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    Lately, there's been an increase in people asking for more events. While most playerbase-wide events would require GM support, i was thinking that maybe there could be a way players themselves would set up something.

    What if the playable NPC's would be able to exert a little more control over the world? Say a ruffian could gather other normal NPC's around him? Form some kind of group and travel places, start creating a ruckus to form a story?

    Or an urchin, being able to trigger a matron to panic and think out that the little one is missing or has run away, while the urchin is zipping about town.

    Maybe allow for auto-generated broken bones, changes in spawn area so ruffians could spawn in Franlius and re might not be a shiny reward at the end, but personally I don't think that's what storylines are about.

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    That would be neat!
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