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  • Lag...

    I know I am not the only one experiencing this right now, does anyone have any idea as to the cause of this?

    I regularly suffer with Connection failed: 'status: 2152398868' disconnects as it is (200mb Broadband, no torrenting when gaming/TEC), but tonight I have had 7 of these in a row, and no commands going through, but server-side input still happening (getting attacked).

    If this is being looked into, can we please be made aware of such? If it is not known, can it pleased be looked into?

    Many Thanks.

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    Hey Lusi! Lag bites us all from time to time. Let me attempt to help in my exhaustive and likely TMI way. The key to fixing lag issues start by figuring out what type of lag you are experiencing.

    Symptoms: You can usually connect to TEC with a freshly opened client. When you do, echoes come very slowly and commands entered take a long while to go through, but actually do go through. IG events like NPCs attacking happens very slowly.
    Diagnosis: Server Lag. Traditionally referred to as "sheep".
    Cause: The TEC server is running slow, either because of a lot of information being processed (like backups did back before the new hardware upgrade), or a GM might have broken something.
    Who to Cuss: Sheep. It's always their fault.
    Remedy: This type of lag is really uncommon these days after the hardware upgrade, and if it occurs the staff is pretty good about fixing it on the spot. Just wait it out.

    Symptoms: You can usually connect to TEC with a freshly opened client. If this problem occurs after you've already been playing for a while, suddenly commands you enter are rarely if ever received by the server. Echoes don't appear in your client, or if they do you get them in chunks of ~1 minute's worth all at once.
    Diagnosis: Network Lag.
    Cause: Someone between your house and the TEC server, wether it's your ISP or a switch along the way, is losing data.
    Who to Cuss: Your ISP.
    Remedy: Resetting my modem (unplug the power, wait ~30 seconds, plug back in) usually clears this up for me. You can also check to see if you or anyone else on your local network is gobbling up bandwidth (e.g. your cohabitant suddenly began streaming movies in the other room).

    Symptoms: You can't connect to TEC or see Skotos-hosted sites like the home page or forums. You can do other internet-related stuff like go to other websites no problem.
    Diagnosis: Network Outage.
    Cause: Again, one of the series of tubes we call the internet between you and TEC went kablooie.
    Who to Cuss: I blame sharks in the Atlantic munching on the underwater internet cables.
    Remedy: This one isn't as reliably fixed with a modem reset. I usually try that, and if it doesn't work, just wait it out. *NOTE* Rarely these symptoms can also be caused by a game crash. These should be reported to the staff.

    Symptoms: Commands entered take a long time to type in, or a long time to show (if you have command echoing turned on). When walking, the map updates slowly. Other PCs/NPCs seem unaffected.
    Diagnosis: Computer Lag.
    Cause: Your computer has a lot on it's mind, and TEC is on the back burner.
    Who to Cuss: Yourself.
    Remedy: This type of lag is also not very common as most of today's computers have more than enough power to handle some measly old TEC. But, this is a real problem for some of us that use older computers or run resource-intensive apps alongside TEC. Try closing out non-TEC programs and/or consider upgrading your system.

    Another handy tool in the fight against lag is the @idle-time command. When I get the feeling I'm in for an exceptionally laggy day, I lower my time down to 6 minutes, just to make sure the server sleeps my char if I get disconnected and can't get back in. Hope that helps! Also happy to hear any tips/tricks/explanations from the forum community.


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      Skotos' ISP was having problems with a DDOS attack against multiple of their server farms. They had similar issues in January and were able to deal with them, but we might have seen some lag yesterday as a result of it.
      Game Master Tale
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        Thank you very much for the in-depth response, Bruhast. That made my day.

        Thankfully the computer lag has not been a cause since the early to mid 2000's, at least.

        Currently the shared PC we both use is a custom 5820k, 32GB RAM, 500GB SSD x2 and 13TB of storage, with a 980Ti. (I know, all that power and we are back to playing TEC....), and the laptop we switch between is an i5, with 1TB of storage and 16gb RAM. The PC running hardwired and the laptop running on the 5Ghz AC band.
        Yes, I just shamelessly plugged our rig.

        I will most definitely cuss sheep however. The next time I pass a field of sheep on a train, I will cuss every single one of them. *shakes her fist*

        As Tale has stated below, evidently this particular occasion which other than when we were using the Flash Client, is the only actual lag we get these days, unless running uTorrent in the background) was due to a DDOS, I was under the impression that some server side maintenance was ensuing, or someone had managed to group 1billion twigs consistently, or something inherently crazy in the TEC world of problems. But it was happening at quite a detrimental time for my character and was frustrating being back-to-back for such a length of time.
        This particular lag was making it so no commands entered into the parser would be received server-side, but server actions would still happen on-screen, and end up with the disconnect mentioned below.

        I also bottled that up onto the Connection failed: 'status: 2152398868' disconnects that we seem to receive on a daily basis, to which I did a quick search of the forums a few weeks ago, but cannot recall the conclusion I came to. Or infact, whether the conclusion was that nothing could be done and I am actually suffering from a problem you did not list; ~Brain lag

        Thank you both for your replies, thank you Tale for letting me know the cause was not my sanity, and thank you Bruhast for being both informative, and inducing a smile. And the @idle command! I was trying to remember that lately!



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