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  • Suggestion: Login Bonus

    Was thinking about this the other day, in a few different games I've played they offered a login bonus, usually with a slight bonus for a week or month (in one case both) of consecutive logins every day. The reward could be (and should probably be) frankly minimal, but nevertheless tangible.

    It could be as simple as 1 role-point for the login bonus the first few days, but after a week of consecutive logins every day, it would give you 10 role points. Then if there were 4 weeks of consecutive logins every day, it would give you something like 10 story points or 100 RPs or something like that. We could have it be a sliding scale between freebie, subscriber, and premium subscriber to give an extra bonus for the subscribers and premium.

    This way, freebies still have a way to earn minimal RPs over time, which may encourage a purchase of premium or regular account just to spend those RPs. An extra month or two of paying subscribers wouldn't hurt the game, the staff, or any of the rest of the players IMHO.

    And who knows, those people who would login for just a few minutes, type 'who' just to see if their old friends were on before logging out? Maybe they'd see the normal list the first few days, but then if they pop on and see 60 people on...? 80 people? 100? That might encourage even more people to come back. It would also encourage players to login more regularly, which would likely see a boost in overall population of the game world.

    Well, what do you guys think?
    Originally posted by Marren

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    Good. But the reason they brought in cycles is because not everyone could play everyday and train so this would only bring back all the whiners complaining about the advantage gained from people who can play every day.


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      I like it, would be small enough a bonus to not really matter if you didnt get it, but nice for those who do.
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      Hypnoticus and I remember a time when those that wield tridents were gods among mere mortal men.


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        Originally posted by glenh
        Would be the same as complaining premium get more role points than freebie though
        Just an idea, wouldn't necessarily need to give more on a sliding scale. I just think if freebies were accumulating a nominal amount of RPs instead of none, it would encourage people to spend for a subscriber or premium account for at least a month once in a while so they could spend the RPs they acquired.

        As it stands, freebies have less incentive in the sense that the people probably desire RPs, but if you have none to spend to begin with and you're not sure about your ability/capacity to play regularly, then it's less tempting to enroll for it since you still have no RPs and will only now accumulate them slowly. If you're paying for a month and you only wind up getting 20 RPs out of it, it would be less encouraging to pay for another month since you never had a chance to spend any of those RPs on anything and you acquired next to none anyway. At least in this way, accumulating a small amount over time, buying a month here and there might be to buy stat increases, an item alteration, makeover, etc.

        The other upside is if people logged in just to login for a minute just to keep the accumulation bonus going, they'd probably vote too while they were at it.
        Originally posted by Marren


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          you you pay cash money to play a game for 10 hours a month... that's your choice to make.



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