a scarab once again.

          (It's so much work being a T1 again... Ugh... Plus, it's on my prem. and I don't have it upgraded at the moment.)
          Vote for GR!
          El. Psy. Congroo.
          Nobody suspects the butterfly...


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            are some that come and gone

            The silent reflection is broken by Royal, as usual, the most opinionated and obnoxious of the group. He tosses his booted feet upon the tables surface, his silvered mask gleaming in the firelight as it turns to face Lividium, “What the hell do you want now?” Typical Royal tactfulness of course. The rest of table grins, laughs or smirks as they deem appropriate.


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              all the horde that seem to have vanished
              and many more i cant think of right now

              gruloch-long gone, but much missed
              seducious-long gone, came back for a bit, but didnt last

              and so many others that i just cant remember there names


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                Sylvos > all others to ever leave.
                You can't stand my Gouf.


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                  Netze : Asleep forever

                  Heh Im right here bud.

                  I still play on occassion. Due to rp reasons, netzecant leave letum. Can only go to the shrine, around the shrine , (arena counts), and the plains of letum. He wont be at fanes or thrones or walkin anywhere else.

                  I dont play him much. but i do occassionally. Jeremiah is the one i play most now. =D

                  Marrach takes most of my time. its contant roleplay so iget distracted and forget GR is up.

                  I love my though ;D foritier instant builds lair entrances. woo.


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                    Lol ok, I'll change it


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                      Here's my version in no particular order (note: mix of OOC and IC for humor purposes):

                      Dvea ~ With Rythgen. Get with the times. Currently hibernating and without DSL. True location unknown: Is very unpredictable.

                      Rythgen ~ With Dvea, holed up and hibernating. Probably guarding Dvea in her sleep so she cant touch herself or guarding the pillow. Is probably being a git somewhere else.

                      Lurekus ~ In Trapland, trapped as an entity without a body or whatever it is undead do after they somehow die. He's probably busy playing a villain somewhere else or in real life. True mastermind at villainry.

                      Sarkis ~ See above, only in Cookieland. Location of player: unknown.

                      Gabocha ~ In Craftsland. A warrior and leader by name when all he really wanted to do was wittle a widdle twig.

                      Guapo ~ In Orcland or WoW, busy being an orc or last I heard a 'she' *gaspgasp*. So is the rest of the Horde. All busy being savages. Sacriledge. I blame Horde.

                      Exorn ~ Busy gallivanting the swamps with his drum and thoughts of bacon while working on his six pack.

                      Mortikai ~ Probably touching himself and going 'My precious, my precious' while learning Korean.

                      Toasty ~ Probably with rings or busy using Coldfire as an undead punching bag when her temper strikes.

                      Coldfire ~ Busy being used as a punching bag while dreaming of RAWR FM (Shoutcast sucks)

                      Netze ~ In Letum deep underground with dreams of roleplaying a human in a castle ful of hormone raged characters >.>

                      Blackhand ~ Dissapeared in a puff of logic with the recent discussion about whether chimeras lay eggs or give birth while dreaming of coding and linkage goodness. Oh and taking a leek.

                      (Brief intermission for wasp attack)


                      Akro ~ Dreaming scarab dreams and tying himself up with rope while ambitiously plotting to be an undead by never sleeping.

                      Baelin ~ Dreaming of swaggering across desks and being a pirate while raising a kid. The owl fetish came from this.

                      Asmod ~ Going slowly sane underground from his previous state of insanity while digging up tunnels into other avenues of release: such as dressing up as an action hero.

                      Barbarosa ~ Busy being grumpeh somewhere. He will never be mistaken and shot at for a barbarian again.

                      Right. Thats all the names I could think of for now. If you wanna whomp me for missing you out, feel free. I'm currently unavailable >.>
                      Originally posted by Usuichii
                      Vyshka the Wyvern hisses to a round silver mirror, "Rythvea"
                      Vyshka the Wyvern hisses to a round silver mirror, "Rythvea"
                      Vyshka the Wyvern hisses to a round silver mirror, "Rythvea"

                      If you say it three times, they say they'll come after you that night.
                      Originally posted by fiendish_thingy
                      They say the last thing you notice before you die is the faint smell of cinnamon and bacon.
                      Originally posted by kaoslace
                      I find your lack of doughnuts disturbing.


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                        Vote for GR!
                        El. Psy. Congroo.
                        Nobody suspects the butterfly...


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                          Shush.. you'll give away my secret!

                          The fire that once burned has went out. In it's place a hatred has appeared. The hatred.. which once burned pure... is now vile and seeping.


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                            Basing this list off of monsters who have effected the gameworld, in my opinion. Listed alphabetically.

                            Barbarosa - First and one of the very only non-undead to build a lair on Letum.
                            Brittok - Founder and leader of one of the original great clans.
                            Chasm - Founder and leader of another of the original great clans.
                            Dermot - One of the two original strongest monsters.
                            Falicorn - Founder and leader of the third of the original great clans.
                            Galenth - Honourable war leader and eventually a leader of his own clan.
                            Gruloch - Founder and leader of the last of the original great clans.
                            Lurekus - Not really sure what to say about Lurekus, he was there though.
                            Malice - Second of the original strongest monsters.
                            Scarnose - Best soldier and most loyal character in the game. (in my opinion)
                            Sedicious - Probably the undead equivelant to Scarnose, too bad he didn't last long after the destruction.

                            Arkhanno - Eh, he was somewhat important although I hate to say it.
                            Jinn - One of my favorite monsters in the game and one of the truest wanderers.
                            Malak - Poor Malak and his eggs and pink scarf.
                            Mortikai - HOTTEST Afreet ever.
                            Shadar - Another great wanderer. Very true to his character.

                            More eventually.
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                              You could say that Mort was the HOTTEST Afreeti there ever was.
                              Vote for GR!
                              El. Psy. Congroo.
                              Nobody suspects the butterfly...