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Zealotry Add-on unsigned, Firefox automatically disables

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    This seems to be the most established Zealtory thread, so I'm going to go ahead and ask trouble-shooting type questions (sorry guys)

    Any one else having a problem with restore:session and the updated Zealotry add-on? When ever I start up firefox for a new session, I get numerous empty windows open, which I'm assuming are previously closed client windows that Firefox doesn't know how to handle properly with restore:session? Is this a common thing, or is it just me?

    Windows 7 Home Preiumum x64
    Firefox version: 43.0.3


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      Not quite the right thread, as this is about a very specific topic. But at least you looked around first so I'll share my findings in the hopes of providing an answer.

      Zealotry seems to have an issue where the windows technically don't close. You'll find them running in the background someplace, and the resources such as memory, while low, are never properly freed up.

      Simply put, every time you open it, there's a new instance/copy, while the old one doesn't go away.

      While this issue shouldn't persist through a reboot of the computer, this seems to be only an inconvenience rather than a problem. It's sloppy that it can happen, but even with 100 copies in the background, I doubt any modern pc or laptop will notice it much in terms of performance. It does, however, store the separate windows in the session, so re-opening it will cause them to pop up.

      The only workaround I can offer for this is to be selective when restoring a session. Selecting the windows you don't need opened, in this case all the zealotry ones, should prevent them from popping up. Zealotry is far from the only extension that has this issue, so it's always a good idea to check what's getting opened.

      On session restore though...
      Sadly session restore is a very practical tool that should be used sparingly, rather than regularly. Session restoration was originally designed to be used as a troubleshooting tool and to save you from losing things in case of a crash, and even with added development it will reload everything that's stored in it because of its original purpose. It will, by design, look at what was in the memory and open it, regardless of whether it was active or not.
      A little browser hygiene also goes a long way, so use bookmarks for pages you frequently visit instead of restoring a session to get them back. Close tabs once you're done with them, and do separate things in separate windows so you can close it all when needed. The aforementioned tips should help keep it down to a manageable workload.

      A short edit: Yes, this is an issue with the extension and the way session restore works. Yes, development should be able to fix it. Though should it take priority over other bugs? I'd say doubtful.
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        Thanks for the info Druceo, I appreciate it! I agree as far as bugs around Skotos goes its relatively minor, its no less annoying though