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Question about IP addresses and accounts

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  • Question about IP addresses and accounts

    I just bought my fiancee a new computer for Christmas, and so we've been doing some gaming together recently. She's still mostly into Reign of Kings, but she's been interested in trying TEC out.

    I'm worried though, I've had my account for years, and it is current and I pay for it. If she starts a trial account, and we're on different computers but the same IP address, will it get us into trouble? Also, if I get poor down the line and need to cancel my subscription for a little while and we're both running on free accounts, will that get us into trouble? Or a step further if she winds up paying and we both have paid accounts operating on the same IP address, at the same time, will that be something that gets our accounts flagged?
    Originally posted by Marren

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    I'm pretty sure the rule is that you can't have two Free accounts from the same IP. So if one or both of you are paying for the game, you're both good, but if neither of you are, you'll have to look into using a proxy for one of your machines to reflect a different IP. The only options I know of to get two dedicated IP's from your service provider will likely cost more than a basic paid account with Skotos.


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      both answers are correct. My boyfriend and I run into that issue sometimes and they will "freeze" one of our accounts if they're both free until one or both of us can pay.

      It's unfortunate.

      Two accounts are fine, as long as one or both are paid for. They can not both be free.
      The GMs are usually nice about it and will be like, "Hey, your sub just ran out so now you're both freebies. What do?"