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    Hope you guys dont go nuts in real life against people with the SAME name as you!
    Yes there may be copy cats but I doubt some of them are copying you, its just one of those things that happen. Its not there fault sometimes. I dont wanna argue against anyone because this community rules, but it just seems a bit silly you have problems with people with similar names. Of course some of you are not complaining.


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      Heheh. I was surprised when I came across the first instance of someone having a similar name to Marnicus.

      There have been, so far:
      and so on...


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        Character names have been copied for ages, My main character Gamon has had several copies, (they like me they really like me)

        and a few more i can't be bothered remembering.

        No point in getting worked up over nothing.
        Go the weird-os.


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          Huh. And I thought Gameon was copying Jameon. Shows what I know. The problem is that there are only so many combinations of letters you can use for a name that aren't stupid, make sense, and don't break any of the naming rules. It's a problem we all have to live with, unless our surnames start appearing, too (which I doubt will happen).

          *considers naming a character Mr. Mxyzptlk*

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            Re: I'm so original!

            Originally posted by Blueicus
            I have no copycat names out there!!!

            Proud owner of a non-copycat name.
            I have no copycat names too! (Well, as far as I know anyway...there doesn't happen to be someone named close to there? )

            ~Kristine aka Karinett~
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              On the point of 'copycat' characters. Understand that many are not people trying to copy you, rip you off, or do you in. Many people in the game have chosen popular names, and should expect others to try those names as well, and to try names that sound like them. Names like Shade, Shara, Morphious, Cimale even Macro are not to hard to find on other games online, and it's only natural for people to try similar names until they get one thats not been taken.

              As for the other people out there, who create a character just to damage anothers good name, well it's really a pain. I still remember when Anatar died, or a host of other throw aways with similar names, who ran around claiming to be constables


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                Name bank....

                I think a good idea would be, from the WA, seeing a list of all used names and disallowed names so as people can be more cautious in their choice... I was taking someone around the sewers on an "introduction to killing stuff" trip when I entered a room, saw her and two osecars there... I promptly proceeded to wade into the osecars when she growled at me to bugger off, so after a short head scratch I realized that their was actually someone else with virtually exactly the same name as my "escort".

                This was my first humiliating moment IG, and Angeliek (sp?), I'm really sorry about that.

                So I'm all for a name bank! Before I couldn't care less... 8)


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                  OMG, Brutaes. Just think of all the 'Sha' names out there.

                  Shade, Shan, Shara, Shawntel, Shalini, Shaela, Shae, Shalsi, Shaden, Sharku, Sharaya... *pants* Sorry if I left anyone off.
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                  Originally posted by kamikazehiker
                  Or. . .
                  We can all acknowledge that Jolee is right, get over it, and shut up.

                  A thief burst into a Florida bank one day wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun. Aiming his gun at the guard, the thief yelled, "FREEZE, MOTHER-STICKERS, THIS IS A ****-UP!"

                  Unwary: "Jolee rocks!"

                  "Of course she does, she's related to me. "



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                    those names

                    I guess it was flattery when the guy Copin appeared and disappeared shortly afterwards, and not too mention the infamus Copenhagen character and for all thos e wondering no copen's last name ig is not hagen to complet the line. but yeah where I got it from cause I used to dip, yep thats right the terrible lip stuff and what I wouldn't give for a nice silver lid tin right now Belgium doesn't have those things but guess I needed to quit anyway not a big deal, and as far as Sandin I took it off a external drive for my computer that goes with my digital camera a San-Disk is what the little drive is called and my other character only a few friends know and spears do rock with I am still waiting to find out if the damage caps off past familiar playing three characters is getting to be difficult
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                      Where's my hoards of copycats...
                      Now I feel really unpopular...

                      Oh well, I suppose Laverous'll just have to get over it

                      "Live to fight another day." -- Laverous Solaris


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                        has no copycats cause he killed them all


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                          Hey this thread has got the most replies and the most views in Administrivia

                          Little did I expect 25 replies and nearly 600 views in just 5 days!
                          *grins impishly*

                          I'm a happy bunny

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                            A little while back I was playing around in the WA and I was using the @random-name command to see what the game was suggesting as far as new names go. I was sorta surprised to find several names on the list that were quite similar to my character's name (I guess that explains where Ularia, Clania, and Claira came from. I also noticed some names that were remarkable similar to other characters that I've seen wandering around...

                            *shudders at the thought of being in the bank with Cleburnus and unknowingly having a conversation with the clerk instead. *

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                              Bank clerk is bad listener

                              Nah, that would never happen. That shriveled old clerk is too dumb. He doesn't even understand complete sentences.

                              "I'm serious. These brains--they're out there. They're shining...with eyes of hard plastic. And blue hair--blue as the night!"


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                                I'm sorry about roara

                                I'm sorry about roara's name. I had no idea i acctually thought it was original. and the only reason i was trading was because another character gave me all his stuff because of the pay-to-play. It was to heavy for me to wear so i sold it. I'm not going to delete my character because of the name though she is a good fighter and plans to become a healer soon. Again i'm sorry for the name.