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    thanks for whoever did the work on that site, you deserve all inhuman stats on a free vet char level 5.... and marnevel maps guy too.


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      Originally posted by yezrah7 View Post

      i didn't even script back then like i do now...
      Please, for the love of the rules of this game, ban this self-confessed cheater, permanently.


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        It says in the TOS that scripting is OK as long as you are not away from keyboard.


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          he admits in another thread that he does it away from keyboard.


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            Originally posted by ArchMagi View Post
            he admits in another thread that he does it away from keyboard.
            No I didn't. Even though I have got up and got a drink while scripting palm or to take a leak while attacking rats in the pits... :P Ooops.

            There's no benefit to scripting or not scripting except saving your fingers pain. As long as your'e at the keyboard, or in room distance enough that, if someone says "hey" you can respond in like... less than 30seconds.

            Then... You're good to go.

            I'm paying 30$ a month right now for my right to script, thank you very much. Freebie Archmagi. Enjoy your scriptless world. If you start getting arthritis because of a broken hand you had as a kid, then maybe you'll want my scripter.

            I script 99.9999999% of the time that I'm performing any function that gains SP.

            Yea, I could shut it off when I want to get up to get a drink, but since I can reply before I can get in any trouble... I don't! :P

            I did enough up arrow, palm, up arrow unpalm, up arrow palm as a kid... to pay for my right to script.

            I trained 2 archers on the Island, from rank 10/1/1/1/1 up! Then I trained at Treehouse, when you couldn't scan NE from the W/E planks, and you usually had to continually run east and west on that section; and colosseum, constantly typing to run and shoot.

            I did all that manually. I played this game 10000 thousand times through...

            and I have had enough of my fun grinding keys for SP.

            I grind SP by scripting now.

            My youth is far spent typing at the keyboard on TEC.

            I now write all my own scripts and basically every action of my character is a bot. MUWAHAHAHAHA! I might just be saying this to make archmagi mad..... or it might be true. who knows.. I'm just a troll.

            it true....

            even my annoying thoughts on thinknet are botted.

            I'm at a level of script righting that I feel retarded that Parigrum caught me scripting... so I added to my palm script

            if (says to you isin $1-) { /timers off | timer 1 1 sockwrite -n client.sock say %phrase1 }

            %phrase1 = "One second man....."

            Gives me time to come back to keyboard and say "Ok i'm back!"

            lol.. just kidding I didn't add that.... obviously my scripts aren't that advanced if I got caught.... *ahem*

            Smarter yet... here's a demo

            if (someone is moving isin $1-) { /timers off | set %script script.walkawayfromthievinglocation | timer 1 1 sockwrite -n client.sock retreat }

            alias script.walkawayfromthievinglocation

            if (you retreat isin $1-) || (You are not next to anything isin $1-) {
            if ((%walk == 1)) { timer 1 2 sockwrite -n client.sock n }
            if ((%walk == 2)) { timer 1 2 sockwrite -n client.sock n }

            if (you walk isin $1-) { inc %walk 1
            if ((%walk == 1)) { timer 1 2 sockwrite -n client.sock n }

            if (stops next to you isin $1-) { /timers off | /shake | timer 1 1 sockwrite -n client.sock retreat }

            I could write scripts that were so high tech.... since I only work 2 RL hours per day... I have the time....

            But... no need for scripts like that, since i actually do monitor my screen.
            Since I monitor my screen, my scripts are simple, and I'm always there when people talk to me, and the Parigrum incident was a fluek, because my screen was scrolled up. And my attention that I was looking at the same Roll Success on the screen everytime i opened my eyes to look.... i didn't figure out until i saw the scroll bar, nearly halfway up.

            But I think i proved my point that, since I can write scripts advanced enough to have responded to parigrum, and /offed my palming when he was moving nearby....

            I just never wrote that portion, because i'm always at screen monitoring.. and never needed it!
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              Like me, I saw literally all posts by Yezrah and decided to avoid them. I still play to have fun not be the best at anything. I still try to read the forums to keep up with the whats going on.. mechanics wise and such.
              blank kills you with blank's bare hands.
              You are slain.


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                Just keep voting!
                There is no point in arguing with an idiot. They will just drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience.

                Did you vote today?

                I can't spell. Don't you RP with me!